19 Kill...

Kazama Hirato looked at the distant figure running and quickly motioned the accompanying jonin and two chunin to chase after the figure.

"You sand shinobi truly are useless. You made such a blunder even after choosing the time and the place. I highly doubt that you guys will be a food ally." snorted Kitsuchi.

" Ken will take care of him. Moreover, it is your fault for talking so loudly," said Kazama.

"Are you picking a fight with me? huh?" roared Kitsuchi angrily.

" Let's stop this meaningless talk and talk about the alliance," said Kazama to the fuming Kitsuchi.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Over the dark clouds hovering over the land of rain, a small figure can be seen running in the forest, behind the small figure was the jonin and two chunins sent by Kazama.

"Coming here to investigate information is the worst decision you have ever made in your life, boy. You will die here soon, if you want to hate, hate your village to send you here" said the jonin, ken arrogantly after catching up to Sora.

"Maybe not?" said Sora glancing at the jonin and chunins with a calm face. His indifferent eyes scanned each of the sand shinobi.

Sora maintained a speed close to a chunin while running away. This made Kazama estimate his strength as just a weak chunin. If he used his full speed, maybe Kazama and Kitsuchi themselves might try to catch him.

As the personal guard of Kazekage, kazama is very powerful. Similarly, as the son of Onoki, kitsuchi must not be underestimated. So, instead of fighting such strong shinobi, disguising as a weak shinobi is undoubtedly a great choice.

This tactic obviously worked as kazama only sent a jonin and two chunins. Though sending a jonin to deal with a genin is already an overkill.

The calmness of Sora made leader ken a bit uncertain if there are any backhand or traps. So, leader ken asked subconsciously,"Really?"

"I once heard a very interesting story. Once, there was a legendary monk, it is said that eating the monk will grant one immortality. So, many demons tried to kill the monk, but in the end nobody returned." Sora said in a joking tone as his eyes turned blue with a pink hue in it..

The jonin and the chunin felt strange by the sudden story of the white haired boy. The leader ken wanted to attack the boy but being stared at by Sora made the sand shinobi felt a sense of threat, like there is a scythe hanging over each of them. Ken suddenly glanced at the surrounding feeling very unsettled.

Without caring about the sudden alertness of the sand shinobi, Sora continued," You know the rumour was all an hoax. They were spread out to just lure the demons. In the end, the demon were killed because of a seemingly easy task. So,it is unknown who is the prey and who is the hunter?"

(A/N: This is a reference to Journey to the west)

Listening to the story, the jonin and chunin felt a bit creepy. They found the situation very similar, Isn't this very similar to the situation in front of them?

"Don't you all find that this current situation being very similar to now. Maybe I lured you here instead of you finding me." Sora raised his voice and said, the atmosphere getting more and more gloomy by each of his word.

"You kid, Do you think you are funny?" the sand chunin said but his alert eyes betraying his thoughts.

"Come let's see if what you said is true." said another chunin.

Sora looked calm hearing them. His indifferent eyes made the leader Ken feel extremely unsettled.

"Now that all of you are here, Who is guarding the personal guard of kazekage, kazama from our young leader, Kitsuchi?" this question made their back wet with sweat.

When the three sand shinobi thought about it they could not help but be stunned and thought,'Yeah, Who said that all this could not be a ploy of the village hidden in the rock to damage our village. Now, that we are here, who is guarding the master kazama?'

The moment they were stunned was exactly the opportunity Sora was waiting for, he rushed quickly with the flash step, Ken was shocked by the sudden reversal and tried to block Sora with his sword.

Sora's eyes seemed to flash as the lines of the death of the sword was cut. Seeing the sword suddenly breaking, Ken was stunned raising his head to look at the white haired boy.

Sora slashed the death line of ken instantly killing him. This sudden situation stunned the chunin who just raised their feet to save their leader. At that moment, a huge ball of fire seemed to hit the two chunin, burning them instantly.

A clone of Sora who was hiding killed the chunin the moment they moved, from a fireball technique. The clone also dispersed after using the technique.

Sora looked at corpses of three sand shinobi. He raised his head as a tiny drop of rain slid on his face from the dark clouds.





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