1 New Start

'Huh ..? Where am I? This doesn't seem to be my lab.'

Sion looked around only to see a plane filled with the color red. Everywhere he looked he saw red. In front of him, there seemed to be a line of blue lights, all floating without any discord.

'Hmm... Is this the afterworld? This...., I really didn't expect something spiritual like this. I have tried to prove the existence of a soul but never came close so I gave up. But in front of me, there are so many of them, I assume they are souls.'

As he was bidding his time thinking about his research as well the life that is now just a memory of his, the line seemed to vanish, or was it himself that appeared somewhere else? It looks like it was himself that vanished because he now saw an office with a number on the top '666' that should indicate the room number. There was nothing much in the room except a guy that seemingly looked human. He had black hair and red eyes, noteworthy was that he seemed to look as handsome as a human form would allow. As if his pale skin and perfectly toned body aren't enough, just the charisma this guy was giving out was phenomenal.

"Ahh, well see there, you lucked out didn't ya, hahaha. Getting my self to do your administration"

"Who are you? Is this the afterlife? What will happen now? Will I go to hell, if there is such a concept?"

"Don't you have many questions little one? You can call me The Author, haha. I decide what will happen now and in the future and yes there is hell and heaven if you want to know. So back to the important stuff. What do you desire?"

The Author's eyes glowed in the color that seemed to defy the color red. It looked mystifying as he looked the scientist that died in the eyes.

"Another one of those cliché guys, *sigh* I am getting tired of these people. So you want to be reborn in Naruto?"


'Why should I want that? Is that power something that looks into my deep consciousness? There was a time where I wanted to go to Naruto but that was just a pipe dream of a weeb/kid. Can he do this?'

"Yes, little boy, I can in fact I will you even give three wishes that will help you. Any idea?"

'What he can read my mind? Ahh... Hello there I suppose?'

"General Kenobi, Hahaha. I like you boy. So come on any wishes. Don't have unlimited time, there are many protagonists waiting for their chance."

"Ahh... Yes. Ehm, I want the power of plunder from Yuu Otasaka from Charlotte, the esper ability Accelerator, and a Zanpakuto"

"Oh, never heard of those getting a chance. Not a bad choice"

"Thank you, sir"

"Well, let's get going. Any preferred timeline?"

"Yes, I would like to go to the time when Minato was born."

"Sure, was there something else? I don't think so, have fun. I will watch you"

With a wave of his hand, a portal seemed to open. The surrounding air seemed to distort like it was a black hole. Sion was sucked in without any resistance.

'Ah, shit. I should have asked him if he can transmigrate me instead of getting reborn again. This will be hassle'

Sion waited in the darkness as he assessed to be the womb of his soon-to-be mother.

He waited and after what seemed to be a long time he felt a push. His body seemingly rotated and getting squashed by innards wasn't a good feeling.

"Ahh... Ahhhh... *grunt*"

"Reika, I can see his head. Honey just a bit more and we will have our child."

The midwife was calm and tried to help as much as she could but alas she couldn't share the pain the pregnant woman was experiencing. After a short while, the baby was finally out. The midwife cut the cord and slapped his ass

'Ah, what is this woman doing? Doesn't she have a bit of respect towards life? As expected of the cruel ninja world, not even babies get a free pass. I should cry or something'

As on cue, the baby started to cry and you could see the relieved look on the parent's faces.

"Let me hold my baby"

The midwife gave the baby to the woman after cleaning him from the blood.

"My little sunshine, we will be a happy family"

Reika looked really happy as she was saying that. She looked towards her husband and also saw him looking with tenderness at their child. Slowly but surely, she was falling asleep with the baby in her arms - never to wake up. Just joking, hahaha. - The husband took the child and watched him fall asleep just as well.

'Hmm, the birth seemed to have strained my mental capacity too much.'

---*Time Release: Some Hours Later*---

(Changing POV, do tell me what you like more or what would be easier)

I slowly woke up and looked around. I was in a crib and my parents were sleeping on the other side.

What should I do now? I should be reborn into Minato's time so I think I will have to think of important events that happened in this timeline.

First should be Minato's Academy entrance, he was assessed to be a genius. I don't know how fast he graduated or with whom he was in a team.

Second should be the kidnapping of Kushina, where Minato finds her through her red hair. This is the time where she falls in love with him. Should I interfere? I don't know, but it would change the entire Naruto timeline. And to tell the truth, I don't like Kushina that much as a character. She was okay, I guess? So no interfering there, but I could try to help so to leave a good impression on both.

The second world war had many things happening. The "Sannin" were named as such and got famous. Tsunade was acknowledged as the best medical-nin because she successfully countered Chiyo's poisons. Sakumo Hatake, "Konoha's White Fang", got famous. Sasori's parents died leading to him defecting and joining Akatsuki. Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato lost their parents and were trained by Jiraiya. Also the Land of Sky was destroyed after trying to meddle in the war as far as I can remember. They were the ones that made the Zero-Tails.

