31 Anchor Vatican

It has been one and a half year since I trained Sasuke and he is improving quite fast, we were exercising for the first few months then I work on his taijutsu since he just needs to fix his stance and defense. Now when I teach him ninjutsu he used his sharingan so I tell him not to rely on it 'Except if you have eternal sharingan'.

He warms up to me and now he acts comfortable around me, I already showed him my recreation power and he was shocked but he mocks me just because my ability is very limited. Also today we took a rest so no training for now.

I woke up groggily then walk slowly to my bathroom and took a shower after that I changed my clothes then walked out of my room. ' I have nothing to do today, I might play some video games, I can only recreate the games that I ever played but luckily not anymore'

-2 Days ago-

It's currently midnight and I was watching some boring TV show "Nghh this is so dull there is no entertainment here, I already played the same game over and over" Then I got an Idea I closed my eye and kneeled "ROB please heed my call" nothing happened.

"Tch..." I kept doing this repeatedly then I heard a voice in my head 'What do you want this time' he said annoyed, "Please change my recreation ability" he refused to do it. I kept begging him for an hour then he got mad 'Just give up already'.

"No... I will never give up because that is my ninja way" I said to him, meanwhile in another place, Naruto sneezed hard.

"Fine I will change it, you insolent brat" I waited for a while then he said, "Now you can create anything you want".

When I was about the celebrate he cut me off "But I'm the one who decides what you can make, If you wanted to create something and it doesn't appear then that means I won't allow it, also for your punishment because you keep calling me I will add a creation bar if it's hit 0% you can't create anything don't worry it will restore to full overnight"

"A creation bar?" I looked at my status and found a meter below my EP that said 100%. I contemplate my choices "Hey can't you just removed this, why do you even add this useless thing" he smiled at me slyly "Do you want your creation bar to restore in two days?."

I bow down to him "No this is very, very, good it such a blessing to have it" He smirks and leave, I immediately slumped on the ground "Was it a good choice or no..." I said emotionlessly.

"No, it's a good choice I'm sure of it like I can make..." I started to think and found something that will hopefully work "a senzu bean" a senzu bean appeared on my hands, I started to tremble and created more 3 of them appeared on my hand

and it stopped I look at my bar and it reached 0%.

I hold them in my palm "but does it have the original effect?" I go outside and tell Yamaru to punch me hard, a shadow arm appeared from my hand and punched my face hard "Tch.. can't you hold back a bit" I ate one of them and I immediately got healed and my HP went back to full.

"YEAAH IT WORKS" I was so happy that I didn't hear the sound of a door opening, suddenly I was kicked off the bridge "SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE" Sasuke yelled at me.

I was falling and I quickly use my shadow arm to hang on the side I let out a breath of relief "Phew that was close" I looked at my hand and there's nothing there "No... my senzu bean.... I Pay You Back Someday Sasuke".

-Flashback end-

I was annoyed when I remember I got thrown off the bridge "Tch... Sasuke makes me waste all of that". Sasuke came out of his room "Make you waste all of what?" I was annoyed at him "Sasuke you piss me off you know", he smirks and went to the kitchen.

His personality is already toned down but he still that have that annoying attitude 'I wonder what Orochimaru doing right now since Sasuke isn't there, he will probably search for him or use guren'.

I remember something 'I still have Danzo arm, it has Hashirama cell in It, I should probably transplant it now since it takes time to awaken Rinnegan. "System can you transplant it to me? if so how many SP does it cost?".

[System: Yes you can it will only take 50 SP, but you should probably take out the eyes first]

'I guess you're right', I yelled at Sasuke "Sasuke I will go out for a bit" he only responded with "Hn".

I jumped out of the cave and go to the top of the chasm. I take out Danzo's arms and remove all of the Sharingan "Alright, you could do it now" the arm started glowing and transformed into a particle and entered my body.

[System: The process has been done]

"Phew.. for a second I thought it was going to be painful" I waited for a while 'Hope I don't Jinx it' after a while nothing came. I jumped back to the chasm and entered the house then I remember something "Oh yeah, hey Sasuke tomorrow we are leaving this place".

He raises his eyebrow and looked at me "What for?" I tell him about the Anchor Vatican and it will be better to stay there, Yamaru agreed to be the power generator. We agreed to leave tomorrow, I jumped to the top and created a car, not just any car this is a special one.

I fueled the car and hide it then I go back to the cave and spend the rest of the day playing some games with him.

-Next Day-

"Are you prepared to leave?" I asked him, he nodded then we run up the walls and arrived at the top. "You said we are going to the Land of Sky,

It will probably take a few days to get there even with your motorcycle or whatever you call it".

" Easy" I gestured him to follow me and I entered the car, the car is Regalia Type-F it took 90% to create this and 10% to create the fuel. Why would I create this you ask? simple. I looked at Sasuke and said, "Noctis get in the car".

He looked at me with a confused face " Noctis? who the hell is that?" he asks. Did I just make this to make a joke about Sasuke? yes, I did "Never mind that, just hop in", He went in the car and I start the engine and drive it through the fire country with max speed.

He was used to this since the first time doing it he almost fell off. It took us about 2 hours to get here and we finally see the shore and I keep driving " Hisato you can stop now" But the car is still moving fast to the sea "I said you can stop now" the car continued to drive and Sasuke prepare to leave only for the car to fly in the sky.

He was taken aback when he sees this while I'm sweating right now 'Shit I don't know what button should I press to fly, but I finally found it' I regain my composure and said "Amazing isn't it". He looked away from me "Not bad," he said. I got annoyed at this but continue to fly to sky Island.

