38 Medic?...

The blazing midday sun shone on the pedestrians. The road shimmered in the heat of the sun. Blocking the sun with a black parasol, Sora walked out of the hospital.

Sora visited Mitsu to check up on his recovery. In the hospital, he heard a lot of people discussing him and their last mission.

Jinin Akebino, one of the seven members of the hidden mist.

Ambush of dozen ninjas.

Death of the Konoha jonins.

And, Sora the Shiroyasha who defeated 7 jonin single-handedly.

For Sora, it was a good thing as his status in the village will also get higher and higher. He may be able to access the secrets of the village through this trend.

When he was in the hospital, there were also a large number of talks about Orochimaru. To Sora's surprise, the leader of this mission, Orochimaru, was secretly criticized by many villagers.

In this battle, eight ninjas died. This more or less also dealt a small blow to the personal prestige of Orochimaru. After all, the expectation of people towards legendary sannin is very high.

Sora didn't pay much attention to this but quickened his pace. Soon, he reached a red-colored circular building. There is also the kanji for "Fire" painted on the roof of the building. This was the Hokage office.

Entering the building, Sora walked to the young woman who was at the reception desk. The woman was reading a document when she heard a voice in front of her.

"Excuse me! I have an appointment with Lord Hokage."

The woman looked at the white-haired boy in front of her and instantly recognized one of the most famous genius in the village.

She hurriedly said, "Yes! Lord Hokage has been expecting you, Jonin Sora."

As the two walked to the Hokage office, they made some idle talk and quickly reached the Hokage office. Then, the woman excused herself.

Sora knocked on the door, waiting for a reply.

"Come in." came a voice.

Sora walked inside and what came into his view was the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

The third Hokage smiled and asked," How is your teammate recovering Sora?"

"Lord Hokage, Mitsu is recovering very well. Thank you for assigning one of the best medic ninjas in the village to treat Mitsu."

Sora sincerely thanked the Hokage. While Tsunade is the best medic ninja in the world, she has hemophobia so assigning other good medic ninjas has shown the attitude of the village.

The third Hokage also smiled, very happy to see this behavior. Then he sighed," This time the mission has been very tough. I have heard of your record of beheading seven jonin. So, what do you want as a mission reward?"

Finally into the topic, he was here for, Sora said without hesitation," Lord Hokage, I want to learn medical ninjutsu."

The eyebrow of Hiruzen rose slightly, surprised by his decision. But then thinking about the report of Mitsu, he understood.

Hiruzen paused slightly and asked," Is it for your friend?"

Sora was not surprised that the Hokage knew the condition of his friend. After all, he was one of the only survivors in the mission.

"Lord Hokage, only by pursuing medical ninjutsu can I save my companions next time. I don't want to feel helpless seeing my companion losing their life in front of my eyes while I am powerless to help them."

Hiruzen took a sip of the coffee tea on his table. The smoke curling from the tea, a little choking in the nose, made him feel awake.

In his long life, he has seen countless death of his comrades. He understands better than anyone the pain of losing his comrades. This is also the reason, he tolerates all the actions of his friend, Danzo.

He looked at the firm eyes of the boy and sighed, he was not good with the stubborn types. Once, they make a decision it is very hard to change their decision.

So, instead of persuading the boy, he said," Medical ninja area extremely important part of Konoha in the present and will be in the future. If I had agreed with Tsunade's proposal of medical reform, the second ninja war would not have so much causality. So don't underestimate medical ninja."

Hearing the words of the Hokage, He knew that the Hokage acquiesced to his decision.

"You can go to the sixth floor of the hospital tomorrow. You can meet your medical ninjutsu teacher there."

Sora smiled and bowed to the Hokage slightly and excused himself.

In the empty room, Sarutobi Hiruzen sighed. Recently, he has been a little out of spirit, he is not as energetic as he used to be.

He also realized it was time to find a young and strong leader to become the Hokage.

His favorite candidate is his proud disciple, Orochimaru.

It's just that Orochimaru's reputation has dived due to the death of many ninjas in the mission he led.

Sarutobi Hiruzen shook his head, Orochimaru actually did a good job in the mission after all they were ambushed by dozens of ninjas.

Moreover, the deaths of those people brought enough benefits to the village.

"Orochimaru and the Kazekage agreed to calm down the intensifying conflicts between the two sides. For this alone, the survival rate of ninjas became very high, even increased multiple folds!"

Sarutobi Hiruzen sighed, but this kind of thing cannot be said on the surface, or else, the hatred will consume the family of the deceased. The endless hatred will breed a new war and his most sought-after peace will once again vanish.




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