12 Chapter 12: Pathetic

Ren looked at the group of Shinobi with his Shin no me active. Ishiki and his gang members felt their bodies grow instantly more heavy. At first, they could withstand it to some extent, but it quickly rose to a level that most couldn't bear. Those that tried to resist could feel their bones cracking under the pressure from the increased gravity around them. Ishki and a few stronger Shinobi could stay standing but couldn't move.

Ren saw and showed a smile.

"Seems you aren't as useless as you look Ishki. But useless all the same".

Ren increased the pressure even further after speaking these words. At this point most of the Ishki's men had their bones and organs crushed. Ishki himself was on his knees glaring at Ren with a hateful look.

"Listen kid walk away now. I'm a very important asset to this country and the Daimyo himself!".

Ren tilted his head and began walking over to Ishki slowly. He cut down any of his men that were still alive without hesitation. Soon he reached Ishki and ran his blade through his hands making the man grunt in pain.

"Listen to me very carefully Ishki for these are the last words you'll properly hear before dying a miserable death. I couldn't care less about the politics of countries. All I see is something that will benefit my plans by dying. Hero vanquishes villains and gets fame, reputation and trust that he can exploit along with the praises of many people. This is the key difference between you and me. You prey on only weak people but are useless when faced with someone stronger. But me? I always find my enemies weakness and if they have none then I simply give them one. Now die knowing everything you worked for will be enjoyed but the very same people you suppressed."

Ishki was furious and wanted to expose Ren's intentions to the people but the minute he tried Ren increased the pressure once more making Ishki bite his own tongue off. Next his ear drums exploded followed by his eyes. The next two pops came from his crotch. Ishki screamed in terrible tone before having his vocal cords crushed as well. On-lookers couldn't only seemingly crazy man in a terrible state and another charming man standing a few meters away simply looking at him.

Ren made sure to make Ishki's last moments as painful as possible. His fingers and toes broke one by one and slowly carried on to his arms and legs. The healing he was so proud off now became his worst nightmare.

After an hour of agonizing pain Ishki finally died. Ren's eye now reverted to normal, and he went inside the gangs building. Inside he found both young and mature women in tattered clothes. They became very fearful when they looked at him.

"Ishki and his men are dead, you may leave."

Ren spoke in a calm neutral tone. Some of the women were elated, but some looked worried. One of the worried one's decided to speak up as Ren was about to proceed past them.

"Some of us don't have homes to return to. Our families were killed for going against Ishki, he only spared us to vent his desires. We have nothing waiting for us... Dear sir if you could provide us shelter and food for our children we will serve you in any way. Please even if you do not want us we beg for shelter for the children..."

Ren already knew of Ishki's hobbies. He loved breaking virgins. So much so that he would kill any male children women conceived and let the female ones grow, so he could break them as well when older. But Ren made sure he won't live to see that day.

Ren looked around and noticed a lot of female children in tattered clothing as well.

"I have no need for servants nor do I run an orphanage...but wait for me outside with the other villagers".

The women began to beg while kneeling but Ren ignored them and proceeded onwards. Ren had gone to check through Ishki's files and property for any useful information. After that he found Ishki's treasury and smiled. He gathered everything of worth and put them in big bags.

When he went back outside he found the villagers gathered around. The women who were in the building were there too but many of still on their knees in a begging manner. He ignored them once more and spoke out loud.

"Who was your village head before Ishki arrived. If you're still alive come forth. If he died then can the heir or most suitable step forth."

After Ren spoke these words a young boy around 10 years of age stepped forward with a man who looked to be 17 or 18. They both bowed towards as stopped a few meters away from him.

"So you're the next heir? And I assume the woman in disguise is a relative of yours correct?".

Having been seen through the little boy and young woman felt slightly fearful but the young woman spoke quickly.

"Our father was the village head when Ishki arrived, but he was killed as an example. And our mother killed herself to not have Ishki his hands on her. A close friend of our family had us hide our identities and pretend to be regular villagers. I took on this disguise to avoid being taken by that man as well..."

Ren quickly understood the picture and nodded. He brought the bags he was dragging forward and spoke.

"This is the wealth Ishki and his men gathered over the years from you and many others. I leave it to your village chief to use to better your lives and those of these women and children who Ishki had in his residence. Should I find you abuse it. I will kill you. Should I find people still suffering. I will kill you and should I find your people in the same pathetic state. I will kill you. When your daimyo sends people to investigate tell them I took all the money after killing Ishki. As for my name I never gave it So describe me as you see me. Whether a monster or a murderer I never cared much for titles."

