Naruto: The Life of Shirai Haruno

(18+) Truck-Kun claims another Victim, Sean. Sean meets an old man, A ROB perhaps or a god, and gets reincarnated into the Natutoverse as Shirai Haruno, The older brother of Sakura Haruno. What will he Do to Carve his name in this Dangerous world? Will he even Survive?

Aces_BigDaddy · Anime & Comics
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26 Chs

I am Sorry.

Oh god, it's fucking happening. Shirai said to himself, what did he mean by that? He meant that a skyscraper sized fucking fox is attacking the fucking village.

"I haven't slept all night because of this." At the night if October 10th, Shirai was awoke all night. Knowing that a calamity was going to befall the entire village that night.

He had already made preparations, he had a bag full of money, stolen from his parents yesterday and his set of handy dandy kunai and shurikens he stole from his bastard father's room that night.

He looked outside, in awe and fear. A giant demon fox was raging in the middle of the village, it's tails swayed wildly and it's eyes glowing in a crimson hue. To think a 17 year old was controlling this thing right now.

Shirai went to find his trash ass parents, naked and lying in bed. His baby sisted Sakura was sleeping soundly on the cradle. He went over to her while the ground was rumbling.

Using chakra to stick to the ground with ease, looked at the sleeping newborn girl, smiled slightly upon seeing her cute face.

Shirai hurried up in picking her up, he held her tightly and looked at the sleeping couple next to the cradle, soundly sleeping without clothes, after a few hours of wrestling, probably.

He pulled out a kunai out of his pouch. Moving over to the couple. He stood there in silence for a couple of seconds, Contemplating whether he should do it or not.


The roar of the Fox broke him out if his trance. They were starting to wake up, he clicked his tongue and put the kunai back in his pouch.

I will probably regret this in the future. Shirai thought to himself, looking out of the window, he could see a bijuu raging with all its might while a series of chains tried to pin it down.

He clicked his tongue again and spat at the ground.

These pieces of trash didn't deserve to live, he still had remembrances of the trauma they inflicted him every night. If he could get his dick up, he would have already filled all three holes in the bitch.

He heard the male groan in the bed, he was waking up. He wanted to put the kunai in his hands inside the bastard's face, and give him the painfullest of deaths.

"Get decent!" Shirai said before leaving the room, his sister in hand. The building was shaking wildly and he didn't think it will be standing tall any longer than 5 minutes.

He jumped out of the living room window and landed in the ground, he saw fire all around him. Shirai looked around for the best path, he saw the shelters along the hokage faces. They were a good option but he couldn't risk Minato not being able to use Flying thunder God to teleport the Bijudama away.

He ran towards the shelter below the hokage faces, at least they are better than being out in the open. Especially with Tobi roaming around here somewhere.

"Help, please help me!!" Shirai could hear ra woman trapped under the rubble, why as no one else helping her? Were they too worried about their lives to even save a woman who is dying Infront of them?

Shirai went towards the rubble, picking the stones one by one. Until he could see the person calling for help. She was a civilian with brown hair. He helped her get up.

"Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou." The woman thanked him with repetitive bows before running towards the shelter like the rest of the other civilians.

"Waaah." Sakura was starting to cry now, she was probably scared of the Kyubbi's demonic chakra. Shirai calmed his little sister down, he ruffled her sprouting pink hair, a little lighter than his own shade of hair.

"Ahh, Nii-Chan is here." Shirai said to his sister, resuming his running towards the shelters.

He watched as a large Bijudama was fired into the hokage faces. Intending for killing the people in the shelters. The fourth hokage popped out of nowhere and started forming handsigns atop his own head.

Several seals appeared on thin air, Shirai watched in awe at the Bijudama being completely sucked by the seals. A moment later, in the rice farming area in the land of fire, a large black ball of chaos and destruction was dropped.

In a large explosion, the Bijudama exploded, sending shockwaves to konoha. Several people simultaneously deafened while some were buried under the rubble of the collapsing houses.

Why? Why am I crying?! I hate them, I hate them, Bothe the bastard Kizashi and The Bitch Mibuki. Shirai bent down on the ground, holding Sakura in hand. His tears freely dropped down his eyes, he couldn't hold them any longer.

His teardrops fell on Sakura's clothes, slightly dampening them, leaving small dark spots. Seemingly sensing the feelings of her brother, Sakura started crying.


I-I didn't love them, I didn't care for them, they were just- They were just... He couldn't understand it, for all four years of this life, he hated those two, wanting to kill them but now, what happend? Just a few moments ago, he was going to kill them himself.

Looking back at the house he lived in, all collapsed and two figures, mangled and half-clothed were amongst the rubble.

They are dead, mother... Father... Shirai could only stare blankly at the rubble, the dead eyes of his parents staring back at him.

*It's because of you*

*We would have lived if you woke us up.*

*It's all Your FAULT*

He wished it was all still a dream, he could only look at the mangled corpses, the memories of the past four years flooding his brain, the voices of his parents resonating in his mind, telling him that it's all his fault.

He looked at the ground in shame, the blood escaping his bloody knees, the dusty road and the crying face of Sakura.

"I have to get up." Shirai siad to himself, steeling up and wiping the tears off his face. He ran, as fast as he could towards the shelter. He couldn't let his last family perish.

I am sorry, father, mother I couldn't save you.