Naruto: Shadows Of Perfection

Isaac is someone who possesses an unwavering pursuit of perfection. His obsession extends beyond mastering jutsu; he seeks to perfect not only himself but also the world around him. However, Isaac's perfectionism becomes a double-edged sword, threatening to consume him. Isolation and inner turmoil ensue, prompting Isaac to confront the shadows of his own obsession. Will Isaac follow through with his Eternal Quest for perfection? Or will he fall short, embracing what he hates most, imperfection?

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Thoughts Of The Garbage II

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Chapter 32: Thoughts Of The Garbage II


"Learn to destroy your enemies by opening holes in their own reputations. Then stand aside and let public opinion hang them." ~ Robert Greene

"Have you heard? Isaac wants to spread his technology to other countries!"

"Are you surprised? I knew he was just a greedy bastard just like the rest of the Uchiha."

"Hmph! And he's saying it's for the sake of peace. I bet he's just using that as an excuse."

"No doubt. The war showed his true colors."

"I heard he even wants to share his knowledge with everyone. Why can't he be like the great Second Hokage, and only share his knowledge with the village?"

"It makes you wonder whether he's a traitor or not."

"Aren't you going too far? Isn't he right now defending the country? How could he be a traitor?" Someone couldn't help but question.

"No, he's defending his clan, nothing else,"


"I guess?"

"It does make sense. I heard that he awakened Sharingan. How could someone who wants peace awaken those cursed eyes?"

"Oh? I guess that's true."

"Right! Those eyes can only be awakened by hatred!"

"Can't believe he's been pretending all this time... I've only heard of his kindness."

"That's kind of scary. He's really a demon."

That's the kind of whispers and rumors Rin had to hear every day while heading to the hospital for work, sometimes whispers from the same people she ends up looking after in the hospital.

Ah, how much it drives her mad to hear their nonsense, and the hatred building up inside her hearing all their garbage... She was slowly but surely losing their sanity.

Yet it was all still confusing to her. Wasn't Isaac the one who built schools for them? Wasn't he the one that built more hospitals throughout the country? All with his own money.

And wasn't Isaac the very reason why the Land of Fire is slowly changing for the better, roads being built, knowledge being shared, and better environments for the people?

Rin found herself confused. Why would such words be said about someone like Isaac, ever? Are they stupid?

Why are the people who supposedly believe in the will of fire; so fucking ungrateful ignorant garbage?

However, Rin always finds it in herself to regain her composure and not think too badly of such people.

She shouldn't be so extreme is the thought always in her head, but it's getting harder and harder to abide by that thought.

Rin is simply unaware of the truth of the gossip, in contrast to Isaac who believes their cause to be the person who hates him the most... Isaac was right.

"Exaggerate the rumors more," Danzo instructed in a cold tone, "Spread to the world that the reason why Isaac went to war was to do human experiments with dead bodies and that he even used bodies of his fellow Uchihas... Make sure these rumors reach the ears of the Daimyo."



"And spread the word even outside of Konoha. Try to put some pressure on the Daimyo so he completely takes Isaac out of the picture," Danzo further instructed.

Soon, Danzo was left alone, a grin emerging on his face, his expression couldn't speak more of anything other than evil, "Then all I would need to do is contact the Daimyo with my group of researchers, and everything you built will be mine!"

"Oh, Isaac, you'll regret making an enemy out of me. You'll regret even being born as you see me take everything you cherish from you," Danzo continued to solemnly and vengefully swear.

If Isaac was here, he would only find himself filled with curiosity as he eyes the mentally ill individual before him for Danzo's actions could only be nothing but obsessive.

However, he wasn't there. Isaac was in his tent, his desire for knowledge and knowledge made it so he sleeps very little, always in never-ending work, and god damn if that didn't pay off.

Isaac stood there awestruck, literally dumbfounded, quite the rare expression; as he eyed his latest accidental creation, "What????"

Isaac's expression only got weirder as he confirmed the result of his experiment over and over again, his face becoming brighter and brighter.

"Definitely not the dimensional Project result I was going for," Isaac gently murmured. Danzo was somewhat right. Isaac is experimenting with something, but it most definitely wasn't what he thought.

Isaac pulled his hand out again and put it back in, then pushed a little deeper and deeper. It goes quite deep and it's quite loose.

Isaac experimented a bit more though he didn't his head in. That would be too depraved for his taste. Instead, he created a clone and made it do the work.

He, on the other hand, stepped back and observed from afar. He watched his clone stand before a large strange scroll hanging from the tent's ceiling.

The scroll was gorgeous, with numerous symbols engraved on it, forming a wonderful brilliant circle, the center of which was like a grayish lake, seemingly leading to another dimension.

The clone put his hand through the center of the scroll, allowing Isaac to observe things more closely as he walked around the scroll.

The scroll was very thin, yet the clone's hand vanished into it, but that wasn't what made Isaac awestruck. No, what happened next was the most startling discovery.

The clone puts his head through the scroll while sending his memory to Isaac, meaning what he sees is what Isaac sees.

Isaac saw himself standing right there, yet from his point of view, he couldn't see the clone's head as if it vanished into a separate dimension.

And even when he passes his hands where the clone's head is supposed to be, he doesn't come in contact with it, as if the clone's head is in a separate dimension yet still able to observe the real world.

Most importantly, in the said separate dimension, Isaac could see an exact mirror of the real world if it has lost all color, a mostly grayish color.

"An alternate dimension, overlapping with the real world?" Isaac wasn't sure. That would require much study.

'The Dimensional Project wasn't exactly a failure, but this is not bad,' Isaac mused in his mind before shaking his head, 'No, what I want is to create a personal dimension. This seems like something that anyone can access with some smarts and a few decades.'

In the end, Isaac deemed this result a failure as it did not meet his standards, 'However, what I just discovered is a miracle, a great discovery that's worthy of great research.'

Moreover, Isaac could see great value in what he will come to call the Gray Dimension, an alternate dimension where he can walk the real world and observe everything within, yet everyone unable to see him.

Ideas collided in Isaac's mind as his future plans changed drastically simply due to the new discovery.

However, before he can go too ahead of himself, Isaac sends the discovery to the clone assembly, wanting to hear their thoughts.

"Can the Gray Dimension act as a temporary base for the overseer? Or would that be too risky?" The clone of doubt was the first to wonder.

"Too risky, we know there are creatures in the world capable of traversing other dimensions," A clone pointed out.

"Even Obito will gain such a capability," The clone of arrogance added, "How can we be assured when even such a person so low on the ladder of garbage can have such a capability?"

"Indeed," The clone of perfection agreed, "Settling for anything less than perfection is already difficult, but going that low? Just no."

"That doesn't mean we can't use the Gray Dimension. Maybe even the Overseer can be connected to it. Overseeing things through such a miraculous dimension should prove useful."

"We can also switch our Eternal News operations to it, temporarily so. That will assure utmost confidentiality."

"We can also switch our bases there, and even do our experiments without much worry there... Of course, only temporarily so."

"An unknown place where there is no one, just silence?" The clone of depression muttered under his breath before lifting his hand, "I volunteer!"


"Volunteer for what?"

"To research the place. It's still an unknown place that requires some looking into before we can switch operations there, so I volunteer!" The clone of depression has never been more excited for anything than exile.

"I know of your kind thoughts, but your sacrifice won't be necessary," The clone of wisdom shook his head, "We think. They do. Your mind is too valuable to sacrifice."

"Huh??" The clone of depression was left in confusion, muttering under his breath, "I... I just want to die? I just want to be at peace at least??"


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