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It was a late at night in Konoha.

Most people were asleep by now, but sitting on her bed, was a girl with pink hair and emerald eyes, wearing nothing but a flimsy shirt over her bra and panties, staring at a picture of her team.

This time, however, instead of staring at the boy she once chased after, her eyes were focused on her blond haired, blue-eyed teammate.

Sakura sighed, she still couldn't believe it has been a year since her teammate and friend, Naruto, had left.

She began to wonder where he was, was he all right, did he miss her as well.

However Sakura jumped out of her thoughts when she heard a tapping on her window.

She turned to the window and was shock and surprised to see the boy she was just thinking about waving to her from the other side of the window, in which quickly unlocked the window and allowed Naruto in.

"Hey Sakura." Naruto said with his usual smile she missed so much.

Never minding that she was almost naked in front of him, she quickly gave him a hug, which he returned with a smile.

"I'm so glad to see you." Sakura told Naruto, before asking. "I thought you were still training with Master Jiraya?"

"We were passing by the village, I just wanted to come by and see you," Naruto answered, making Sakura blush a little.

"Plus I wanted to give you a gift I got for you on my travel," Naruto added as he reached into his pocket.

Sakura gasped as Naruto pulled a beautiful pendant out of his pocket and held it out in front of her; her eyes were drawn to a purple crystal at its center.

As she continued to stare, it seemed as though the crystal began to glow, and it became harder for her to think as all thought left her mind and her eyes glazed over.

Naruto grinned mischievously as she watched Sakura fall into a trance.

He was given the pendant as a gift and was told it would make his dreams a reality.

After a few test runs, he learned what the crystal could do, and came back to make one of his wildest dreams come true.

Once Sakura was under, Naruto began to speak to her.

"That's right, stare into the crystal. Stare deep into it. Look at the beautiful light. You cannot look away. You don't want to look away. All you can do is look into the crystal. All you can hear is my voice, putting you deeper and deeper under its spell. Soon you will be totally under my power. That's right. Good Girl. Surrender. Surrender your will to me. Obey me. You must obey me. You want to obey me. You need to obey me. You are under my control. You are my willing and obedient slave. You know that I am your Master. You must obey me. You must serve me. You love obeying me, being dominated by me, being a slave to my every whim."

At Naruto's statement, the words seemed to travel along the purple light, etching themselves indelibly into Sakura's mind.

Everything that he said was true. He was her Master. She was his slave. She existed solely for the purpose of serving him. It was so obvious; she hardly saw the point of him telling her.

"Yes Master..." Sakura replied in a distant, but loving tone.

"You are helplessly and hopelessly in love with me. You know that I am the most handsome man that you have ever seen, or will ever see. I am perfect. I can do nothing wrong. Everything I say and do is good and right and you know that anything I tell you to do must be ok because Master told you to, and I am always right. You long to serve me. You need to love me. You are obsessed with me and addicted to me. Addicted to my body, to my voice, to my scent. You cannot resist me; you do not want to resist me."

Sakura sighed. "Yes Master."

"You can only feel pleasure when I tell you to feel pleasure. Happiness is serving me, in being a good little slave girl. I own you; you are my pet, my property, and my possession. You are nothing but a toy for me to use when and however I wish. Do you understand, my pet?" Naruto then asked, making Sakura nod and reply. "Yes Master... I understand..."

"Good girl." Naruto said as he put the pendant away.

Sakura blinked a few times, wondering what was going on, when she saw him, he was so handsome, so perfect, that Instinctively she fell to her knees in worship of her Master as she knew that he owned her, mind body and soul that she must serve him and the idea of disobeying him made her shudder with disgust.

She gazed at him adoringly, suffused with love, before saying. "I live to obey you Master. Command me."

Naruto laughed and Sakura almost swooned in joy at hearing such a wonderful sound, before he looked at her and commanded, "Stand and strip for me, slave."

"Yes Master." Sakura responded as she quickly stood and without hesitation, removed her shirt, revealing her red bra that was holding her nice sized C-Cup breasts, and her red panties, before she quickly removed them, leaving herself naked as she stood before her Master, longing and devotion filling her eyes as she waited for his commands.

Naruto gave a wolf whistle as he approached his new slave and placed a hand on her breasts, causing Sakura to sigh with pleasure at feeling her Master's hand upon her, but stood still since she wasn't told to move.

