174 Ch 170 : Akatsuki's meeting

As the day passed, the result of the trio team seven training got better and better.

Sasuke got more proficient in controlling his new Mangekyou Sharingan, while Sakura was also getting accustomed to fighting using Yin Seal.

To be honest, the two looked like a pair of the sharpest sword and shields, except this shield also had a crushing hammer on the side.

Only Naruto was struggling a bit. The training of sage mode needed some time, but Sanada knew when things really mattered, Naruto would display his potential.

As for his other disciples, the one that grew the most was Karin.

This girl was like a living cheat. In two years, she easily went from Genin level to Early Kage level as she was able to control the Uzumaki adamantine chain, making her a walking menace against Tailed Beast.

But that was not all. Other than her strength, Karin also had grown a lot as a person. She was no longer as timid as before and was a lot more cheerful, even to the other Konoha ninja. And the thing that was able to make all of this happen was none other than Hibachi. This guy, he really had hit the jackpot as recently Karin had accepted his confession.

Unfortunately, today's focus was not on Konoha.

Crossing the border of the land of Fire, we would go all the way to the sound village, where Orochimaru resided.

Deidara, a previous member of Akatsuki, and Ami, a fellow explosion enthusiast, were currently under a mission from Tsunade and Sanada. They needed to observe Orochimaru.

Orochimaru's side has had no big movement for the past two years. After his hand was cut by Sanada and lost Kabuto, he seemed to have buried himself deeply into the research with no one knowing what he was planning.

Even Sanada, who had visited Orochimaru, decided to give up. He had killed Orochimaru more than ten times in the past two years, but just like Voldemort, Orochimaru couldn't die if Sanada didn't destroy all his Horcruxes. Now he could only plant some of his disciples to observe Orochimaru.

But different from the past few days, it seems today a big storm would come and visit Orochimaru.

A group of people, all with black robes, came and visited Orochimaru.

They were none other than Pain, Konan, Kisame, and Tobi.

As for Itachi, he decided to not join this operation. Because of Deidara's betrayal and Sasori getting kidnapped by Sanada, he had done the workload of two people, and it had made his condition a lot worse than the original.

From its look, they came to negotiate, but it couldn't be denied that the atmosphere was very tense here.

Even Deidara, now a Kage-level powerhouse, couldn't easily approach them and could only observe from afar.

Akatsuki's leader, Pain came to lead the negotiation, and standing across him was Orochimaru, who now has been fully healed.

Deidara really couldn't see what they were saying as he was observing from afar, but it seemed that the negotiation didn't last that long.

After a few words from each side, Orochimaru seemed to have provoked the Akatsuki leader, Pain, and here the Katasuki leader Pain decided to attack Orochimaru.

But worthy of Orochimaru, he easily dodged Pain's attack, and with a creepy smile on his face, he began to summon something.

Even Kabuto could get the corpses of the Previous Kage, so definitely, there's no way that Orochimaru couldn't do the same.

Immediately, from Hanzo the salamander to Kages from each village appeared next to Orochimaru as an Edo-tenseid corps.

It was a very luxurious lineup that even Pain would feel danger facing them alone. Today, an epic battle between Akatsuki and Orochimaru will happen here in the sound village.

However, none of this was much to Deidara's concern. He had Ami on his side, so the best course of action was to take Ami and run. The moment they started battling, it would be a brawl between Four Kage levels, and it was not something that Deidara and Ami could pick their nose into. Anyway, Sanada always said to prioritize their safety first.

He held Ami by her hand, and without wasting any more time, he brought Ami to his clay bird, leaving this place and going back to Konoha as fast as possible.

. . . . . .

Back in Konoha, Sanada didn't know that the storm was coming for him.

He happily enjoyed dinner with some friends like the Jonins, and today was a special occasion. That was Kurenai finally agreed to Asuma's confession.

After a few years of waiting for Sanada, Kurenai eventually realized that her feelings wouldn't be returned. And here is where Asuma came. He comforted the heartbroken Kurenai and slowly the feelings between the two bloomed.

As for Sanada, he was happy for the two. Either way, from the start, he had never really targeted Kurenai. She was a little too old for his taste.

But as usual, problem always came to visit.

While the group was still in their partying mood, a small black crow came and brought a message to Sanada.

. . . . . . .

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