6 Chapter 6 - Training, training and more training...

''But if I tell them to wear weights they will definitely slack off and Hinata-chan's body can't handle the weights'' Kurenai questioned where as Sukuna honestly responded,

''Of all people, she needs it the most. The Hyuga's technique is based on fluid movements, your body needs to be flexible yet sturdy to be able to advance in their technique''

Kurenai's eyes lit up, she wasn't from a big clan so she didn't have the specifics of the Hyuga's techniques. However, Sukuna did!

''In that case, if Hinata wants to grow strong enough to beat her cousin. What would you suggest?'' Kurenai asked earnestly with slight expectation, after all, although Sukuna was only 11 years old, he could fight 15 people of the same rank and even people above his Ninja Rank and win.

Besides that, his status in the Senju's was recently 'accidently' being leaked out to the public.

''Her cousin? Who is that?'' Sukuna asked in confusion, it was clear he didn't care enough to remember.

''Neji Hyuga'' Kurenai said as she took a sip of her water.

Sukuna's brain finally started worked and he tapped his fist into his open palm, ''Ah! The guy with a stick up his ass!''

*Cough* *Cough*

''Don't die on me now, you have to protect me remember?'' Sukuna teased which caused him to receive an unamused look from Kurenai.

''Oh come on, don't look at me like that. I'm just teasing you'' Sukuna grinned and walked on with his hands behind his head.

Kurenai ignored him and grabbed her map, her eyes lit up as she realized they were only a few minutes away from the ferry.

''We're almost at the ferry, it's a few hours with the ferry and then we will arrive at the Land of Hot Water'' Kurenai said with a voice full of expectation. It was clear she looked forward to this vacation.

''Where are we going once there?'' Sukuna asked with curiosity, a vacation was fun and all. But he had no interest in it. He just wanted to train.

Kurenai looked at him and explained what they needed to do once they arrived in the Land of Hot Water.

There were supposed to wait for around a week at a luxe inn until the spies from Kumo, Shumo and Yuga arrived and delivered the intel.

As Kurenai was explaining the ins and outs, the two of them boarded the ferry. Kurenai and him both had a different room next to each other since the ferry would take at least 6 hours to reach their destination which further upstream.

Sukuna didn't waste time and instantly made a few handseals.


[Sukuna Senju] (11 Years old) [Genin]

[Bloodline] Senju (Partially Awakened)

[Strength] 77 > 101

[Agility] 42 > 53

[Endurance] 58 > 66

[Physical] 42 > 68

[Chakra Pool] 7.324 / 6.752 > 7.324 (High Genin)

[Chakra Control] 53 > 56 /1.000


[Taijutsu] 43 > 65 / 1.000

[Ninjutsu] 31 > 57 / 1.000

[Genjutsu] 28 > 34 / 1.000


[Wind Element] Amataur – Easily able to apply in battle

[Lightning Element] Untrained - Requires 100.000 Chakra to unlock

[Wood Element] Untrained - Requires 1.500.000 Chakra to unlock


{Top 3 Techniques}

[Shadow Clone Jutsu (Forbidden)] Beginner – Costs 425 Chakra to summon a clone, needs 45 Chakra per hour to keep the clone active.

[Mystical Palm (A-rank)] Amataur – Can heal small internal / external wounds and can stop bleeding

[Wind Force (B-Rank)] Amataur – Coates something with Wind Elemental Chakra, giving it more penetration force or sharpness.


(AN: Inept / Beginner / Amateur / Advanced / Professional / Perfection)

''It's clear my increasing strength is part of the Senju Bloodline, there is no other explanation for the sudden growth since I didn't even focus on it'' Sukuna said as he clenched his hand, his body was growing stronger at an insane rate and remembered where Tsunade was known for.

Superior Strength....

'Did she partially awaken the Senju Bloodline too since she is Hashirama's direct kin?' Sukuna thought, if he had awakened Superior Strength then his would keep growing at a ridiculous pace even without him doing anything.

Ofcourse, that was unlike him.

