9 Kira vs Kakashi

Training Grounds 4.

The Sun is shining on the inhabitants of Konoha, the Civilians are laughing and having a good time, meanwhile a fearsome battle is about to take place.

"Kira, prove to us your strength, and you will be directly promoted to Jonin."


Two blurs went towards each other, creating slight ripples that are slightly shaking the Training Grounds.


*Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!*


A huge Fireball Jutsu roared towards Kira's figure, making the atmosphere slightly hot, Kira is completely calm though.

Kira spread his palm out, the gravity that is stuck to the Earth begun to lift, in the shocked eyes of the 3rd Hokage, the Fireball Ninjutsu was stopped mi-air.

*Shira Tensei!*


The Fireball Jutsu roared back at Kakashi with renewed vigor, Kakashi widen his eyes and uses his infamous Body Flicker Jutsu.


"What kind of Gravity Style Ninjutsu is that?" "To be able to stop that C-Rank Fire Ninjutsu with exaggerated ease!"

"Not bad, but your Fire Ninjutsu is too weak and pathetic in my eyes."

Kakashi gets angry, Kakashi is still a kid, so being rowed up is easy for an opponent like Kakashi right now.

"Don't underestimate me!"

*Earth Release: Mud Moat!*


Immediately, the ground turned into a deep, murky moat full of mud. The most is at least 6 ft. deep and four feet in radius.

Kira saw this, and his feet immediately got stuck, 15 ft. of Moat was stuck to his feet, Kira was about to break out of this Jutsu, until he heard the same, familiar voice.

*Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder!*


A wave of blue, electricity appeared in Kakashi's hands, he immediately rushes towards Kira's figure immediately looking to stun him.

"Kakashi is truly a genius, he can pull of a B-Rank Lightning Ninjutsu, that is very difficult at his age, truly a very talented kid."

"Your right, lord 3rd, but let us see what Kira can do to counter this."

Kira seeing Kakashi rushing to him was completely calm, he began to make a fast set of hand signs.

*Wind Release: Vacuum Wave!*


Kira took a deep breath, he does a quick spin, while simultaneously blowing out compressed air, releasing the Air into thin, solitary blades of Wind.

Kakashi's pupils shrank, he saw the dangerous Wind Ninjutsu coming towards him in a form of extremely, compressed Air.


The compressed Wind Blades immediately shredded Kakashi's figure into pieces, making the Training Grounds bloody with his blood.


The 3rd Hokage with a worried expression in his face began to worriedly look for Kakashi, he is one of the future pillars of Konoha, killing Kakashi is like an important Shinobi of Konoha.


White Smoke appeared in the area, covering up the area til 40 meters, Kira secretly activates his Three-Tomoe Sharingan, he senses a fast-approaching figure coming towards him.


Kira heard Blue Lightning coming from behind him, he turns around and saw Kakashi thrusts towards him with victory in his eyes.

"If only it was that simple!"


A sudden Black Rod appeared in Kira's palm, it immediately enlarged in front of Kakashi, catching him totally off guard, the Chidori and the Black Rod collided.


A thunderous explosion erupted, causing dirt to rise all over the Ninja Training Grounds, it even had some escaping from the building.


Coughing could be heard, Kira is standing there with his Black Rod pierced at Kakashi's shoulder, giving a mild moan of pain.


"Are you two alright?" "That battle was fantastic, Kira, your promoted to Jonin, but your title is Elite Jonin."

The 3rd Hokage has been shocked continuously today, making him tired, he saw some very powerful and strange Ninjutsu from Kira, and those mysterious Black Rods, they look very fierce.

Kira is standing there at his original spot without a speck of dirt or injury on his body, he walks away with a certain superiority towards his walk.

"Kakashi are you alright?"

Kakashi's body slammed into a brick wall during the explosion, he broke 2 ribs and his triceps, blood is leaking out of his mouth, making his condition look scary for anyone.


"I am sorry!" "I lost Lord 3rd, I couldn't fulfill your wish, he is too strong, fast, and durable, I can tell that he wasn't even trying, if you weren't here, he would have definitely killed me."

Kakashi passes out from a mild concussion and Chakra exhaustion, Hiruzen summons his Anbu, the Anbu carried Kakashi piggy-bank style and disappears.

"Hmm!" "Kira Otsutsuki, your an anomaly, your Power and Ninjutsu are far beyond even Mid-Kage Level, his potential is insane, if he can continue with this, he can become a terrifying figure in the future."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Small Apartment.

Kira is currently sitting in his small apartment, he is currently looking into his Template System.

Name: Kira Otsutsuki

Current Template: Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Current Progress: 30%

Fighting Level: High-Kage Level

"My Power is increasing too slow for my taste, their are ants out there, that even reached the Super-Kage Level, I won't be left behind, especially by some weak, pathetic, ants like the Uchiha and Senju."