When we got to Anchor Vatican we see a dozen sky ninja lurking around that place, I landed far from them and I received a quest

[Quest Alert]

[Defeat all of the Sky Ninja that surrounding the Anchor Vatican without using any of your power]

[Reward: Customizable Anchor Vatican, Chakra Generator]

Punishment: [You will never be able to claim anchor Vatican]


'What's with this bullshit quest? I have been waiting until I have enough SP and now you give me this' I started to get infuriated but calmed down 'No need to get mad, I just need to think of an idea'. I started to think hard then looked at Sasuke and smiled 'System accept it'

[Quest Accepted]

"Alright, Sasuke try to beat all of them all it's up to you if you wanted to kill them or not think this as your training, If you manage to beat them all I give you a weapon".

"I'm up for a challenge," he said arrogantly and ran towards them while I'm trying not to laugh 'this is payback'.

-Sasuke pov-

Most of them are gathered on the right side so I threw two paper bomb at the left side, Many shinobi there are unaware and some of them got exploded. All of them got alerted and went to the explosion.

I jumped from the trees and do a hand sign "Fire style: Fireball Jutsu" a giant fireball appeared and flies towards them then it exploded.

Some of the Ninja wear their flying machine and bombard me from the top with Paper Bomb, I grab ten shuriken's and throw them all at the same time, the shuriken collided making them scattered and hit most of the paper bomb.

Some of them are within the blast radius then they got blasted. Many of them appeared in front of me "Time to test my new Jutsu"The people who use the winged device launched a barrage of shuriken at me.

I dodge them all and some of them narrowly hit me then I hide behind the trees near the forest. the ground unit ran towards me and the sky unit bombarded the forest with bombs.

'They are flying quite low, I can use this' I jumped on top of the trees and jump to the sky by using them as a platform to jump. When I'm high enough I launched " Fire Style: Great Dragon Fire Technique" to the sky, the sky slowly began to darken and clouds started to gather there.

While I was falling to the ground, I throw some Kunai paper bomb at the ones that are flying, It hit their flying device. Some of them jump off from it while the others got exploded.

I landed on the ground and activated my sharingan, One of them yelled "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu" I evaded it and swiftly attack him.

They tried to fire their Shuriken launcher at me.

I noticed this and electricity appeared on my hand "Chidori Senbon" I launched countless of senbon and hit them precisely on their tenketsu and body, making them paralyzed. I counted the people with my sharingan and they're at least 90 of them.

'I'm starting to run out of chakra all I can do with my chakra now is to use that jutsu" I go to the highest point in this place and raise my arm.

"Kirin" A lightning monster slowly forming above me. The others were scared when they see this and can't move because they are paralyzed. "Begone with the Thunderclap" I brought down my hands down and strike everyone creating an explosion that manages to create a giant crater on the ground, even I got launched back.

Hisato pov

[Quest has been completed]

[The Anchor Vatican is completely yours]

A new menu appeared on my system but I ignored it and grab Sasuke from behind and looked at the aftermath 'His Kirin is slightly weaker than the canon nevertheless it still powerful'. I set him down and he's unconscious right now.

"You're really dumb Sasuke, I was watching you and you tried to copy me when I spread chakra throughout my whole body to strengthen it, it takes a lot of chakra control you know" I sighed "But you still did good guess I will fulfill my promise later".

I looked at the surrounding area " Not bad he manages to defeat around 150 people, though they specialized in weaponry. Well time to clean all of this mess".

"Summoning Jutsu" Yamaru appeared "Is it done already?" I nodded and tell him to absorb their chakra but don't absorb it from the evilest one here so Yamaru can use their Darkness to generate more chakra, it's more effective this way.

We entered the Anchor Vatican and Yamaru channel his chakra to the core and the whole place got lifted into the air. "Now it just needs some decoration" Yamaru lay Sasuke down and place five of the Sky ninja, I sealed them in a coffin. "Yamaru will generate chakra from them, with this Orochimaru shouldn't be able to find us".

We are now pretty high in the air but I feel like I forget something " Ah... I forgot to bring the car" I throw a hiraishin kunai to the ground and waited for two seconds and teleport.

I teleported while the kunai almost in the ground resulting in me to get smashed into the ground

I coughed then clear the smoke around me.

"If my calculation is correct then my previous calculation is wrong, just hope no one saw that" I entered the car and take off to the Anchor Vatican "I'm getting a bit rusty with Hiraishin, I should train it later".

I parked the car on the fortress then wakes up Sasuke. He slowly stands up and looked around, I tell him everything about the Anchor Vatican and he nodded "Now here we can train with full power without anyone finding us".

Sasuke looked at me curiously " Why are you so dusty and your clothes have tears on them", I tried to think of an excuse but Yamaru ratted me out "he tried to use Hiraishin but failed miserably. Sasuke smirks at me "Looks like I already surpass you in terms of intelligence" he mocks me.

"Tch... you asshole, let's have a spar," I said menacingly, " Fine I fight you but, I won't let you get the satisfaction" he challenged me.

We fought after that and of course, I'm the winner, but he keeps throwing Insult at me and it makes me irritated. "Why do you even snitch on me Yamaru?". He laughed at me " I can't believe an S rank ninja like you exist, how will people react when they see this.

I grabbed my sword that I haven't used for a while "Here is your reward" I throw him my sword and he catches it 'I either die as a ninja or live long enough to see myself become a DBZ character'.

He looked at me and say "Thanks", I looked at him and grinned " You're welcome."

[A/N: The first part is just slice of life, also his Abilities got upgraded and downgraded at the same time but more powerful than before because he can recreate anything he wants, but ROB decide what he can make so even if he wanted to create a paper If Rob doesn't allow it the. he can't create it. But don't worry I won't use that often.

PS:[ if you wanted some romance maybe I post it in the next chapter don't want to rush the story peace]

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