After massaging her breast for a bit, Naruto moved his hand down Sakura's side, across her tone stomach, and down toward her shaven pussy, which caused Sakura to moan slightly as she felt Naruto's fingers brush against her lips.

Naruto then moved his hand around her body as he began to walk behind her as his hand landed on her tight ass, which he gave a squeeze, loving the sounds she was making, before he finished circling her and brought his hand to her cheek, seeing love, lust and worship in her emerald eyes, before he pulled Sakura into a kiss that she melted into as she allowed his tongue to enter her mouth and dominate her.

After a few minutes of making out, Naruto broke the kiss and stepped back.

As much as he wanted to continue, he had other plans in mind for tonight before he had to leave.

With that in mind, he took the pendant out of his pocket again. Sakura's eyes immediately locked in on it and her eyes glazed over, instructing her. "Sakura, you will go to bed and remember nothing about tonight. However, from now on you will sleep in the nude, you feel uncomfortable sleeping at night with anything on. And from now on you will dream about me, erotic dreams. You will love the dreams and even daydream about me. As time goes on, you will realize you are in love with me, and by the time I return to the village you will want me to sleep with you. Finally whenever I and I alone call you 'Hypno Slave' you will instantly become my submissive, helpless little slave again, understand?"

"Yes Master..." Sakura replied loyally, in which Naruto put the pendant away and Sakura mindlessly walked to her bed, laid down as her eyes closed.

Naruto walked to the window and smirked as he heard Sakura smoothly moan his name before he exited the room and closed the window as he made his way to his next destination.

It didn't take long for Naruto to reach his next destination, Yamanaka Flowers.

Naruto jumped up a nearby tree and stealthy entered the room he knew is target was in.

There, sleeping on top of the bed sheets was Ino, in nothing but a purple bra and panties, snoring lightly.

Naruto admired her wonderful figure, her C, almost D-Cup sized breasts snuggled in her bra, and that she grew her hair back longer than he remembered it being.

Silently and gently, Naruto approached her sleeping form and sat down next to her, in which the blond gently reached out and began to stroke her side, feeling the wonderful skin under his hand.

Ino moaned lightly, thinking she was dreaming and one of her boy fantasies was doing it, as she lazily opened her eyes.

Instead of seeing a face, however, she saw a beautiful pendant with a purple crystal that seemed to glow.

As she continued to stare at the crystal, she heard a voice telling her things she knew were the truth that she must live by, that defined her.

And as the voice finished, Ino sighed before saying softly. "Yes Master, I will obey..."

The crystal vanished, making Ino blink before she looked up at Naruto, her Master, who stood up from the bed and stared down at her, making the platinum haired blonde quickly get into a kneeling position on the bed and look at Naruto with love, arousal, and worship in her eyes.

"How can I serve you, Master?" Ino then asked.

"Stand up, my pet." Naruto commanded, smiling as Ino obeyed.

Ino got up from the bed and stood at attention waiting for her next order while Naruto sat back down on the bed and then instructed. "Strip out of your bra and panties for me, slowly and sexually."

"Yes Master," Ino replied as she began to move her hips.

As she continued to dance, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, before she grabbed the front of it and turned around, giving her Master a wonderful view of her back and ass, before removing her bra fully.

Ino continued to dance with her back turned to him as she slowly reached down and pulled her panties down, giving Naruto a wonderful view of her ass, before the Yamanaka then turned and faced her Master, standing at attention waiting for his next command with excitement and longing.

Naruto stood and approached his newest claim as he wrapped his arms around Ino and pulled her into a deep and passionate make out session.

As they kissed, Naruto moved his hands down Ino's back and gave her nice, firm ass a good squeeze, earning a moan from the platinum haired blonde.

Before long, however, Naruto knew it was time to get a move on it and get to his next target.

The Jinchuuriki broke the kiss and took the pendant out again, entrancing Ino once more.

And once Ino was back under its spell, he gave her the same commands he had given Sakura, as well as one more.

"You love the idea of me fucking your ass, Ino. You will dream about me taking you from both ends." Naruto said.

"Yes Master... I love the idea of you taking me from behind..." Ino replied.

