138 S2 Ch 45 (Ch 134) : Hibachi's ninja way

On the empty area, Hibachi greeted Chojuro first. Since it was just a casual spar and not a life and death battle, he decided to try some tricks that were recommended by Sanada.

"Hibachi, a GENIN from Konoha. Please provide me with guidance!"

From the outside, it was just a simple greeting, but if they were to take a closer look at it, they would realize that Hibachi had emphasized the word "Genin" from Konoha.

Chojuro, on the other side was a bit confused with this custom.

Since he was born in Kiri, every battle was a life and death battle, so greeting the opponent before battle seemed to be something strange to him. He turned his head to look at Mei Terumi, and waited for her approval before he continued:

" Chojuro, one of the seven ninja swordsmen from Kirigakure."

When the greetings were over, the two quickly adopted their battle position. Chojuro brandished his sword while Hibachi made a defensive posture.

It was all normal until now, but somehow, Chojuro had a really bad feeling about this.

Just before Chojuro could move, Hibachi with a mocking smile on his face, had opened his mouth first:

" Hmm.. what is this? A seven-ninja swordsman against a Genin? Just how shameless could Kirigakure be?"

" ???? "

What the heck?

Chojuro really didn't understand. They had agreed to battle, so why the provocation now?

Still, Chojuro decided to just ignore Hibachi and proceeded to rush at him.

However, it seemed that Chojuro's attack had been predicted by Hibachi.

The moment the sword was about to touch his body, Hibachi had turned into a log.


Chojuro's sword slashed the log into two, but Hibachi's figure was nowhere to be seen.

Chojuro quickly heightened his sense, trying to prepare for a counterattack, but contrary to his expectations, the counterattack never came.

Instead, Hibachi just teleported next to him and whispered:

" Full power against a Genin, your ancestor must be ashamed of you! See, without the sword, you are nothing. If you are a man, come at me with your fist!"


Another slash was aimed at Hibachi, trying to interrupt his words, but Hibachi dodged it again with Kawarimi.

At first, Chojuro still tried to maintain his rationality.

He tried to think straight and ignored Hibachi's words, but when once became ten, and ten become hundreds, even someone like Chojuro would start to become affected.

On the hundredth time which Hibachi dodged Chojuro's attack using the substitution jutsu, Chojuro was no longer able to keep his calm anymore.

The battle was way too draggy, and with Hibachi kept whispering such nonsense, only Tang Suan Zang would be able to keep a calm heart.

Chojuro no longer cares about the result of the battle.

Hibachi wanted him to fight him barehanded, fine! Chojuro will let Hibachi see that even without his sword, he was still stronger than someone who kept running away using substitution jutsu.

Throwing his sword at the side, Chojuro shouted:

" Fine, you win! I'll stop using the sword. If you are a man, come to me now!"

While Chojuro eventually fell into Hibachi's provocation, Mei Terumi was watching from the side with an unkind look.

Well, Hibachi's battle tactic was just way too shameless, and even someone like her would not be able to tolerate it anymore.

If not for Sanada, who was keeping her in check, Mei Terumi might have already thrown a lava kiss at Hibachi.

Standing next to Mei Terumi, Sanada was trying his best to hold his laughter.

Yup, Hibachi's battle method was perfectly like what he envisioned, but to be truly capable of pulling this off, Hibachi was truly worthy of being Hibachi.

Let's not say that the battle tactic was just shameless. If it's replaced by another person, Sanada wasn't confident that the other person could perfectly replicate what Hibachi did at this time.

Back to Hibachi, after he heard Chojuro had finally thrown his sword, a smile appeared on his face.

He stopped spamming Substitution as he came in the direction of Chojuro.

The two stood right in front of each other, and as if there was some signal between them, they began to exchange blows.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fists and palms collided with each other. From the first confrontation, Hibachi could see that he was in no way inferior to Chojuro in the physical aspect.

"Damn, sensei was right"

Hibachi felt agitation in his heart as he recalled what Sun Mo had said to him.

"Try to provoke him. If he falls into your provocation and goes into a frontal battle, then your chance of winning is as high as 90%"

At the start of their exchange, it was already proven that Sanada was correct. This caused Hibachi's confidence to swell as he gave it his all.

Still, would he stop his provocation? Of course not.

"Remember, even if you have entered the frontal confrontation, never stop trying to provoke your opponent. Winning is one thing, but the other thing is to prove your supremacy over your opponent."

Hibachi remembered Sanada's guidance. An evil smile appeared on his face, as he began to think about what should he say next to further play with Chojuro.

. . . . . . . .

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