11 Chapter 11: The Anbu

Chapter 11: The Anbu

Samui was spitting blood while flying in the air!

These is the circumstances of underestimation of the power of the earthquake, he insisted on only using the Taijutsu and Naito just made him pay the price.

This is just payback!

"It's impossible! This is impossible!! How… How can he be this powerful?!"

Samui wanted to land safely, but he couldn't his body was still paralyzed, he couldn't even move a finger.


Samui fell to the ground shamefully while his body was still trembling.

A moment of shock fell on everyone.

Therefore, the crowd becomes bigger.

Damn it!!

An Uchiha just got wounded from fighting a kid?!

How can this be!

"Am I dreaming?"

"The Uchiha… isn't this weak!"

"Just what power did that kid use?!"

Every single one of them didn't believe how Naito was standing up proud and calm.

It's almost impossible to believe.

If it was Uchiha Samui the one who's standing it would be just normal, but this is just incredible!

Seeing How Samui was lying on the ground was just pathetic.

Naito just sent him flying and he still didn't do anything about it.

He just starts to lose it because everyone saw what happened.

"Damn it, this bastard, how dare you…"

He didn't only send him flying but even made him vomit blood.

Such a thing that happened to him, is simply a shame, he can't face his clan now, he just gonna be a big joke from now on.

Under this pressure, Samui just revealed a murderous aura.

At first, he only wanted to teach him a lesson.

But now, he's just gonna kill this damn kid!

Anger blinded his ability to think clearly, he stood up, but he's not gonna use Taijutsu this time, this is the real thing, he started to use Hand Seals.

It was clear that he's just trying to kill Naito, he even ignored the fact that his in the middle of the street.

"Katon! Karyū Endan!!"

A fire dragon bomb, it's a B-Class Fire Jutsu!

This doesn't even compare with the fireball, this is a terrifying flame, and it takes the shape of a dragon, it can burn

anything, and it's heading toward Naito.

Anything it touches turn's it into ashes.

"This is not good!"

"Is he crazy? how can he use this here!"

The scene of the fire scared everyone and made them retreat.

Even Naito was shocked.

This kind of Jutsu, he simply cannot stop, but also he cannot hide.

If he just didn't provoke him to this point, he wouldn't be in this situation


However, even in this situation facing this unstoppable fire release

Naito's face didn't show any kind of fear, he was calm, his eyes weren't dead yet.


From nowhere a shadow appeared in front of Naito and made Hand seals.

Suiton! Suijinheki!!


The wall turned into a big wave.

The Fire dragon made a strong impact, the water and fire collided, then the steam rose.

finally, the dragon disappeared.

Instantly the water disappeared too.

"Uchiha Samui, starting a fight in the village, you know this is a crime right?!" with a cold voice he said.

The shadow in front of Naito turned out to be a man with a mask!

The Anbu, the dark department also known as assassination tactical special forces, who are directly under the Hokage himself.

Not only responsible for a variety of assassinations, but also responsible for the internal security of Konoha.

These is the real elite troops, even the Uchiha fear's them.

His crime wasn't just starting a fight but also using that frightening Jutsu in the village.

His murderous Aura was still there but he needs it to restrain it in front of the Anbu.

"I didn't do any crime!"

"fighting in the village is forbidden!" the Anbu said that while staring at Samui.

Samui restrained all the anger, then he stared at Naito and said: "Am one of the team's captains, I got suspicious that Naito is associated with an outside village as a spy, So I wanted to ask him some questions."


After this sentence, everyone was in shock.

No wonder this guy dared to attack like this, it turned out he's got his reasons, after all the Uchiha is the military police force of Konoha.

It's clear he put some pressure on some people.

The people who witnessed everything from the start felt shame but they couldn't do anything about it, anyone who stands against the Uchiha is a dead man.

How arrogant can they be!

The Anbu, coldly said: "do you have evidence?"

"The Anbu has nothing to do with this."

Samui replayed.

"But if you want to arrest him, you will need permission from the Hokage." The Anbu tone changed.

In fact, whether it was the root or the Anbu they were often keeping an eye on the Uchiha.

He was sent by the Sandaime to monitor the Uchiha clan in the dark.

Naito who didn't have any background at the same time is an outsider of the village, so he needed to be protected from the wrong hands.

Uchiha Samui thought only about his Clan.

The crowd knew this too, they even saw this scene before where the Uchiha and the Anbu stand against each other.

"Permission right, this is an urgency we can't just leave him, he will run away!"

Samui said that while laughing.

Inside of the Village, the Uchiha has strong privileges, so even against an Anbu, Samui didn't back off.

The Anbu knew something was off so he wasn't gonna let him do whatever he wanted.

"No, there is something wrong, I think the Hokage need's to know about this."

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