And after Naruto had finished his commands, Ino returned to her bed, in which Naruto then left to get his third target.

----Moments later----

'You would think the Hyuga compound would have more security,' Naruto thought as he put the pendant back into his pocket and looked at his third new slave.

Hinata had taken a late night bath when she returned to her room, where he had found her and showed her the pendant.

Clad in only a silk purple bathrobe, Naruto could see how much she had changed.

Her violet hair now reached down her upper back and her body has developed a lovely hourglass shape complemented by a wonderful pair of D- Cup sized breasts.

Naruto knew he made a good call when he thought to add her to his list of potential slaves.

Hinata's pearl eyes blinked once before she looked at her new Master with admiration and love as she knelt down before him and said in a tone with nothing but love and obedience to him. "I am your to command, Master."

Naruto smirked before he ordered. "Stand up and take off your robe, pet."

"Yes Master." Hinata gladly replied before she stood and removed her robe, allowing her Master to see her in her naked glory.

Naruto smiled as he examined her body, loving everything he was seeing.

He walked around her and got a good look at her wonderful ass, thinking of all he could do with it, before he reached from behind her and grabbed both her breasts in his hands and began to massage them.

Hinata moaned lightly in pleasure as she leaned back into her Master's chest to give him more access to her breasts while slowly grinding her ass against him.

She gasped as he pinched and pulled on her nipples before she turned her head and kissed Naruto on the lips, beginning a heated make out session between the pair.

After a while Naruto showed her the pendant again and gave her the same instructions he had given Sakura and Ino as well as making her more confident in herself and her appearance before sending her to sleep.

With Hinata now at his command, Naruto snuck out of the compound and make his way to his final target for this evening.

----In another section of Konoha----

Naruto stared happily as Tenten stood before him naked in her room.

Her brown hair was still in its twin bun look, which he rather liked, her body had developed nicely for his taste, while a nice pair of C, almost D-Cup sized breasts and a nice ass to go with them.

Tenten stood at attention, waiting for her Master's command before Naruto spoke.

"Pose for me slave." The Jinchuuriki commanded.

"Yes Master, I live to obey you." She replied submissively as she placed her hands behind her head and pushed her breasts out for him; before she then turned around and bent down to show the blond her wonderful legs and her tight ass.

After a few more poses, Naruto had instructed Teneten to sit on his lap, where he gently massaged her breasts as she grinded her ass against his growing erection.

And after another thirty minutes of foreplay, Naruto took the pendant out one more time and gave Tenten the same commands he gave the other girls, before giving her a light kiss on the lips.

Tenten walked to her bed with a smile and a sway in her hips that Naruto noticed before he left.

As Naruto headed out of the village, he thought to himself how wonderful his life is going to be when he gets back from his trip.

----Two years later----

A lot had changed for Sakura, and not just her body, which now sported a large pair of D-Cup breasts, but her whole outlook on life.

For the past two years, every night she would have erotic dreams of her blond teammate.

And after a long talk with her sensei, Sakura came to realize that she had these dreams because she was in love with Naruto.

Everything in her life made sense after that, and now she welcomed the dreams and looked forward to when she could carry them out with the real Uzumaki.

However, Sakura was also surprised to learn that her fellow Kunoichi had also developed a strong attraction to Naruto.

But instead of feeling jealous, she instead seemed excited about it, in which the girls would often meet and talk about him, even share their fantasies about him.

It was now the night before Naruto was supposed to return to the village and the girls had met to discuss a way to surprise him and welcome him home.

A mischievous smirk appeared on Ino's face then.

"I've got an idea." She said, making Sakura, Hinata and Tenten turn to her, then suggesting. "How about Sakura meets him at the gate and spends the day with him, before bringing him back to the apartment?"

A year ago, Sakura had moved out of her parents place, and with the help of Tsunade, bought the apartment complex Naruto lived at and moved into his apartment, getting it ready for his return.

"And the 3 of us." Ino continued, gesturing to herself, Hinata, and Tenten.

"Are there in our bras and panties, before we all give him a night to remember." Ino finished with a dreamy look in her eyes.

The other girls looked at each other before Hinata, who now wore shorts instead of her baggy sweats to show off her gorgeous legs, and now keep her jacket open, showing her mesh shirt and her ample breasts, replied. "I like it."

