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What is Naruto:Shadow(DROPPED)

Read Naruto:Shadow(DROPPED) fanfiction written by the author ThelazyFox on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, weaktostrong, naruto. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Riley who was born to be a assassin has been one he has only liked dogs and watching anime or reading manga or light novel.he was betrayed and has reincarnate in the naruto world Naruto is not mine or the characters that will appear in this novel There might be many errors to my typing so keep that in mind Also i will add extra characters keep that in mind too.And mc will have Sharingan but wait he will not have a clan so he will be just a civilian This might not be good because this have no plot i just think of it suddenly then want to make it ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE The cover of this novel is not mine I got it from Pinterest so who created it pm me and I will remove it This not might be a harem I think the name of the novel doesn't make any sense so I will tell you just don't look at the name of the novel


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i dont get it. he red the naruto manga till ending soo why he didnt train or imitate what he read in manga? like chakra control or training when he was a kid. then the wishes i dont know what the author want to have his mc to have wish like that. i mean i get the change the world for him to not predict the future but the other 2 wishes and he said the he knows he is not talented but not do anything about it? why not wish for knowledge? or bloodline? get a skill from other anime but convert it to naruto like observation haki imitation that is a sensor bloodline? he just wish for chakra and the shadow justu? why a jutsu? you can make jutsu in naruto if you have affinity so why not get shadow affinity or bloodline + knowledge how to use it?


Sharingan while not being in the clan plus no harem I can't ask for much more *\0/*O_o*\0/*:0:0=-O=-O:-O:-O>.<(+_+)(*_*)(TT)(TT)(TT):-\:-\


Shamless Author here im going to give my Novel of course 5 star anyway i might not be able to publish because of school sorry i will probally publish 2 chapter per week


This storybis too fast paced there Is little to no communication and too much timeskips.


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