23 I have decided to write a new fanfic

So I went to fan fiction and read some Naruto neglect fic. And let me tell you, the idea itself is trash. That is because I binge rewatched Naruto again a couple of days ago. And Naruto life had been a shithole, man. His life was already miserable. And to top it of authors on different platforms are writing a shitty version of it where he is neglected by his own blood family. And at the end guess what he fucking forgives all of them. It was an interesting idea at first, but literally zero author did any Justice to this genre. So I will write a fanfic where a guy gets reincarnated in a Naruto neglect fanfic. Watch how he fucks up the fate and emerges as a sigma male in fan fiction community. (it might take a month or two to start publishing)