With that the girls agreed to the plan.

The next day, Sakura headed to the gate to see if her blond love had returned yet.

As she approached the gate, she gasped.

He was walking her way, Jiraya right next to him, making Sakura blush, as she could not believe how handsome he was; he was not taller than her and was more muscular.

Naruto noticed her and her staring, which made the Jinchuuriki smirk, before calling to her, snapping Sakura out of her stupor as she then ran up and hugged him.

"It's good to see you again, Sakura, you've changed." He said as she let go of him.

"Do I look more feminine now?" Sakura asked as she posed for him, hoping he found her attractive.

"You look beautiful, Sakura." Naruto replied, taking her right hand and kissing it, responded, nearly causing the girl to swoon in happiness.

After that the two of them and Jiraya headed to Tsunade's office and were debriefed, Tsunade allowed Naruto the next month off from duty so he could readjust himself to being in the village.

Tsunade also gave Sakura the week off for a break, giving her a wink as Sakura blushed.

----With Naruto and Sakura----

Sakura went with Naruto wherever he went, to get ramen, to shop, whatever. They talked and Sakura would lightly flirt with him and was ecstatic when he flirted back.

So when the time came and they headed back to the apartment, Naruto was surprised, on the outside, and happy to learn that Sakura lived in his apartment.

As Sakura turned the key and let him in, a wonderful site greeted Naruto.

There stood Ino, Hinata, and Tenten, clad only in their bras and panties, a dark purple pair for Ino, a light purple for Hinata, and a white pair for Tenten, smiling at him in poses as they said. "Welcome home, Naruto."

Naruto looked to his side to see Sakura walk past him, having stripped down herself to her red bra and panties, and took next to Ino as she took a pose and asked. "Well, anything to say, hot stuff?"

Naruto smirked before saying. "What a bunch of sexy, beautiful, Hypno Slaves."

As soon as the words left his mouth, each of the girls felt a wave of pleasure course though their bodies as they moaned lightly.

They then opened their eyes, revealing they had glazed over and were now under Naruto's complete control, in which all four Kunoichi stared lovingly at their Master and owner, before kneeling and saying in unison. "Command us Master. We are yours."

Naruto smiled at their submissiveness before he reached into his bag a pulled out four orange-coloured silk collars, each with a tag on them.

On the front of the tag there was the symbol of a swirl, the Uzumaki symbol, and on the back was engraved, "Property of Naruto Uzumaki."

He approach each girl, who remained kneeling and looking up at their Master with undisguised longing as he fastened each collar around their necks, before moving back.

"From this moment on, this is how you will dress when you are here. You will only put on other clothes when you leave, or when we have guests that aren't under my control here. You will cook for me, clean, and serve as my mindless sex toys. Do you understand?" Naruto asked, making the four reply. "Yes Master, we exist to please you."

Naruto smiled at their reply, before the blond said. "Now the fun can begin, follow me to the bedroom, Sakura, you're first."

"Yes Master." The girls said excitedly.

Naruto then lead his pets into the bedroom where a large king sized bed waited for him.

He then turned to his slaves and ordered them to undress him.

Once they finished, they stared with lust at his body, aroused to see how muscular he had gotten, as well as the large nine-inch cock that hung between his legs.

Naruto then sat on the bed and motioned for Sakura to come to him.

As she approached him, she unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her breasts to her master, before stopping for a sec and removing her panties, revealing her shaven pussy.

When she got to him, Naruto pulled her into his lap and began to kiss her, causing Sakura to moan as she felt her Master's tongue asking for entrance and allowed him to dominate her.

After a bit, Sakura broke the kiss and began to kiss down Naruto's chest, getting out of his lap, before kneeling in front of his erected member, licking her lips for a second, before she kissed the head of it and then took him in her mouth and began to suck, giving her Master a loving blowjob.

Naruto let out a growl of pleasure as Sakura began to move her head up and down on his cock.

"Good girl, keep it up." He commanded, which Sakura was more than happy to obey.

She continued for a while before Naruto had her stop and told her in a commanding tone. "Get on the bed on all fours."

"Yes Master," Sakura replied as she faced away from her Master, wiggling her butt at him, causing Naruto to respond as he got behind her and first began to gently massage her butt cheeks, causing the pinkette to moan with pleasure, before he grabbed her hips and lined his cock with her dripping wet pussy.

