Naruto, the Uzumaki Emperor [Completed]
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Naruto, the Uzumaki Emperor [Completed]


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What is Naruto, the Uzumaki Emperor [Completed]

Naruto, the Uzumaki Emperor [Completed] is a popular fanfic written by the author ONyat, covering NARUTO, OP MC, ANTI-HERO MC, ROMANCE, ACTION, SADISTIC PROTAGONIST, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 2.4M readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 69 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 150 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Naruto was always alone, not even once did he have anyone that cared about him. He was beaten by the villagers for no reason. He wondered where so much hate and rage came from and why it was directed at him. He wondered, why everyone hated him, despised him. He started to hate them, he wanted justice for his treatment. Have you ever wondered - What if Naruto wasn't naive, what if he wasn't dumb, what if... he wasn't truly good? WARNING: Naruto won't be evil, he'll hate humans but not all of them, he'll be more of an anti-hero. Disclaimer: I do not own any of this FANFIC characters nor do I own the Naruto series, all rights belong to its rightful owner. The cover was made by the God of All Things, Master of All Covers - Rise10-sama.


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The famous author shameless 5 star review here! I'll tell you the basics: Naruto starts off with 1 year old and he already has the capability of thinking, not clearly but could walk, talk and think properly. The entire Village hated him and basically tortured him over three entire years - Not giving him food, hitting him, cutting him and cursing him. The main reason he survived through these years was due to his Uzumaki vitality and Kurama not letting his host die. He was adopted that Kakashi and as two hurt souls, they quickly found themselves attached to each other, one trying to cure the other from their past. Kakashi let his past go and accept his present, Naruto still hates any human that is hostile to him, when he's facing someone that is hostile to him, he is devoid of any emotion, he fights with the pure intent to kill. I think that if I say anything more, it'll count as a spoiler and I wont do that, personally, I like this story a lot because it's what I would like to read, I hope that through this review, you can enjoy it. From Yours Truly, Nyatsui. NYAHAHAHAHA.


Truly an excellent story with great grammar, perfect clarity, superb development and boundless word choice. The narration works simply fantastic, it floats like a butterfly and delivers like a bee. That coupled with the amazingly designed cover picture made by God RISE10 is just, muah! I feel like this fanfic should be even more popular and that the author should always stay popular! I wish the author all the luck and power i can wish.


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Salve, só tô dando um review pq é um fellow brasileiro, mas realmente, o inglês dele é muito bom e a história tem um desenvolvimento legal, vale a pena dar uma conferida, vamos ver se ele n vai dropar kkkkkk


One of the best naruto fanfic I have ever read. It is even better than the original work in some parts. The most likable thing in this fanfic for me is naruto's character. If naruto was that badass in the original, I think it would have been more enjoyable. I just hope that author will not drop this fanfic.


Thank You for such great story and good pace for story to continue. This gives more time for MC to grow and show different emotions from deep hatred to love and friendship toward different peoples. I hope this novel will continue and with some twist and more powerful Villains will arrive in this story with different powers which were not in Naruto Story. And Thanks for continuing the story even when You faced problems from this site.


It’s very interesting I gave 5 stars on everything. It’s very well written or typed but it’s very good and the author is hilarious very much so ok that’s it.


I don't want to rewrite my review so sorry but I'll just say this: this fanfic is amazing, nothing more nothing less ...............


It's a great story and a breath of fresh air at the same time... I really like your Naruto...He really feels like a real person rather than a manga protagonist... He isn't hopelessly optimistic like in canon where he just forgives everything and everyone immediately but he also isn't too dark where he's just killing everyone left and right, like some stories like to portray him as... Be really feels like a human I can relate to... Bravo I really love the space-time touch that you gave this story... The potential of dimension travel is just immense... Really looking forward to where the story goes. My only complaint for you is that the information provided in each installment (chapter) is not enough... Maybe you can try to write longer chapters? It's just that when chapters are too short, the significance of an individual chapter is greatly reduced...Other than that, it's absolutely phenomenal...


Friend I hate that I do not like hinata why you should make her the love interest I am disgusted by her relationship in the Canon I can not even read it in any fanfic, to make matters worse they all do the same it makes me dislike the character of hinata more, I hope that change even if it did not happen since you showed little clues that it will be her, but well there is nothing wrong with dreaming:) ..... As for the novel it is ok the chapters are a little short maybe and I feel that her past is Too short to have hatred for the whole world, you are further victimizing the damage that naruto suffered, sometimes it becomes half annoying it was 3 years, while the naruto of the Canon was 12 years. I do not know how to feel about it and the relationships feel too forced, like the relationship with Kakashi and that of sasuke although that is my liking to others they should like it I just hope that you do not put hinata as a love interest I probably cannot stand it I will leave it if I see too much romance between them, after all there is no chemistry between them at least I feel like that, look I prefer that you invent an Oc and add a new heroine or pair it with another person that exists, that's all I had What to say about those that MCXHINATA AND MCXHAREM ask for, must be people who have no love in their life or too virgins who want to dream of a fictional character, have a good day brother.


in start it was good but character development is worst. you said naruto is kind of genius and has iq greater than adults but he always acts like a brat . i mean ok if he hates hizuzen but man minato sealed kyuubi inside him for village sake and naruto is disgusted for that . then llets say he wanted parental love and he was treated like shit so he hated him for that ok let me tell you one thing tail beasts are regarded as weapons since ancient times for fucking human thinking and it was passed on from generation to generation that tail beast are dangerous . and now kurama attacks village and he starts iits iill spree and u blame minato from stopping him from that by sealing him that was only option for him he was not hashirama and kurama trusted naruto just like that man what the **** he has fucking hatred stored for fucking thousand years and he became friend just like that wtf in origionals it took several years for kurama to trust naruto a human because of his easy going idiotic mature behaviour for all living beings and he became friend of 4-5 year naruto just like that wow and naruto is genius and intelligent than adults then why he always find a way to blame others if want to make anti hero killer fanfic iits k just accept reality of shinobi world that its ok to kill to get personal gain but dont make a super smart boy a idiot brat


Well ****. Been reading the old version like a dumbass well **** it just take 5 stars. Guys just read. He had good grammar good ideas and bad naming sense but he’s still great so read it


Reveal spoiler


Great story and great MC character and hope this not going to drop,anyway thank you for novel.


this novel is very good, please don't forget to post more chapters. I loved but this story stays and I stay with Hinata and Karin **: i used google handler to write this


One of my favourite books. Very well written and enjoyable. My only question: Will anyone snuggle Kuu-san?


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One of the good fan fiction, I like it that this one not too dark, but not too light(?) Is that the right word? Well I don't like the original naruto because he's stupid so this story get a plus


Greaz story best fanfic, i love it, you love it, im no professional,.,,..,.,.,..,.,..,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,..,,..,.,......,..,.,.............,,..,.,.,.,..,.,..,., ,.,.,.,., , ,. .....,..........,..,..,.,.,.,..,.,..,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,..,,..,.,.,.. *.. *.,.,. *..,.,.,..,,..,.,.,..,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,..,.,. *.. *.., /,.,., /,., //*,!,!,! *! *!,!!,!,!!,,. /,.,?,!,!,!,?


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