31 Ch 30 : Uzumaki Karin

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One of the Amegakure Genin fell as Hibachi placed his hand on the man's neck.

Not only the man's teammate but also Sakura was surprised with this development. The strength Hibachi displayed this time was far from what she knew.

" You, what are you doing!!" The man teammate quickly recovered after they saw Hibachi make a sneak attack on their comrade.

The two rushed at Hibachi, but Hibachi's body suddenly turned into a log of wood at this moment.


' Kawarimi no jutsu! (Substitution jutsu) How can it be this fast!?'

Hibachi's reaction just now was far beyond an average ninja's reaction. He had long gone before the enemy strike, and this somehow showed the big gap of battle experience between the Amegakure Genin and Hibachi.

He then reappeared once again, in a tree a few meters away from the genins, but at this time, there was a smug smile on his face.

" You guys have lost!"

" What lose..."

" See for yourself, if not for my mercy, then you guys would have died now!" Said Hibachi as he pointed at the explosion talisman right below the Amegakure Genins.

Just now, before Hibachi used the Kawarimi no jutsu, he had placed an explosion Talisman on the body of the last Genin and was ready to explode it at any time.

The two Amegakue Genins noticed Hibachi's threat and looked at each other.

" *Sigh*, you win. Here, take this scroll. But you must promise that you will let us go!"

The Amegakure Genin then proceeded to throw the scroll at Hibachi after he nodded. They brought their unconscious teammate away and left the place where team six was standing.

Meanwhile, while Hibachi was having one of the moments in his life, Sakura had a bewildered expression on her face.

Just what did Sanada sensei teach in a few weeks to make Hibachi become like this?

Hibachi's performance just now clearly had the shadow of Sanada-sensei behind it, and Sakura would refuse to believe if Hibachi said that this got nothing to do with Sanada-Sensei.

Hibachi jumped down from the tree with expression with the scroll in his hand. The scroll they got from the Amegakure Genin was the heaven scroll, and coincidentally it complemented their earth scroll.

" So, how's my performance just now?" Hibachi said with a smug smile.

" Ten out of Ten!" Sakura and Ami said at the almost same time.

" Hey, tell me, tell me, what did you train with Sanada-Sensei to get this strong?" Sakura asked.

Among the three, she was the only one that didn't get a "Special Training" From Sanada. Sanada said that her strength was enough, and she could just train for another form of Fish-man karate right now.

Hibachi and Ami's faces turned a bit embarrassed when they hear this question. But in the end, Hibachi coughed and answered:

" *Cough* Don't you think it's a secret that makes a ninja, a ninja?"

" ..... "

After the battle with the Amegakure ninjas, the team six trios continue their journey.

Maybe because of good luck, they haven't met any enemies along the way.

The group stopped for a while to take some rest, but at this moment, Sakura suddenly heard a voice coming from the direction of the forest.


A big bear was chasing a girl with red hair in their direction.

Frightened, the girl tried her best to run away. But because she was too nervous, she wasn't able to see a huge tree root in front of her and tripped over.

( Is this it... Is this how am I gonna die?)

The girl's eyes were full of despair, but at this moment, Sakura suddenly appeared, blowing the Bear a few meters away with Karakusagawara Seiken.

The Bear's body was pretty big, but when it faced the Karakusagawara Seiken, it was nothing better than a small child and crashed hard into a tree before it slowly lost its consciousness.

The girl with red hair still couldn't believe her eyes. She watched Sakura in front of her like a Godsent Angel.

She was just about to say thank you, but suddenly, Sakura opened her mouth and said:

" Uzumaki Karin, right? We are here to save you."

. . . . . .

A few minutes prior, just when Sakura and the other saw Karin was chased by the Big Bear.

" Sakura.. isn't that?"

" Yes, it should be the one that was written in the Sensei's guidebook as "Save if possible!"

The trio looked at each other.

In the guidebook, Sanada-Sensei writes, "Save if possible!", but he also mentioned that it wasn't a task, and they didn't need to necessarily do it.

The three hesitated a bit as the other party was a Genin from another village. But in the end, the consensus was still to save her. They believed in Sanada-Sensei, and if Sanada-Sensei was to write this, then three should be no danger involving the girl.

. . . . . .

Karin looked at Sakura, who came to save her like a Goddess. Her brain cells could not notice the weirdness of the situation at all.

It should be pretty strange that a stranger from another village came to save her and said her name. However, Karin, who had entered her fangirling mode, now seemed to ignore everything else except Sakura.

" Thank you, Thank you so much!" Karin bowed down to Sakura.

Sakura then walked toward her as she asked. "Do you want to come with us to Konoha?"

" What!??" Karin was startled. She never expected that kind of question from Sakura, and it somehow made her wary.

" Don't get us wrong. Based on your hair color, you should be an Uzumaki, right? Konoha and the Uzumaki clan always have a good relationship, and it should be no problem to receive you in the village. Or at least that's what our Sensei said. Furthermore, your current village... they are not treating you good right?..."

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