11 Soyokaze and Daimyo

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When we stopped on our way to make a pause, I used the time to tell Minato about my little plan. He looked a bit surprised.

'What the heck? Why I am getting this feeling of déjà vu again?'

But in the end, he wisely nodded, as if only someone like me would come to the conclusion a secret organization would be fun.

"So what will you do with it?"

"Good question, next question."

"Haa*sigh*, just don't do anything stupid."

Minato was my best friend in both worlds, I don't know when this happened as I just wanted to use him in the beginning. But I like it, it gives my life meaning. It feels good to have a meaning.

(A smile grazed Izumi's face)

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Konan also wanted to follow and I of course accepted, who wouldn't want a cute little child following you around.

So I created a clone with a reinforcement seal, how I like to call them: Reinforced Clone

The clone didn't look any different from me and was basically a copy of me except that the katana on his waist looked a bit less shiny and more lifeless.

"You know what to do right?"

"Of course, I, well you, am/are not stupid."

Minato looked curiously at me and my clone as well as Konan, trying to find any difference.

After some time, we got ready to depart in two different ways.

I will still visit Konoha sometimes as I had to exchange the clone because I didn't want a lot of memories and experiences to overwhelm me.

Visiting Minato was also a plus since we will see each other less from now. I also left him a communication seal, where we could talk if there was anything.

It was actually something like a telephone.

Without any sentimental goodbyes, we went our ways. I went with Konan and Minato was with my clone.

"Izumi where will we go?"

"Ahem... Good question, next question."

I actually didn't think too much about it, I would just travel everywhere, mark some coordinates for teleportation, have some fun, and possibly recruit some people.

So that's what we did. First Destination: Land of Wind

[A/N: Do you know anything cool that happened before the Second World War? If not I will make some original plot]

I thought about "recruiting" the Daimyos. I never got why such strong ninjas would even listen to some stupid people that sit safely in their little houses.

It would certainly be useful to have the Daimyo be my loyal servant. It would be just a bit of hassle, going in and out without being seen, so they don't change the Daimyo in fear of anything.

With my speed and Sound Nullifying, I could actually be a pretty skilled assassin. But I will need time to use Mind Hacking, maybe about 5 seconds.

Wait for a second..., isn't the Daimyo a civilian? So no Ninja?

This could actually work, civilians have pretty much no resistance. I could actually finish this fast.

On the way, I taught Konan about Chakra and also helped her awaken it. I always thought that Paper Release was overpowered, she can control paper. If she was stronger than her anime counterpart and be stealthy she could just assassinate the Kages with her paper. [You know Paperwork*wink*]

I earnestly taught her, and she was happy when she got stronger. The road took us about 1 week, mostly because of Konan. The seal helped her make her body stronger and her chakra awakening also played a part.

Konan was taught to make paper fold itself with her chakra and I noticed that it was infinitely easier for her than for others. It was like an instinct for her. Also teaching her some other chakra control exercises like tree walking and chakra strings.

I couldn't help her that much since Paper Release was completely new for me, but I explained to her what it could do and some other techniques that I saw in the anime.

Not even knowing if it was Kekkei Genkai or a Kekkei Tota. I assumed it would be made through Water, Earth, and some others.

Konan learned really fast and was a genius. We also got a lot closer in this time. She could now talk to me without any problem and also trusted me a lot now.

"Izumi, what will we do in the Land of Wind?" Konan said while she sat beside me leaning her head over my shoulder.

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"Probably, visiting my old friend, the Wind Daimyo."

'Since when was the Daimyo your friend? I am pretty sure, this will be a hostile takeover of his country, sure that you are friendly with him.'

"And Konan, you shouldn't just put your head on people's shoulder."

"Don't worry, I won't do it to other people" Konan refuted with a smug face and I just sighed at her.

Konan was getting more liberal with me.

It's not like I hate it, but she is a bit too young, a 6-year-old child, even if children in the Elemental Nations mature faster, she would still have the mind of an 8-10 year old.

We were in front of the capital of the Wind Country, Soyokaze. The Daimyo's Palace was located in the middle of the city, while the capital was categorized in the inner city and the outer one.

In the inner city, there lived nobles and rich merchants as well as some other people which were of high importance.

The outer city included normal civilians, in addition to some middle class merchants.

I don't really care how the city is build, I just wanted to know where the Daimyo lives, but this guy was about to tell me the whole history of The Capital.

While the guy was still talking about how fabulous the city was, I just walked away with Konan in a tow.

I put Konan down at a hotel and entered. From the side, I could see Konan getting red and wondered what she was thinking about.

Even though I had a faint idea, I didn't really want to elaborate on that.

I bought a decent sized room with the fake money I made in my mindscape. For some small transaction, it would probably work since the cashier didn't notice anything.

"Konan, I will be back in some hours so stay here." Konan looked at me hesitatingly and nodded. She knew that I was pretty strong and if anything would happen I could just teleport away.

A vector mark was also put on Konan, so I could teleport to her, if she was in danger.

I accelerated through the streets when I arrived at the wall that signified the separation of the inner city from the outer side.

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'Looks like the guards here are stronger and not as lax'

I doubt they would let some child in, since I look about 12-years-old. I activated Sound Nullifying and flitted through the entrance.

Nobody noticed me and there was practically no wind disturbance since I used some seals. I also used a seal that would make me invisible and with all of my seals combined, you could say, I stopped existing.

Fuin-Jutsu is overpowered...

I leisurely ran at a moderate-speed to the palace where my old friend was sitting and probably having some fun with his mistress.

Well, my moderate-speed would be full speed for some Jonin. Little details that do not matter.

When I arrived at the palace of the Daimyo, the palace seemed to radiate magnificence and power.

'This fricking palace is full of seals just to give the people this feeling'

The defensive seals were just child play in front of an Uzumaki grand master. So I easily entered the palace.

Searching for a bit with my senses, I saw that the whole palace was build to be highly complex. A non-sensor would have trouble even finding his way back after walking for some time.

But unfortunately for them, I am a sensor and on top of that I probably am the best, if I can praise myself.

Quickly finding out where the Daimyo was, I went there at full speed. Not even a second or two later, I was at his door.

My predictions were correct, the stars revealed itself to me to tell me the Daimyo was having fun with one of his mistresses.

Guards were practically everywhere, in front of the door were about 10 already. In the room, there were an extra 5 looking at their liege doing the deed.

Thinking about how to open the door without any disturbance, I noticed with my senses that there was a secret passage in the room.

It was made to look like a wall, but if you play a bit with the seals, you could just walk right through it.

Isn't this a bit too easy? Even if there are so many seals trying to cover up that place, I noticed it just because of it.

Not caring a bit, I used it and went to the Daimyo who was now panting while lying on his bed.

I touched the head of him, while controlling my aura that would usually leak from me.

'Mind Hacking'

[Mind Hacking in progress...]

After a second it was already over, it would have been pretty painful for him if he was not already going unconscious from just one round.

Again not changing the personality but instead the memories of him and also some of his emotions would go haywire if he thinks about betraying me or anything like that.

Just like that, one of the 5 Daimyos was under my control. I also gave him a discrete communication seal, if there was anything important to talk about.

I went back to Konan and drifted of into my dreams with Konan lying next to me.

'Wait, why is she holding me now?, Wait? She is coming closer.'

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