21 [Chapter 21] Important Mission

"I will get straight to the point, your team was the first one to do a C rank mission out of the new Genins and as of now, you have completed three of them, so I want to assign you an important C-rank mission", said Minato.

Hayate, Ryo and Hakuto nodded.

Seeing everyone nod, Minato continued,

"You have to deliver a scroll to the Daimyo of the land of fire and return with the scroll he will give you."

"Yes Hokage sama", said everyone.

"You may leave if there are no questions", said Minato.

Outside the Hokage's building,

"This mission may involve combat if the information is known by outsiders, so be prepared and meet me at the village entrance gate in an hour", said Hayate with a serious expression.

Ryo and Hakuto nodded and then left.

In an abandoned training ground,

"What is my mission this time?" spoke Ryo in a soft voice.

"Take the scrolls from the informant, that's it. Take extra precautions this time, the place you are going is heavily guarded, you are the only one who can complete the mission without any suspicion", said Minato as he appeared in front of Ryo.

"Ok.... and where is Sensei right now? He should have been back from his mission by now", spoke Ryo in a concerned tone.

"Are you aware of the Seven mist swordsmen?" asked Minato with a serious tone.

Ryo nodded with a surprised expression.

"Zabuza Momochi, one of the seven mist swordsmen and also an S class missing nin, has been spotted in the land of fire. That is also why security has been highly increased around the daimyo. Shisui will be directly heading there to deal with him", Minato said, looking Ryo in the eye.

'Wait..... team 7 has already completed their first C rank mission, and I saw that loud mouth Naruto just yesterday, so they are not on a mission..... how will this play out now? I am sure Sensei will be able to deal with him..... *Sigh* I cannot completely rely on the plot.....' thought Ryo with frustration.

"Is something wrong Ryo?" asked Minato with concern.

"No, I will be leaving now", Ryo answered and then flickered away.


'I keep forgetting that he is just a child.....' thought Minato with an awkward smile.

"Now let's go home, I have to give Naruto the present for completing his first C rank mission."

Saying this, Minato teleported.

At Naruto's home,

"I am home!" Minato said as he entered the apartment.

"Dad?! weren't you at the office? are you going to have breakfast with us today?" asked Naruto enthusiastically as he ran out of his room.

"Yes, let's have breakfast together", replied Minato with a smile.

Kushina was in the kitchen making breakfast and spoke,

"Looks like Naruto is happy."

After the food was prepared, the family sat at the table and started eating.

"So Naruto, how is your training going?" asked Minato.

"It's going great! It's just that bastard Sasuke defeats me every time and gloats about how his big brother taught him *Grrrr*..... he is just an Idiot!" spoke Naruto in frustration.

Hearing this Kushina got angry and hit Naruto on his head.

"Oww!!! Mom why did you hit me?!" asked Naruto as he rubbed his head to relieve the pain.

"Calling your friend and also teammate such things.... Is this what I and Minato taught you?" asked Kushina with a devilish smile.

"Dad...." said Naruto as he turned towards Minato.

"It's just rivalry an-", before Minato could complete his sentence, Kushina turned and stared intensely at Minato.

Minato shuddered, turned towards Naruto and spoke,

"She is right Naruto, you should not say such things about your teammates."

"I will not do it again", said Naruto with puffed cheeks.

Kushina, satisfied with the outcome smiled and spoke,

"It's all good now."

After a while,

"Thanks for the food", said all three after finishing.

"Mom, I have training so I will leave now. Sasuke just you wait, I will beat you today!", shouted Naruto with determination.

"Naruto wait, I want to give you a present for completing your first C rank mission", said Minato with a smile.

Hearing this Naruto got excited and asked,

"Really!! what is it?!"

"It's a summoning contract with the toads", spoke Minato with a serious expression.

"A summoning contract!! Thank you dad!", shouted Naruto as he rushed towards Minato and hugged him.

"Don't get too excited, you will have to train a lot to do summoning and Jiraya Sensei will teach you, so are you ready?" asked Minato with a serious expression.

"Yes, I am ready!!", said Naruto.

"*Sigh* Are you sure you want Jiraya sama to teach our son? I am worried that his bad habits will affect Naruto", wishpered Kushina.

"Don't worry, I will talk to Sensei about it, he will definitely listen", said Minato.

"He better listen or else you know what will happen to you and him", said Kushina in a devilish tone.

"*gulp* haha...."

"Train hard and don't overexert yourself ok", said Kushina as she turned her gaze towards Naruto who was still filled with excitement.

"don't worry mom, after I beat Sasuke, I will probably be the strongest in our age group. Kakashi Sensei has trained us to death, hahahaha....."

said Naruto with a grin.

"That's my son hahahaha...." said Kushina with pride.

Hearing this Minato's eyes twitched and spoke,

"Naruto, don't underestimate others, you may never know when they will get ahead of you."

While saying this, Minato had one person in his mind, it was none other than Ryo.


Outside the main gate of the village,

"Let's go", said Hayate as he jumped on a tree.

"Yes", replied Ryo and Hakuto as they started following Hayate.


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