18 Investigation...

The gloomy sky with dark clouds all over made the land of rain seem very dull with a sense of gloom in the atmosphere.

On the street of the land of rain, four figures, three small and one big in black raincoats, walked slowly. The four people entered a Dango shop and ordered some Dango.

"We are going to split up. It is too conspicuous to wander around in groups. Usually, a squad has three or four people, so we may alert others. So, it is better to separate and meet at the outskirts of the village" said Riku.

As an experienced jonin, the wisdom and sense he has accumulated is not a joke. Each situation must be well thought out.

"I will go to investigate the east, Sora will go to the west, and Mitsu and Aoi go to the north.". Riku thought about the situation and split the team.

"Why should I be paired up with him?" asked Aoi a bit annoyed pointing her finger at Mitsu.

Listening to her word, Mitsu's face could not help but darken a bit and quickly said," Yeah. I don't want to pair up with her."

Instead of Riku, this time it was Sora who answered," The major villages have always coveted the Dojutsu of Konoha very much. Moreover, Mitsu's Genjutsu support will be very useful for supporting your taijutsu."

Aoi looked a bit aggrieved and said " Then why are you alone?"

Sora raised his head confidently, his eyes bright, and said,

"I am a genius who defeated a chunin. Moreover, you have never won against me"

Listening to the hateful narcissism of Sora, Aoi almost jumped and punched the handsome face. The two had a spar but Sora demolished her. So, listening to the words of Sora, her eyes could not help but blaze wanting to swallow him whole.

Without letting the situation escalate, Riku said, "Calm down. As Sora said, it is quite dangerous for you both to be alone, so my decision is final. Now, disperse and gather at the outskirts after three days."

Everyone knew that mission is the priority so everyone dispersed.


The night yellow street light illuminated the face of the boy wearing a black raincoat.

Sora entered a tea shop. Drinking the hot tea delivered by the worker, he sorted out the information he obtained.

'The situation of the city seems to be within control. The number of ninjas is also within normal range'

'As a small country between several major villages, land of rain is one of the major economic hot spots. Shinobi of the different villages gather, the number of shinobi is quite reasonable. It seems that this mission will go well' thought Sora quietly.

But Sora seems to forget about the red flag he just erected. As Murphy's law has stated, if anything can go wrong, it will.

Just as Sora was ready to leave, he heard some words from the private room right next to him.

"Hmph. Where is the Kage of your village?" snorted a tall and brawny wearing the headband of rock village.

"Lord Kitsuchi. Please wait for the commander will be here soon" said a chunin.

"Such tardiness. I don't know why father thinks it is good to have an alliance with you capricious guys to defeat Konoha." came the large and thick voice of Kitsuchi veiled with a bit of contempt.

Iwagakure had lost a lot of resources after the second shinobi war. Similarly, Sunagakure also lost a lot of missions due to the mission mostly going to Konoha due to cheap prices. So, the two villages wanted to ally to defeat Konoha.

Just as the voice landed, the door opened and a jonin stepped in and said, "Don't go too far Kitsuchi just because you are the son of the third tsuchikage, Ohnoki."

The jonin was the guard of the current guard of the third kazekage. Kazama was assigned to hold this meeting and hearing the belittling tone of Kitsuchi, Kazama Hirato could not help but berate him.

Just as the two were going to start a quarrel, Kazama quickly yelled, "Who is there?"

Sora quickly jumped and quickly ran away.

'Son of the third Tsuchikage, the third generation of Kazekage, Rasa and the personal guard of Kazekage, Kazama Hirato and the alliance. This info, big trouble' thought Sora.

The slender boy wearing the black raincoat quickly sped up in the rain.





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