20 Ch 20 : Unexpected guest.

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{ A.N.: If going on an average Japanese school year, academy graduation likely takes place in late March or early April. In Naruto Chapter 34, Hiruzen announces that the Chunin exams will begin on the "first day of the seventh moon," or July 1st. I will assume that the Zabuza etc. arc will take about two weeks, so now Sanada and his team have about one and half or two months before the commencement of the Chunin Exam.}

- A few days later, Konoha's gate, Team 8 POV. -

After a few boring D-Rank missions, Kurenai eventually gave Hinata and the others a chance to do the C-Rank mission.

It was their first C-Rank mission, and the team completed it full of excitement.

After finishing their first C-Rank mission, the team returned back to Konoha, but at this time Kurenai said that she wanted to treat her students with some foods.

" So, what do you guys want to eat?" Kurenai said as the group of four finally reached Knoha's gate.

" Sensei, I want BBQ!" Said Kiba excitedly.

" Umm.. I think BBQ is a bit too expensive. How about some Ramen?" Hinata was a bit shy, but she was still concerned about the state of her Sensei's wallet.

" I also do think that ramen is a good suggestion.." Said Shino.

The three, this time, didn't reach a consensus. Normally if a situation like this were to happen, the side with the greater number would win the debate. But since Kiba was too loud and the two others were too shy, the situation reached a dead end.

In the end, Hinata could only resort to asking Kurenai about what she wanted to eat.

" Sensei.. ummm... Do you have any recommendations?" Said Hinata as she left Kiba and Shino, who were still debating about food, and came to Kurenai.

While hearing Hinata's question, Kurenai pondered for a bit, but she eventually remembered what her friend recommended.

She looked at Kiba and Shino, who were still in deadlock about what to eat, and sighed.

( *Sigh*, those guys..)

In the end, Kurenai decided to take the matter into her own hands. Who knows how long the two would be stuck in this kind of situation if she just let them be.

She pulled the two little disciples and said that she had decided on what to eat, and it was already final.

Kurenai then began to lead her three little disciples into a small alley where they found a traditional Japanese restaurant with "Izakaya Nobu" written on its sign.

" Is it here?" Kiba looked at the Restaurant, eyes full of uncertainty.

The Restaurant's appearance does not look too bad but combined with its shady location, Kiba could not see how this Restaurant could give them some delicious food.

" Sensei... if it's too expensive, Ramen is okay too, I guess..."

Yup, when Kiba saw this Restaurant, the first thing he thought was that his Sensei was currently lacking in money, and could not treat them on anything expensive.

However, even after hearing this, Kurenai just smiled and ignored Kiba's words.

She opened the door to the Restaurant, and the four were greeted by the comfy traditional-looking architecture of the Restaurant.

Kurenai found a place to sit with her disciple, but how surprised she was when she found a familiar person was currently enjoying the food in the Restaurant.

" Kurenai!??"

A figure with casual clothing and purple hair was sitting in one of the seats in the Restaurant, enjoying the chicken karaage in front of her. Her face could be said as pretty, and it gave a feeling of a strong and independent woman when you look at it.

" Yugao??"

Yup, the figure before was none other than one of Konoha's anbu and one of the most beautiful female characters in Naruto anime, Yugao Uzuki. A few days prior, she discovered this Restaurant when she fought with her boyfriend Hayate Gekko, and since then, she has become a regular in this Restaurant.

Kurenai knew this Restaurant was also because of her. She had told about this Restaurant to Kurenai before, but she never expected that she would meet Kurenai in this Restaurant today.

The two friends chatted with each other for a while as Kurenai told her student to take a seat and choose their own menu.

But as usual, when two women talked with each other, the topic wouldn't go that far from their man or boyfriend.

" So, where is Hayate? It's rare to see you eating alone in a restaurant." Kurenai teased.

" Humph, what about him? Why should I enjoy my dinner with such a jealous bastard..." Said Yugao.

Then, she began to explain the state of her relationship with Hayate to Kurenai, which seemed to fall into a dead end recently.

After they fought a few days ago, Yugao met the owner of the Restaurant, and they became a pretty close friend as it didn't take long for Yugao to be a regular here.

However, one day, just when Yugao was about to enjoy her dinner here once again, Hayate came out of nowhere and accused her of cheating with the restaurant owner, and this made Yugao very angry.

The two entered a big fight afterward and haven't talked at all since then.

" Well, that's basically all the story. Then how about you? How's Asuma?" This time, it was Yugao's turn to tease Kurenai.

But contrary to Yugao's expectation, Kurenai just brushed it off easily like there was really nothing between them.

" Hahaha, what's about Asuma? We are just friends." Said Kurenai.

Yugao noticed that her teasing had failed, but she didn't want to give up yet.

" Hmm.. so you are still single then? Then how about I introduce you to the restaurant owner? He seemed to be pretty young and good-looking, at least for my standard."

Before Kurenai could say anything, Yugao has raised her hand and shouted to the restaurant owner.

" Boss, come here! I want to introduce you to a friend of mine!"

" Wait, I'm not here for this!" Kurenai blushed as she never thought that her friend would really do this.

But at this moment, a figure with coral hair and a charm about as high as nine out of ten came out from the kitchen and greeted the two.

" Hmm.. you call Yugao?" Said Sanada as he got out of the kitchen just to see two beautiful women was sitting in his Restaurant.

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