16 1 Year

It has been 1 year since I joined the Academy.

Or to be more specific, 1 year and 1 week.

I received the mission reward 1 week ago, therefore I already have the Inventory.

I did some tests to see its limitations and this is what I discovered;

Time stands still inside, I cannot store living things and the time I need to store an object depends on the size and my concentration on the object.

As for the item capacity, I can't say. I just think about my Inventory and will instinctively know what's inside and after focusing on something it will show up in my hand or where I intend it to, as long as it's close to me.

For example, if I place my hand on the bed and put all my concentration on it, I will be able to put it away in about 1 second.

On the other hand, it will take longer if I am reading or doing something else that requires my attention and only half of my concentration is on bringing the bed into my Inventory.

I also do not know if there is a size limit, since I managed to store both beds in my house, the tables and the sofas.

Another thing to comment on would be the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Basically, the Clone cannot make use of the System functions, but it can use my skills and Jutsu.

For example, if there is a scroll with an ability and the Clone touches it, it will not be able to learn it instantly. I would have to go and learn it myself, so the Clone could use the ability.

Fortunately, I will be able to raise the skill level once the Clone is gone and I gain the knowledge.

I have something planned for tonight, so this is important to know.

A week or so ago, the Uchiha Clan was slaughtered.

This created a huge storm in the village, becoming a topic of talk and rumors for a time.

As in the series, Sasuke's personality changed a lot after that, concentrating solely on training.

Still, since I'm still superior to him in class, I'm sure he'll want us to train together soon.

Tonight I'm going to try to enter the Uchiha Clan library to learn jutsu or whatever techniques I can.

Maybe Sasuke will show them to me when we are training, however, it is unlikely.

After all, perhaps there is some rule about learning a higher rank jutsu by being too weak.

Anyway, I don't know the inner workings of the Clan.

I also decided to wait until now due to the very possible monitoring at the Uchiha complex.

I looked at the clock.

01:24 a.m.

'It's time.' While thinking this, I made half a seal with my right hand.


I exchanged settlements with my clone and he went to sleep.

I don't know if anyone could come, but it never hurts to be cautious.

Plus if a clone sleeps on a bed and I make it disappear before it wakes up, my Vitality and CP will rebound.

With another cloud of smoke, I transformed into the most common of birds, activated the Stealth, but without invisibility, and went out through the ajar window.

On my flight, I made sure to go through the leaves of the trees and after a while, I made it to the side of the Uchiha complex.

I stopped between the leaves of the trees, hiding my small figure and activated the invisibility of the Stealth.

I went the extra mile and created another shadow clone, which was transformed into a black cat.

The Clone activated the Stealth and leapt until it reached the base of the complex's wall.

Then he jumped again and reached the other side.

My goal is to check if someone is watching, check the path to the library and in case there is no entrance, try to make one or find an alternative.

I have the knowledge that the Uchiha Library is very close to Fugaku's house, however, he had never entered it and I do not know its composition.


After a while, the memories of the Clone came back to me.

I nodded to myself when I checked the information and disabled invisibility.

I flew into the compound, but didn't get too high, staying in the shade of the houses.

Once I was near the Library, I hid again in the leaves of a tree.

I used Henge no Jutsu and transformed into a small, thin, all-black snake.

Still with Stealth activated, I slid down the branch of the tree, dropping onto the roof of the Library.

The moon cast the shadow of the tree on the building, hiding my figure perfectly.

Then I slid to the side of the library and went down to the window frame, where there was a small hole. From the size, it appears to have been caused by a Kunai, though not that it matters now.

I walked through the hole and landed on top of a bookcase.

I curled up and raised my head, looking around.

The Library only had 2 floors, linked by a staircase on both sides.

Right now I'm on the second floor, above a bookcase on the right wall.

I slid down and dropped into the space between the bookshelves. Once I got out, I undid my transformation, but kept Stealth, along with Invisibility.

When I was walking in the moonlight I moved more slowly, while in the dark I was faster.