After speaking Ren's body flickered, and he was gone.

Hours later, Ren was standing in front of a restaurant with his Kasa on. He looked up at the sign above and showed a smile. This should be the place. Ren walked into the establishment with a friendly smile on his face and went towards a table where a smiling man was seated.

"Is this seat taken?"

The man saw Ren and shook his head maintaining his smile.

"Not at all please have a seat. Hmm. I haven't seen you here before, I take it you're here for pleasure? Haha. It's the usual reason people visit hot water country to be honest".

Ren smiled back but shook his head.

"I'm actually here on business. How about you? Aren't you a little far away from stone country Keiya?".

Immediately Ren finished his question the once smiling man threw down a smoke bomb and ran. The man retreated away as quickly as he could for a few minutes before stopping behind a building and catching his breath. Suddenly a voice appeared from behind a corner.

"I can see how you managed to always escape you truly are fast. Smart well not so much".

Ren appeared from behind the corner startling the man called Keiya. He immediately threw another smoke bomb followed by some Kunai and ran. Several minutes later he appeared far away in the forest breathing heavily and coughing while spitting out some blood. He slouched near a tree and took a pill out of his pouch and was about to ingest it until the same voice as before resounded above him.

"A weak user of Chakra shouldn't push his limits, and you've already reached yours Keiya."

Ren who was seated on top of a tree eating an apple spoke casually. Keiya on the other hand was panicking hard. He wanted to run again but Ren appeared next to him and kicked him to the ground. Keiya immediately coughed up blood despite Ren holding back immensely.

"Heh what a fool, you hold close to no strength but dared to use a princess's heart to steal money from your land. The idea itself is quite interesting. Make the princess fall for you due to your looks, then when she gains enough trust have her give you the key to the palace claiming you want to be able to sneak in and see her. Only for her to wake up and find you're gone. Leaving her and your unborn child alone".

Keiya's face went dark.

"W-What no no! I didn't mean for her to love me I just wanted to get the money and leave for a better life. My heart already belongs to someone...and she too will bear my child soon. Please I will give you back all the money I stole. I only ask you say you killed me. They will not need to worry anymore with their money found. I made good investments and can return it while still saving enough for my wife please."

Ren thought for a moment before nodding. Keiya showed a smile of relief and took out a key from his pouch.

"I stashed it all in the hidden basement of a building I purchased. It's called Divine weapons and accessories. We can even go together I dare not risk my beloved's life. I'm truly happy with her and don't need the money. As for the princess...it's best she thinks I'm dead. I was young at the time and couldn't resist. Surely you understand?".

Ren showed a friendly smiled and nodded while helping Keiya up. Then Ren suddenly launched a strike at Keiya's throat instantly destroying his vocal cords. Keiya fell to the ground in pain while giving Ren a deathly glare. Ren showed a disgusted face and spoke.

"Pathetic. Let me enlighten you before sending you to the afterlife. I wasn't sent to find you. The one who was thought it was a good idea to try and rob me. Sadly he died before his dreams could come into fruition. When I searched him I found some interesting information. So I chose to follow up on it and here we are. I will send your head to the daimyo of the lands of stone's palace to let him know you're dead. As for the money they will think the man they sent ran away with it or whatever was left after killing you.

Since not a single trace of him remains. Don't worry about your wife. I'll tell her the truth. Your child will grow knowing his/her father was a spineless cheating coward who got what he deserved. But I simply can't leave her to fend for herself, so I will invest my newly attained money into her to run a business here for me. She'll grow to be grateful to me, touching herself while thinking of me and cursing you. As for your child they'll love their generous uncle and will work hard to be useful unlike their father. Now die knowing I will enjoy everything you worked hard for. From your wife to your wealth".

Ren then raised his blade about to strike. Keiya could only glare at Ren with pure hatred. No matter how much willpower he could summon he failed to even stand not knowing why. Just like that he met his end losing everything while dying feeling helpless.

Ren of course exaggerated his words as he had no interest in the Keiya's affairs. He would indeed leave her some money and a letter revealing the truth, but he wouldn't reveal himself as he saw no real reason to. Whether his wife moves on or goes to confront the princess and gets killed he didn't care. This was a cruel and unforgiving world after all were acting without strength was a sure fire way of getting killed.

'I'm done for today.'

Ren thought before his body flickered and he vanished.

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