9 Super Power-up

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After some experimenting, I made all the components.

So I started doing all the programming on this little chip. I used Fuin-Jutsu which I modeled a bit after my past life programming. You could say I changed the "language" of it. There are some different rules but nothing too big of a difference.

I tried around for some weeks and when it was time, you could see a boy that looked like a 12-year-old doing some Fuin-Jutsu all over his mindscape.

'If I really want to fuse with it, I need to seal it in my soul, just like they do with Bijuus.'

And that's what I did.

[Booting up...]

[Recognizing Owner...]

[Status: Soul-bound]

[Gathering knowledge...]

[Setting Priorities...]

'Everything looks fine, the main reason was for calculation where the Chip is already much much faster than me. Looks like I got another massive boost. Now I just have to wait for the bodies of the clansmen but I will probably do that in the war. Not many people can stop me now, from doing what I want. Maybe I should make an organization like Akatsuki, so I can do some things easier than here in Konoha.'

[Starting Operations...]

[ Status: Online ]

Going out of my mindscape to test out my new abilities, I left Konoha as it is probably pretty stupid to do it here.

Of course, I left a shadow clone, a Jutsu that I stole as soon I found someone that had it.

After leaving the vicinity of the village, I was ready.

I will try Vector Control: Earthquake Generation. Accelerator used this ability to attack his opponents as well as use it to make himself faster.

"Vector Control: Earthquake Generation" [Commencing Calculation] [Done]

The A.I. didn't even take half a second until you could feel the ground vibrating. The ground began to crack and everything was destroyed.

The trees were splintered, the ground was cracked, nothing next to me survived. This seems pretty powerful, I also can control the ground to attack someone.

I wanted to try Tactile Telekinesis since this was one of my favorite powers. I took some rock that was lying from my destruction and used Tactile Telekinesis on it.

I threw it towards some trees and the rock left my hand like a bullet, it pierced so many trees that I couldn't even begin to count. It even destroyed some of the surrounding trees with its speed and power.

With a rush of excitement, I tried all the other things I could do, Aerokinesis, Plasma Generation, Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Sound Nullifying, which I modified a bit so no sound leaves from me.

It is a bit unfortunate that I can't test Blood Control or Mind Hacking right now, but I will surely have some people who will willingly offer their life. Hehe~

From these abilities that Accelerator already used I also modified Flight a bit so the tornadoes are a bit calm and made them seem more like wings, that was black and grey.

With a sense of accomplishment, I teleported back home. Yes, teleported. My A.I. found a way, to replace the Vector and teleport someone somewhere where he has marked other Vectors. It is a bit similar to Flying Thunder God, but it basically wasn't as flashy and couldn't be as good as Minato's signature technique in battle.

But, well, I got Body Acceleration and if I go to the limit, I can easily be faster than Flying Thunder God's speed.

I think I am ready to wreck the world!

The day my ANBU duties started was now are here, Minato and I were in front of the Hokage.

"Aka and Kiiru, you will go on a D-Rank mission until I am sure, I can send you more dangerous missions."

"Yes, Hokage-sama!"

I don't really like calling him Hokage-sama, but I can't really find anyone better for this seat since Minato isn't old enough yet.

Missions of the ANBU were categorized differently, D-Rank missions for normal Genin may only be in the village doing some trivial tasks, but the ones for ANBUS were completely different. D-Rank missions already involved infiltration or information gathering outside the safe walls of the village.

After leaving the village, I opened the mission scroll.

[D-Rank Mission]

[Intercept and get critical information from one spy of Konoha in an enemy village!]

Hmm... This shouldn't be too hard as this seems to be an ordinary mission. I burned the paper and told Minato our current mission.

Our destination was Amegakure. It was surrounded by three of the big villages and could only watch their lands being used as a spot for a war. Only Hanzo could somewhat stop them, if he weren't there, Amegakure or probably even the Land of Rain wouldn't even exist anymore.

I knew that Akatsuki was founded there and all three founding members probably lost their parents in the Second Shinobi World War. I don't know if they are already dead, small skirmishes already have started between all the villages and the tension is rising.

Most wars don't start abruptly, it goes from small skirmishes to big ones. And then the war starts.

One other thing I wanted to do in Amegakure was to see and maybe get Konan. I really liked her in the anime and she was totally my type. A strong woman who similarly does all she can for the one who she put trust in.

I had some bad experiences already...

My plan was that I would visit Amegakure and see if Konan would be somewhere there, but looks like the heavens are on my side.

Even though I knew, it probably won't be easy to get her to trust me, I wanted to see it for myself.

We eventually arrived after 2 days, we were faster than some Chunin, well actually just Minato. I was probably even faster than the Raikage in his Lightning Cloak.

Infiltrating the village was an easy task, with my Chakra Hiding skills and a simple Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Jutsu) we were already inside. The guards were in no way not doing their job, in the contrary, they were really doing their job meticulously.