After a while, I went through all the bookstores on the second floor.

It consisted of everything related to the Shinobi; Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.

When I realized this, I created a clone and sent it to read everything I could.

Meanwhile, I focused on Jutsu and other Techniques.

[New Skill [Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu] learned!]

[New Skill [Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu] learned!]

[New Skill [Katon: Ryuuen Houka no Jutsu] learned!]





- (POV - Third Person) -

- (Hokage Office) -

Hiruzen was going through the Academy's performance records.

Although they were shipped a few days ago, due to so much paperwork, he just had a chance to review them now.

Suddenly, the door opened, causing the Hokage to raise his head with a frown, however, after seeing who it was, he calmed down and grabbed another paper from a pile, while opening his mouth.

"What brings you here, old friend?"

The man walked to stand in front of Hiruzen's desk, "There is something I want to talk about." After saying that, he took out a paper from inside his robe and laid it on the desk.

"Hm?" Curious, the Hokage grabbed the paper, however, after laying his gaze on the piece of paper, he sighed and put it back on the desk.

He looked at his friend and spoke, "What does this mean, Danzo?"

The Root leader looked back at him, "You know what it means, Hiruzen. He has the talent and ability to be an ANBU."

"ANBU? Or Root?" Hiruzen questioned as he grabbed his pipe and leaned back in his chair.

Danzo calmly replied, "As ordered, Root was disbanded after the Uchiha Clan Tragedy."

Hiruzen blew out a puff of smoke and replied, "No, he will stay at the Academy unless he requests an early graduation."

"Hiruzen !? Haven't you seen his grades? His talents are going to be wasted at the Academy!" Danzo snapped, pointing to the sheet of paper on the desk.

"Sigh..." The Hokage sighed and got up, he walked to the window and looked at the faces of his colleagues carved in stone. "He reminds me of Orochimaru. As a Master, I couldn't bring him to the light and he fell into darkness. As a Hokage, I could not eliminate evil even though it hurt my people. Even if it is not the most ideal or if I am wrong, I want to let him choose his own path. "

Danzo ignored Hiruzen's ramblings and spoke. "So if you're worried about him rebelling, wouldn't it be better to send him to a strict and rule-based place like ANBU?"

Hiruzen turned his head and narrowed his eyes at his friend. "Orochimaru was a member of Root. Did the strict rules there work to prevent him from defecting?"

"Then, what are you going to do?" Danzo frowned and asked.

Hiruzen blew out another puff of smoke and replied, "Nothing."

Danzo was surprised, "Nothing? What do you mean?"

"There are still 5 years until graduation. We will let him bond with his classmates and his attachment to the village will come naturally."

Danzo thought about it for a moment and spoke slowly, "He will also be able to form ties in ANBU, he will even have a higher education."

Hiruzen gently shook his head. "It's better if it's with children his age, besides, he already has friendship with the other children. Taking him now would be counterproductive."

'Hiruzen… you damn sentimentalist!' Danzo gritted his teeth and snapped, "Can't you see, Hiruzen!? The Academy will only slow down his progress! We don't know what might happen in the future, it would be best if–" "–Danzo!" The Hokage shouted, releasing a pressure that made Root's leader sweat.

Withdrawing the pressure, Hiruzen looked at Danzo with the gaze of a Leader, not that of a friend from long ago. A look full of authority "I've made up my mind. This topic ends here."

Danzo gritted his teeth. 'Should I ask Koharu and Homura for help…? No.' He thought, however, after seeing the Hokage's gaze, he realized that it would be of no use.

Without saying anything, he turned around and left.

Hiruzen sighed and sat down in the chair, "Let me know if he does anything suspicious." He spoke into the air before putting the pipe to his mouth.

- (POV - Kuro) -

I'm transformed into a bird again as I head home.

'This little trip was quite exciting and fruitful, I wonder if I should do it more often.' With those thoughts, I flapped my wings faster and accelerated.


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