And with one swift thrust, he plunged his length into her hot, wet pussy.

Sakura screamed in pleasure feeling her Master in her.

After a sec he began to thrust in and out of her, her body moving with him and matching his thrusts as be reached around her and began to massage her breasts and pinching her nipples, causing her to moan wildly. "Thank you Master... Use me as you see fit...!"

As Naruto continued, he remembered all the times she rejected him, all the times he wanted to be with her and she choose Sasuke over him, causing a more feral part of his mind to take him over.

"Mine... mine..." He groaned as he trusted into her, to which she replied submissively. "Yours'... I am yours'... Master...!"

After a few more minutes, a powerful orgasm hit Sakura, making her scream in pleasure, but Naruto had much more stamina than that, thanks to his heritage and his tenant, allowing him to continue to make love to her.

After Sakura's third orgasm and nearly her fourth, Naruto began to quicken his pace as Sakura shouted. "Yes Master... Ah... Take Me...!"

Naruto continued to thrust in and out of Sakura until he finally had his first orgasm, while she had her fourth, making them both cry out loudly as they came.

After their climaxes, Sakura rested on her back, while Naruto remained on top of her, giving her a kiss on the neck, before he got up and pulled himself out of her

"Clean me up my pet so your 'sisters' can have a go." The blond commanded, in which Sakura quickly got up and faced her Master, before taking his cock in her mouth again and began to clean the cum off of it.

When she finished she looked up at her Master, awaiting more commands, before he motioned for her to stand on the side of the bed as he turned to his other slaves, who all smiled at him, waiting to see who'd be next to get to feel Naruto inside of them.

The other girls stood at attention, aroused by what they just saw and eager for their turn, before Naruto then said. "Ino, trip off your bra and panties and come here."

"Yes Master." Ino happily replied as she stripped herself and approached her Master.

Once she was close enough, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer until her pussy was inches away from his face.

And after getting a quick whiff of her arousal, the Jinchuuriki started to lick Ino's shaven pussy, causing her to scream in pleasure, "Yes Master, yes...! It feels so good...!"

Naruto's tongue dove deep into Ino's folds, making her continue to moan as she held her master's head, loving the pleasure only he could give her.

However, just like Sakura, it wasn't long before she came and Naruto skillfully licked her pussy clean.

With her climax over, Naruto then laid Ino on the bed on her back as he looked at her naked form, the blond then told her. "I'm going to enjoy using this body on a regular base. Believe It."

"Thank you Master. I'll fuck you anytime you want. Day, night, public, and private, my body is yours' to do whatever you see fit." Ino replied in a loving and submissive tone.

Hearing her submission made Naruto smile at the brainwashed Kunoich before he got on top of her and inserted his cock into her waiting pussy.

Ino moaned and screamed as Naruto fucked her, her body overloaded with pleasure as he massaged her breasts as well.

And after her fourth orgasm, Naruto released his seed into her pussy, making Ino scream out as she felt her mind clouded with pleasure.

Be Naruto wasn't done with her yet.

"Turn around and relax your ass Ino." He then said.

"Yes Master, Fuck my ass Master. Please Master." Ino exclaimed excitedly in reply as she got on all fours, waiting to feel her Master take her up her ass.

Naruto lined his cock with her ass and quickly trusted it in, causing Ino to scream out, feeling nothing but pleasure, while the Jinchuuriki groaned at how tight and wonderful Ino's ass felt.

He fucked her ass for about an hour before he groaned loudly and camm inside her, causing the platinum haired blonde to scream in pleasure as she collapsed on her stomach.

With Ino pleasured, Naruto he pulled out of her, as an idea came to his mind, making him say. "Ino, stand next to Sakura."

Ino quickly complied and stood next to Sakura, before Naruto looked at them both, continuing his commands.

"Sakura, Ino, while I and your 'slave sisters' get to have their fun, I want you two to fuck each other for my amusement." He instructed, before saying in a sly and seductive tone. "It turns you both on greatly knowing I'm watching you."

"Yes Master." The girls replied obediently before they turned to each other with lust in their eyes as Sakura wrapped her arms around Ino's waist, Ino wrapped her arms around Sakura neck, before the Yamanaka them pulled Sakura into a heated and passionate kiss, pushing their breasts together and rubbing their pussies against each other's.