It's just that sometimes when you focus too hard on finding any suspicious ninja, you do not notice two seemingly ordinary civilians.

Amegakure looked completely different than Konoha. It already looked like most people here were poor. Wooden houses that only barely held together and roads paved with dirt. Homeless people sitting on the sides of the road, looking for innocent targets to rob.

We went to one of the houses and behaved like it was our house. It was the house of the spy we were told of.

It was an easy task and we got the scroll which was meant for the Hokage, looks like there is an important message this time.

After getting the message, we should have left, but I wanted to look around and see if Konan was somewhere here.

And see there, after some hours of sensing and looking around, I found her. She was sitting by the side of the road, having a dead look in her eyes.

I could sympathize with her as I had a similar experience even if it was not when I was that young, nobody wants to lose their parents.

She had blue hair which was dirtied with mud and dirt, giving it a brown undertone. Her face was nothing like it should be, a delicate face with orange eyes shining with a brilliance that only a child should have.

Instead, it was bruised and only little spots on her face were left undirtied.

Unconsciously, I already started walking towards her and she also noticed me, looking me dead in the eyes.

"Hey there."

She just looked at me silently, showing almost no emotions on her face.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her, taking out my storage seal, which I modified a bit to do so discreetly and had almost unlimited space. It was a ring on my finger, which was black with some red patterns on it. I was inspired by all these cultivation novels and decided to do the same as it was feasible.

I gave her some bread which was still hot and put it on a cloth so she wouldn't burn herself.

"There, eat."

I laid it in her hands while she looked ridiculously at me. Amegakure wasn't a rich village and most people don't have that much excess food which they could just give out to some homeless people.

She must have thought of me as a civilian of the same village because I was still in disguise.

"Do you want to come with me?" She had already put her bread down looking at me suspiciously.

Children here learn to not trust strangers easily and especially when someone offers to take them.

"Well, that sounded a bit wrong, I guess? Don't worry, you can trust me." Well, that was exactly what someone suspicious would say. My mind isn't really working up a good sentence...

"Hm." She just nodded at me as if she was confirming my thoughts.

Other homeless people that were near us, started to look at the bread salivating, already thinking about how to steal it later from the little girl.

Naturally, I also noticed these people, and getting a bit angry, I leaked out a bit of my killing intent. It wasn't anything too strong, Shinobis wouldn't even falter under such little amount, but these were only civilians.

Konan also noticed these looks and even so for my killing intent. Looking at me a bit curiously, she decided to come with me. Knowing that someone that was stronger than even some of the stronger adults (no Ninjas) wouldn't need some little tricks to capture her.

After we were in an alley where no one was, I teleported us outside to where Minato was. He already knew of some of my abilities and teleportation would be too big of a hassle to hide it from my best friend. I also didn't see any real need to do so.

Seeing me arrive with a little girl in tow, he looked surprised, then shocked and finally suspicion filled his face while looking at me with a judging gaze.

Already having an idea of what his thoughts are, I introduced them to each other.

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"Minato, this is...."

Well, I probably shouldn't just tell her name, because she didn't tell me and from where would I know it. I looked over at Konan and saw her gobsmacked.

Huh, she had the same look of Minato when he told him of his teleportation ability and used him for experimenting if I can take a second person with me.

Looks like teleporting was a bit too much.

After getting out of her daze, she looked around and said


"So, Minato Konan and Konan Minato." Pointing at them.

We just did some small talk and Konan also saw our real body without any transformation and you could see she was surprised, not as much when I teleported, but still there.

She also seemed to get closer after knowing we weren't some random middle-aged people. Konan was only about 6 years, after all.

For the first time in a long while, Konan washed herself where I used some simple Water Nature Transformation. Giving us both some embarrassing moments, that would "never" happen in Anime.

I already learned it when I was in Konoha as it wasn't that hard, the same with Shape Transformation.

Of course, I could do the same for Lightning and Wind. I still can't use it with the other elements as I just didn't have enough time.

On the way back to Konoha, I thought about what to do with Konan. She surprisingly took it well, that I was from Konoha and that she wouldn't be in Amegakure anymore. A bit too easily, I have to say.

"Izumi, what will you do? You just kidnapped a child."

"That is a bit too far, she went willingly with us."

"Hmm... Sometimes I think your handsomeness is a bit too fatal. Even stronger than some S-Rank Jutsu."

"What has that got to do with me being handsome?"

"Hah*sigh*, you do not understand normies, don't even try."

Minato and I bantered around a bit while Konan looked at us while chuckling a few times.

Looking at Minato, I thanked him with my eyes cause I knew that he did it purposely so she can ease up a bit.

But Minato's question was still valid, how do I get her to Konoha, and even then how do I her from all the watchful eyes?

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