25 Month Long Break (2)

"Katon: Fiery Blades Dance!"

If one looked around the entire training ground, the only thing visible were the ashes and blackened spots in all the burnt places from Tenten's training. Currently, she was training her newest technique, and one she had been working in for the past ten days, effectively consuming the second week of the break.

This new technique of hers was similar to her Twin Rising Dragons, but instead of two scrolls swirling, it was a fire cyclone that hid her and the scrolls. The particularity of the technique was that, much like her Twin Rising Dragons, the weapons were connected by a wire. But, it wasn't as simple as before, this time it was a Chakra string. It would take her a lot of training to properly control it, since she was actually quite bad at Chakra control, but she would get there.

With this new technique of hers, Futon users like Temari wouldn't be able to repel her attacks, since the fire would just get stronger and, as long as she didn't lose control of her weapons, she could control them better than before. Overall, with her Fuinjutsu and Shurikenjutsu combined with her Fire Release, Tenten would get to a new level by the end of her training. How long that would take her, I didn't know. It would depend on the effort she put in.

"Good job, Tenten. It sounds weird since you're older than me, but I'm proud of how far you've come"

"Nono. I wouldn't have reached as far without you guiding me, Ryo-kun"

Once we both noticed what we had said and the completely natural way we did, we both a tame moment of Hinata sindrome -also known as extreme blushing and embarrassment.

"Haha... *cough* so, what are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to try and perfect this technique and then come up with a new one. When I do, I'll come here for training"

The sound of that wasn't to my liking. The idea of her visiting only for training wasn't something that I felt comfortable with, so I did what I thought smartest to do.

"You know... you can come anytime you want. You're always welcome at our place. I... I'd be happy is you came just because every now and then, you know?"

"Oh, I... I will make sure I do come by every now and then... hehe... bye, Ryo-kun, gotta get home!"

Aaaan yup. That was the most awkwards moment in my entire time as Ryota Inuzuka. Still, I was happy that it had gone so well. Talking to the girl you have a crush on when she also has a crush on you is, matter-of-factly, way more nerve racking that everyone might think. Even more so when you are trying to play it cool and take it slow.

"Ryota! Food's ready!"

"Be there in a second mom!"


The third week of the break began and I had huge bags under my eyes. The reason why that happened was that, me being as stupid as I was, went out every night waiting for the fight between Baki and Hayate. Thanks to my training I had gotten extremly good at erasing my presence, so I was confident not even the Anbu would find me without a sensor ninja.

Currently, the moon was high in the sky and I had just begun my usual rounds. I stayed usually until the sky began to clear, since I remembered the fight happened in the total darkness of the night.

Today, I was finally rewarded for my consistency and effort. Hayate's, Baki's and Kabuto's scents were in the air, allowing me to track them down quickly and flicker to their location. When I got there, Baki was just about to kill Hayate. Luckily, I made it in time.

"But a blade of wind can't be stopped by anyo... *guh*"

I, barely in time if I had to be honest, had arrived and hit Baki in the back of his head. It wasn't enough to knock him out, but it was enough for him to release Hayate. Luckily, Kabuto wasn't lurking around anymore, so Baki had no way to kill us both.

"So another rat appeared... not like it will chan... *tsk*"

I didn't give him time to give us his villainous speech. I was tired of listening to those in my previous life, I wouldn't listen to them in this one. Rushing at him with the body flicker, I tried to get him with a low spinning sweep kick, which he dodged, rushing towards Hayate. But I once again there to ruin his plans.

"Suiton: Liquid Bullet"

As weak as that Jutsu was compared to my entire arsenal, Baki still had to dodge it. Luckily, that was more than enough time for someone to react to all the sound that we were making. And it was someone I felt extremely glad to see.

"*tsk* You were lucky this time, brat."

As he disappeared from the place, Kakashi appeared on the roof.

"What happened here?"

After that, we told him the entire story. I told even confessed to having been patroling in the nights because I didn't trust certain people who gave me bad feelings. Kakashi congratulated me on having succesfully stopped the death of a fellow Konoha Shinobi and, after that, we all went to the Hokage's Office. Once there, Hiruzen was waiting for us, much to my surprise.

"So, what is the report, Kakashi?"

After telling the story for a second time, now to Hiruzen, we were all congratulated because of our astounding behavious and service to the village. Hiruzen still asked me to inform him whenever someone gave me the creeps, something that I would take deep pleasure in doing. I could already see Jiraiya sulking because I said he gave me a creepy feeling. My daydreaming -though it was during the night- came to an abrupt end because of Hayate's sudden words.

"With all dure respect Sandaime-sama, we have to cancel the Chunin Exams"

"No. We can not show weakness in this situation. That will only make us a target to other villages! We will double security and have Jonin regularly patroling during the nighttime. I also want Ibiki's team interrogating whoever enters Konoha in a subtle manner. You're all dismissed"

"As you wish, Hokage-sama"

I was left alone with the Hokage at that moment, since Kakashi and Hayate had probably gone on to inform everyone else of the Hokage's orders in spite of it being the middle of the night.

"See you, old man. Take care and get some rest"

"As if you were one to tell me to rest, Ryota-shounen. Your bags are bigger than mine right now"

"Haha... at least now I can sleep at peace, even if only for a while"

After the short exchange, I left together towards my house. In spite of the danger lurking in Konoha, I could only think of sleeping comfortably in my bed once and for all.

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