25 Broken...

On a rainy day, in a gloomy forest, several people were constantly changing their escape routes. They fled quickly, daring not to stop at all, or even to look back as if terrible monsters were chasing them they would rather a monster chase them than be caught by the one behind them.

In an open space, five sand chunin was leaning against the tree in fear and breathing back.

"Are we safe?" asked a man.

"That guy didn't come after us" Another man looked around said slowly.

"It seems we escaped." Another chunin stammered.

"..." The last man said nothing, his eyes swept all around afraid that something would suddenly jump out of the grass.

"We are finally safe." the leading shinobi gasped for breath as he put down his unrest heart.

Who would have thought they would have to face a white-haired devil in their mission. They were ordered to secretly attack the Konoha ninja teams going out for a mission.

Originally, there were two teams led by two jonin, now they are the only ones left. The mission seemed easy at first as the opponent was only a genin but it took only a single genin to kill both the jonin and the other three chunin.

Closing his eyes, The leading chunin couldn't help but shake as he remembered the battle that lasted only a few seconds. Especially those cold eyes, it seemed to show death itself.

As the 5 chunin finally put down their heart, the voice of the demon sounded from the tree above them.

" You guys are discussing something, you seem to be very happy. Can you tell me, I want to be happy too." The owner of the voice is Sora who was standing on a tree, wearing a long black trench coat. He held an umbrella in his hand, seemed like a noble boy rather than a ninja.

However, just like this, the few people below showed desperate eyes at the same time.


"Devil.." The man on the left called out desperately. Feeling the indifferent eyes, they again felt a looming sense of death.

"What are you talking about? Do I look like a demon?" Sora looked down at the chunins with a smile and took a step forward.

Looking at the approaching Sora, they were already thinking of escaping.

Soar looked at the five chunin, as he pulled the umbrella, a small sword appeared through the handle of the umbrella. The knife instantly cut the death lines of four chunin.

Seeing his senior falling as if the string of a marionette was cut, the youngest chunin couldn't help but collapse on the ground. His eyes became blank as he looked at his friends who were laughing and talking with him losing their life. He heard the slow footsteps of the devil approaching him as his eyes showed extreme fear and sadness.

" Don't blame me for this. The one who killed them is your village, the Kazekage who sent all of you on this mission. If there was no such mission, you will not be here. If there was support from your village, you all will be safe but there was none. You are just sent to your death." whispered Sora, his eyes still indifferent.

Listening to a devil-like whisper the young chunin was stunned. He couldn't raise the slightest hint of anger to the white-haired boy, those indifferent eyes made the young chunin unable to raise the slightest thought of resisting the man.

So, the young chunin chose to blame his village, the more he thought, the more he felt as if the village, the world was targeting him.

He said," Yes, it is the fault of the village, why were we sent in this death mission. Why should we work and die, while others live happily? Why? Why? Why?"

The feeling of looming death, the sadness of losing his companions, the reason for his helplessness made the young chunin choose to cope by blaming his village.

" Do you want revenge? Do you want to make them suffer? Tell me why are you here? I will give you revenge and make them suffer." said Sora, his eyes glowing in the gloomy rainy night with a mesmerizing blue.

The broken young man looked at Sora, his eyes met those aloof eyes and his heart was gripped by fear as his blame towards his village for sending him here couldn't help but strengthen.

So the man opened his dry lips and said his purpose and the contents of the mission. He wanted to beg for his life but the only thing he saw was a knife that cut his death lines.

Sora looked at the broken man, his purpose finally completed as he quickly head back.





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