19 The First Test

"mother wants your blood".

said a red-haired boy, with a Kanji for "Love" on his forehead, wearing a good on his back, arms crossed, glaring at him.

Naruto stood across from him, with a raised eyebrow, behind both of them were their teammates.

on the redhead's side, ware a blonde girl wearing a big fan on her back and a boy with a wrapped up object wearing all black with Warpaint on his face.

On the blonde's side ware Satsuki and Ouka.

Narutos face was blank, looking at the stranger with indifference while on the inside he was laughing his ass off with his tenant.

(he thinks he can kill me, That's hilarious).

[That dumbass, it's like spiderman challenging the black widow in hand-to-hand combat].

(you have been watching too much marvel lately).

[...duly noted].

"...sorry, I'm not into older women".







"what'd wrong with you, Naruto?".

Asked Satsuki, a hand rubbing her forehead because of the idiocy of her teammate.

"What did you expect?".

Asked Ouka, still dumbfounded about his response to a threat.

"What did you expect me to do? threaten back? or shout out that the power of friendship will help me defeat him?".

The blonde tried to defend his actions but got blank looks from the two didn't help his case and neither did the laughter still running through his head.

He Pouted.

Surprisingly, they didn't head towards the Academy... they headed to the T&I.

And he had a slight suspicion of what they were doing.

"So, do you guys have any Idea what test are we doing in the T&I department?".

asked Ouka, hands in his pockets as he looked around, looking for other teams.

"We will probably be interrogated, or there will be a genjutsu used on us".

Naruto answered, shrugging while doing it, there was no point in hiding it...

"Probably the Hell viewing jutsu".

Satsuki said absentmindedly, agreeing with the blonde's statement.

"That or they will make us investigate one of the team members while the others do the same".

Ouka supplied as they reached their destination.

"There are more than I expected".

the Absent-minded remark got two nods from Narutos teammates as they stood in front of the department.

"Hey! looks like you guys got insisted too".

Called Kiba as he walked closer to Team seven, with His two teammates, Hidamari and...

(I forgot the Aburames name... damn).

"Ugh... you guys got singles up with this too? this is too troublesome".

That was Shikamaru with Inochi and Chourogi.


Naruto mentally chuckled, about to set his plan into motion.


The fox tried to prevent it but ultimately failed.

"Hey, guys".

Said Naruto, as everybody looked at him and shivered at his smile.

"You know... we are all breathing automatically right?".

Everyone stared at him, blinked, and groaned.

"Fuck you".

"Damn blonde".


"Damn it".

"What's wrong with you, Naruto?".

"I'm not even surprised anymore".

"Yes, this is annoying".

"That wasn't nice".

he only counted seven... Chourogi just kept eating her chips.

he was satisfied, his daily "Ba an asshole" time was over, he'd have to wait for tomorrow... that didn't mean he would miss an opportunity.

everyone's attention was caught by a puff of smoke, and the bald man... the Sadist... Ibiki appeared.

And next to him was his Senpai.

"Hey! My little Brother! It's so good to finally see you!".

Anko jumped on him, she was pretty much like her original self, except for the whole hating Orochimaru thing.


Was the only thing running through his mind as he tried to wiggle out of her grip.

"Aw, don't be like that to your big sister, you're hurting my feelings".

everyone was watching them, with a sweatdrop, but the great of the rookie nine was enjoying his suffering.

"Listen here you fools! the first Test will take place here! your teams will be numbered and paired off with other teams, more will be explained inside, Get moving!".

Anko let the blonde go and pouted as she walked bat to Ibiki, waving back and promising to take him to a Dango place.

"Who was that?".

Asked a very confused Inochi, voicing everyone's question, and the only one who could answer that was Naruto, so they turned to him.

"That was my master's first student...My Senpai".

he explained but couldn't help but shudder on the inside.

(God that sounded so wrong, why did I call her senpai?!).

He exclaimed mentally, hoping that the fox fell asleep...

[Heh, wonder if she will go "Ara Ara" on you eventually].

He shuddered again at the thought and forced the image out of his mind.

The only time he regretted being able to picture every outcome.

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