'Shadow Clone Jutsu' Sukuna made the Shadow Clone Jutsu's handseals and 16 Shadow Clones appeared, 2 more than last time!

''All of you focus on your Chakra for now, there is no place to do anything else in here'' Sukuna said as the room was filled with Shadow Clones.

Sukuna said on his bed and joined the clones in increasing his Chakra Capacity. He needed to get stronger, way stronger. Strong enough that nothing could plan against him, that nobody dared to plan against his people.

He cleared his mind and got into a lotus position before closing his eyes.

As time passed, his clones disappeared one by one, then reappeared again, disappeared again, reappeared again until the 6 hours mark was finally reached.

Sukuna noticed someone approaching his room and recalled his clones, he made a few handseals and quickly checked on his Chakra Capacity.

It increased by a whole 580!

''Sukuna, we're almost there'' Kurenai's voice came from behind the door. Sukuna opened the door and let her in before taking a seat on the bed.

Kurenai sat on a chair at a small table and looked at Sukuna before saying, ''Once we're there, you can do whatever. But stay inside the Inn, it's a small house with a training ground, sauna and a small bathhouse so all the things we need are close by''

''Kurenai, just why did they send me here? Can't I just take missions that actually have a use instead? I don't need a vacation'' Sukuna said with a bitter smile.

Kurenai looked at the child and gave him a warm smile, ''It isn't that they want you in the village right now, but because Lord Third is afraid you're overexerting yourself''

'If he did his job properly, I wouldn't have to' Sukuna said inside his head.

Sukuna and Kurenai felt the ferry board the dock, they didn't waste any time and left for their Inn. It didn't take long for them to arrive at a luxe building where Kurenai told him to wait a little.

She disappeared inside and quickly came out again showing a key.

''This way!'' Kurenai said with an excited expression. Sukuna looked at her childish expression and shrugged helplessly.

The two of them walked a few hundred meters and arrived near a home that had the number 3 on it.

It was a beautiful Japanese styled one-story building, the two of them walked inside and scanned through the building. Seeing that everything that was described was there, Kurenai let out a dumb smile.

''I'm going to take a bath! You can choose a room first'' Kurenai said with a happy smile and disappeared towards the bathroom.

'This woman is really helpless' Sukuna said in his mind. He couldn't help but admit that at least it wouldn't be a boring two weeks considering her personality.

Sukuna walked through the house and quickly disappear into the back of the building. A small hut which seemed to be the sauna, a big trainings field, a sitting lounge with a campfire, a small pond with carps and a beautiful Sakura tree decorated the back of the building.

''No wonder she was this excited'' Sukuna couldn't help but admit that this was place was perfect, neither too big nor too small and had everything you needed.

Sukuna quickly tossed his back into the biggest room with a king-sized bed and instantly went outside to the training field.

He instantly made 16 Shadow Clones and gave them orders, he himself on the other hand, decided to wait for Kurenai and discuss Genjutsu.

Well, more like listen to her since he didn't have much knowledge about it compared to her. She was definitely stronger than a 3 Tomoe Uchiha in Genjutsu so she was perfect to learn from.

As Kurenai came out of the bathroom, she wore a casual black dress that covered her until her knees yet showed how voluptuous her figure was.

''You know how to create Shadow Clones aswell?'' Kurenai asked in wonder as she sat down in a chair at the lounge area outside.

Sukuna scanned over Kurenai and nearly wanted to facepalm the memories he got, some of those memories clearly influenced his rationality.

''Yes, but they are limited due to being able to understand orders'' Sukuna said honestly, there was no need to hide such things since it wasn't exactly a secret.

''How interesting, that does sound convenient though'' Kurenai said in an amused tone.

''Kurenai, would you mind teaching me about Genjutsu?'' Sukuna asked with a genuine expression which caused Kurenai to look at him with shining eyes.

''Ofcourse! But I will not stop until you know everything!'' Kurenai said happily, Sukuna just smiled at her antics and listened to her rambling.

However, what he didn't know was that she meant every word she said.....

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