The actions the girls were taking, as well as the thought of their Master watching, caused both Kunoichi to moan in their kiss, before they increased their erotic actions as Sakura put her hand on Ino's breast while Ino stuck her left middle and index fingers into Sakura's wet pussy.

While his pets went at it with each other, Naruto turned to Hinata, making a motion for her to come to him, in which the Hyuga beauty walked seductively to her Master, removing her bra and her panties as she walked over to him, before kneeling between his legs, placing her wonderful breasts around his cock and moving them up and down, licking the head of it every time it came into view as she wanted to give the man she had loved for so long all the pleasure she could.

Naruto moaned in pleasure as he groaned out. "So good... Hinata, you're so good at this...!"

"Thank you Master, I live to serve you." Hinata replied in a warm and loving tone, before she then continued to pleasure Naruto.

And after several more minutes, Naruto felt his orgasm coming, in which Hinata felt it too and prepared herself, placing her mouth on Naruto's cock just as he came, taking all of it and not allowing a drop to spill as she drank him dry.

Once she finished, he had her stand where he grabbed her hips and positioned her pussy over his still erected cock, before he gently lowered Hinata onto his cock, causing the Hyuga beauty to moan with pleasure at having her Master finally inside of her.

Soon Hinata began to move up and down as she road his cock, placing her hands around his head and moving his face close to her breasts.

Not minding one bit, Naruto began to lick and suck on her ample breasts, causing more pleasure to fill Hinata as she threw her head back in pleasure as her body continued to move up and down on him.

A little while later, after a few orgasms from Hinata, Naruto finally came inside her, causing her to scream as her fourth orgasm, loving the feeling of pleasure that came with it.

As Naruto calmed down, he gave Hinata a passionate kiss before he lifted Hinata off of him and turned to Sakura and Ino, who were still making out, with Ino on the ground and Sakura on top of her.

"Sakura, Ino." Naruto called out, making both girls stop their actions and turn their heads to him.

"Yes Master?" Sakura and Ino both asked, curious as to what Naruto wanted.

"Let Hinata join in," He replied as he nodded to Hinata, who smiled and then walked over to Sakura and Ino, who stood up and started a three-way make out session between the three of them.

Seeing Hinata engaging in the kiss and pleasure with Sakura and Ino made Naruto smile, before he turned to his last slave and was happy to see that Tenten was already naked, her body turned around with her hands against the wall, wiggling her ass at him as she begged. "Please Master, take me!"

"How can I say no to someone as beautiful as you?" Naruto asked, making Tenten blush at her Master's co,pliment, before the weapon's mistress moaned out as she felt Naruto grab her hips and thrust his cock into her waiting pussy.

Tenten threw her head up as she moaned in pleasure as her Master trusted in and out of her, her body matching his thrusts, before Tenten felt her pleasure increase as Naruto's hands moved up from her hips, to her breasts and began to massage them.

"Oh, Master... Master... You are so good... I... I love it...!" Tenten moaned.

After an hour of fucking, Naruto came inside of her, triggering her three orgasms as she screamed in ecstasy, in which Naruto then pulled out of her and turned her around as he caught her lips in a deep and loving kiss, while showing he was still her superior by dominating the kiss as his tongue invaded and explored the brunette's mouth.

Hearing a loud moan, Naruto broke from the kiss and turned to see a wonderful sight.

Ino was between Hinata's legs licking her pussy, while Sakura was behind her, playing with her breasts, which made Naruto smile to se his slaves getting along so well.

However, as much as he was enjoying the Kunoichi making out and pleasuring each other, the blond then called out in command. "Alright girls, kneel before me."

"Yes Master." The Kunoichi replied, as Sakura, Ino, and Hinata moved next to Tenten and knelt before their Master, their eyes filled with love and worship towards him.

"So my pets, ready for more?" Naruto asked with a sly smile.

"Yes Master, we are yours'." Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten replied excitedly, ready to continue making love with Naruto.

The rest of the evening was filled with various forms of sexual activities.

Whatever their Master commanded, they obeyed.

For Naruto it was a dream come true, with many more to come.

And for the girls, they now were able to serve their Master as long as he desired, and they couldn't be happier.

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