67 Ch 66 : Meeting Kurenai once again

- a few days later -

The team six training ground was now filled by multiple Karins. However, even being surrounded by Shadow Clones didn't get Sanada to even flinch! It was part of their daily routines, and now Sanada was checking Karin's progress.

"So Karin, are you ready now?"

"I'm ready, Sanada-Sensei!!"

Because in the early years of her ninja training, Karin didn't do anything but sacrifice herself to help others, her form was all a mess. And it took a while for Sanada to correct her.

It was a pretty tough process, but in the end, Sanada was somehow able to manage it.

*Poof* *Poof* *Poof*

Sanada and Karin began to trade blows. Of course, Karin couldn't manage to graze Sanada's defense even one bit in this kind of situation. But because Sanada was only defending from Karin's attack, Karin was able to improve his offensive technique pretty quick, and her current progress was incomparable to before.

"Multiple Shadow clone Jutsu!" Karin made hand signs as more Karin appeared on the training ground.

Worthy of an Uzumaki, their chakra amount was far beyond ordinary ninja, and Karin didn't look tired at all even after all the shadow clones she deployed.

Karin and Sanada were still sparring with each other, but then Kurenai appeared in the team six training ground. To Sanada's surprise, Kurenai was not alone this time as she also brought a small little girl with short hair with her.

"Oh! Isn't this Hinata? Long time no see!"

"Long time no see too, Sakura!" After a long time of not meeting, Sakura and Hinata said some perfunctory words. They were not that close in the academy, so they didn't have many things to say to each other.

Kurenai, Sakura, and Hinata proceed to wait for Karin and Sanada to finish their spar, and only after they finished their spar that Sanada comes to Kurenai and Hinata.

"Hey, what do you have here, Kurenai?"

After all the things they have been through together (AKA: Enjoying dinner together almost every night in Izakaya Nobu) the relationship between Kurenai and Sanada had progressed a lot, and it could be said that among all the Jonin in Konoha, Kurenai was the closest to Sanada.

Sometimes Kurenai did get the feeling that Asuma had a feeling toward her, but when she compared Sanada and Asuma, it was clear that she would choose Sanada.

The only problem was that Sanada didn't seem to have any feelings back toward her and was pretty much indifferent toward anything except for his disciples, food, and rest.

Fast forward, Kurenai explained what she wanted to Sanada.

After the Chunin exam, Shino and Kiba went back to be trained with their family, only leaving her and Hinata in team 8.

And because of this, Kurenai had a thought: why not hold joint training with Sanada to improve both of their disciples.

Obviously, for this Sanada didn't have any reason to refuse.

Both Kurenai and Hinata are likable characters in Naruto anime, and Sanada didn't have any issues teaching them some basics of breathing style.

"By the way, Kurenai, do you want to spar? I want to see how effective my method would be against a high-level genjutsu user like you."

"Sure do!"

Kurenai didn't know why, but she blushed really hard when Sanada praised her as a high-level genjutsu user, and she nodded without even thinking twice.

Hinata saw this from the side and could only lower her head. If she could just have the same courage as her teacher, how would her relationship go with Naruto, she thought.

The two went to the middle of the training ground as they made a seal to start the spar.

Sanada wanted to see how much trouble would cost him against a high-level genjutsu user. After all, he never battles someone who excels in Genjutsu except Itachi, and even that, he used the lens to counter Itachi's genjutsu.

The moment the spar started, Sanada activated total concentration breathing and activated the water blade. With an extremely fast speed, he rushed in the direction of Kurenai.

"So this is the true power of Sanada?"

"I don't think dazing off in the middle of battle is a good habit, Kurenai!"

Kurenai was startled. She did not expect Sanada to be that fast, as he popped up right in front of her.

But then..

" Genjutsu: Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death"

In this kind of urgent moment, Kurenai clearly displayed her strength as a Jonin. She didn't panic and tried to counter Sanada with a genjutsu.

Taken into the genjutsu, Sanada's body was wrapped in a big tree where he couldn't move his body at all.

His second time being trapped in a big genjutsu like this, Sanada could say that Kurenai's progress in Genjutsu was pretty good.

Sadly, this Genjutsu was just a B-Rank Genjutsu, and Kurenai didn't have any other specialties that could help her utilize this Genjutsu.

Sanada easily broke through Kurenai's Genjutsu as he was able to interrupt his chakra with the help of breathing method, and when he got outside the Genjutsu, he immediately flashed in Kurenai's direction once more.

This time, Sanada didn't give any chance for Kurenai to use her Genjutsu as the moment he reappeared, Sanada's water blade has already placed on Kurenai's neck.

"Well, thank you for your guidance, Kurenai."

Along with that words, Kurenai dropped all her guard. She knew that she had lost, and there was no use in continuing this any longer.

She knew very well how weak she was if compared against a Kage-level powerhouse.

Kurenai could be said as strong against the weak and weak against the strong as her Genjutus was only effective against lower-level ninja.

The spar ended at that moment, and now was the time for Sanada to give the evaluation.

. . . . . . . .

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