6 Chapter 6: The appearance of the devil fruit power

This is the Uchiha clan throwing shuriken's technique, the only one which is comparable in term of techniques is Minato.

It's so hard to dodge this attack.

But since it's so hard to avoid it, then simply don't!

Facing the eight shurikens, Naito clenched his fist, then looked coolly toward it, took his fighting sentence, and bent his arm toward it.

"He's not serious, right?!"

"Take out you're kunai, you can't stop the shurikens with your fist"

Seeing this scene, the students' Faces were full of shock, their mouths were dropped open slightly.

For a moment Nakamoto-sensei was stunned, although those shurikens cannot kill him, they will definitely hurt him badly or so he thought.

It's Naito's responsibility, even if he gets seriously injured, he will only bear a little bit of the blame, he got nothing to be afraid of.

But in the next moment when Naito fist suddenly knocked the air, everyone's expression changed.


A slight soft white light emerged out, then suddenly burst.

Naito's fist obviously did not hit anything, but why does it seem as if it's breaking an invisible mirror.

Suddenly, on that mirror appeared signs of fragmentation, a few slender spread around, and then a piece of the air suddenly shattered.

The wave Naito created started to slow down the movement of the shurikens.

Finally, it didn't make it, not a single shuriken reached Naito's body, and all of them fell on the ground.

"This is impossible!"

"How could his fist block shurikens, is it… a ninjutsu!?, but what was it? , I didn't see him do any hand signs"

A hustle of the audience.

All the students were shocked, they couldn't believe what they just saw.

Kushina was surprised too, she didn't expect that Naito is this powerful.

On the other hand, Minato who wasn't concerned with this battle was also amazed and curious about the power of Naito.

"What did you do?!"

Uchiha Izumi also was surprised, he didn't expect his shuriken technique to be blocked this easily.

Naito didn't answer Izumi, but suddenly took a Kunai, and dushed toward him.

Izumi was really upset.

This guy actually did not answer him, he completely ignored him!

"You think with such a strange Jutsu you can win against me? Arrogant guy! let me show you the real strength of the Uchiha!"

Naito increased his speed while Izumi wasn't afraid, he took his Kunai and dushed toward him too.

At that moment, Naito concentrated the vibrations into his hand.


A Dim white halo surrounds the Kunai, then he pointed it toward Izumi.

Izumi saw that halo, he felt the danger, but the only choice he got was to clench his teeth and jump in.

Finally, the two Kunais clashed together.

But strangely, it didn't seem like the sound of the clanging iron.

On the contrary, the sound was like broken glass.


Slim cracks spread out from Izumi's Kunai.

Suddenly, Izumi felt devastating shock waves through the air, then an unbearable force that passed over his body.

The power of that shock, seemed like it can tear his body!

After he received those waves directly, he fell on the ground, immediately he stood up and took his fighting sentence and fell back, a slight trace of blood was dropping out of his mouth, the horror trace was still in his eyes.

what is this white halo?!

what are these strange shocks!

Nobody answered him.

All the students, including Nakamoto, saw it


Naito didn't stop, but he continued his attack and rushed toward Izumi.

Having lost one clash, Uchiha Izumi hated the fact that he lost to Naito, he was embarrassed.

It looked like Naito is having the upper hand!

Uchiha Izumi continued retreating, the moment the numbness and trembling all over his body stopped, he showed a very angry face.

"Hane Naito, you forced my hand!"

Then he looked at his teacher and said

"This is was your idea, don't blame me if he dies"

Then he stopped and start doing Hand signs.

However, Naito didn't give him a chance to complete it and throw a stack of shurikens toward him.


shurikens hit its target, but Izumi's body suddenly turned into a piece of wood.

Kawarimi no Jutsu

With this, Izumi finally has cast out his ninjutsu, Naito still didn't find him.

However, from behind his back he felt a terrible wave of heat, no, it wasn't just heated, it has given a kind of anxiety and heat.

"Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!!"

The appearance of this ninjutsu caused a shock.

Because this is a C-class Ninjutsu!

Uchiha Izumi was sweating all over his body, it's not easy ninjutsu, he's almost out of chakra.

On the other hand, the fireball was heading toward Naito, Izumi smirked.

No matter how much strong Naito was, he cannot stop C-class ninjutsu.


Seeing this fireball stunned all the students, all the students couldn't help but fall back.

"Oh My God! How can he use such ninjutsu!"

"Is he really the same age as us?"

All of the students are showing shocked faces

"Naito-Kuuuuuuun" (Kurosaki-kuuuuuuuuuun)

With a worried look, Kushina couldn't help but call his name loudly.

With this kind of Jutsu, he won't only be injured, he could get killed!

Even the teacher didn't expect Izumi to use C-class ninjutsu.

Subconsciously he thought of blocking it, but he calmed himself.

…Aren't these kinds of injuries normal in battles?

At the field, facing the fireball even Naito was afraid.

Despite the fact that Izumi did Kawarimi no Jutsu and sneaked behind him he didn't expect him to even use a C-class Jutsu.

Ninjutsu was divided into S, A, B, C, D, E, and other levels.

E-Class is the level of the ninja school, D-Class is a Genin-level technique, it Can be achieved by all genin, though

many ninjas only learn their "type" of technique, but C-class is Chūnin-level techniques, Sometimes learned by genin who have trained extensively, Only some genius can achieve such ninjutsu in ninja school.

"The Uchiha can't be underestimated…"

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