The year should be around 40 or so as this is the time when Minato was born. So around 10-13 years until the war begins. This should be enough time for me to not be cannon fodder.

But the question is, how much should I interfere? I should change things that benefit me the most, but there isn't much that would help me in my path except the Zero-Tails. Well, let's just go with the flow for now.

Let's see the powers that I got. The Plunder ability from Charlotte lets me steal the abilities of the person I possess and use them for myself. But it seems the mental strain is too big and I can loose myself, so I should use it in moderation or try to increase my chakra to use it more often.

Accelerator from Toaru Majutsu no Index is not possible for the time being as it involves highly complicated calculations that I can not do right now. My plan was to try and invent a A.I. Chip for both of these abilities so I can negate the mental strain but that has to wait until I have enough money for experiments.

My Zanpakuto, hmm... How do I get it?

[It is in your soul, little boy. It is still an Asauchi. Let it be for a while and get used to your soul, so it can upgrade to a Zanpakuto]

Hmm.. was this The Author? Well thanks, I guess? Looks like the Zanpakuto has to wait too.

Well, that leaves only chakra training and my plunder eyes. Can I also plunder Chakra, specifically?

Or even just the capacity and control of someone? Looks like I have to experiment and train my chakra as well as my eyes.

---*Time Release: Some Months Later*--- (Courtesy of The Author)

So, I found out that my name is Izumi Mora, which is pretty neat. I like it, which I also showed with laughing and waving when my parents said my name for the first time. My chakra training did show some results, as I could feel something warm in my stomach after weeks of sensing in my body. After some weeks of trying here and there, I got it to move it around in my body.

My little body also got stronger as a result not that much but I could pretty much stand after 5 months. But my chakra reserve was minuscule which should be because of my body as my mind is many times stronger than it. It leads to an imbalance that doesn't help me and my reserves. So I trained my body while playing around with toys and running.

My parents are really nice and I like them. It wasn't the love a child would feel towards his real parents but more something like gratitude for being there and helping me. Maybe I would feel more as time goes on.

My eyes which I conveniently named Ryajigan (RYAkudatsu - Plunder , ShoJI - Possession) were also trained. My first try was at a civilian that was walking by when I was out with my mother. It was an awkward experience being someone else. The ability is active for 5 seconds just like in the anime but I am sure I can extend the duration with training but that is enough for now as it already loots all abilities that I deem of significance. I can also read the memories of the people I possess as it was really me and my body. But the duration is not enough to go through all of the memories. Only memories that are often repeated are the most important ones for me for now that is. I can remember and see their family, their work and if there any other important matters.

I learned woodcarving, cooking, blacksmithing, and other miscellaneous things. The people I possess do not seem to have the memory of being someone else. It is just like they skipped 5 seconds of their life. This is important so I can do many covert missions or similar work without being seen or noticed.

The Zanpakuto also seems to be fully adjusted to me now. I can call it out of my body as well as put it back. The color of my blade is black with the sharp side being red similar to Kishin's Zanpakuto with the handle showing white intricate patterns that resemble a dragon of Asian culture. The sheath is also black while gradually changing to red the higher up it goes. The dragon pattern is also on the sheath in white. It looks like it is coiled around the blade but the head shows on the handle instead of the sheath. Except for the colors, it looked like an ordinary katana. I still couldn't communicate with it so I just carry it in my soul with me as it should be the best spot to synchronize with me.

One thing I noted is that the mindscape seems to be the soul because I could find my blade thereafter trying to enter it just out of curiosity. My mindscape was like a grass plane. It looked peaceful.

My Zanpakuto was lying there on a pedestal in the middle of it all.

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An important thing I thought about is that the Jinchuriki dies after the Tailed-Beast leaves them. My theory is that the Tailed-Beast enters or fuses with the Jinchuriki's Soul. And it is nearly impossible not to damage the soul while extracting the Bijuu.

Hmm... Maybe I can use that to my advantage someday.

The third ability that I got was the Accelerator Esper power. It is basically manipulation of vectors and I can say that it is too hard to handle for a not-even one-year-old baby. I tried to calculate and implement the ability to block everything that would harm me except oxygen, sound, heat or similar stuff. But it would seem that this work will need much more work. I wonder how smart Accelerator was to be able to use this ability as a child.

It seems that I can only use my Zanpakuto and my Ryajigan with moderation while I try to calculate and use Accelerator. It seems that the plan for the A.I. Chip has to be brought forward by a bit.


So how did you guys like it? Do you have any better name for the eyes, cause I didn't really find anything better. Do you have any suggestions for new stuff because I also think while I write so there is nothing on paper yet. And also do you have any romance partner idea? I wanted to partner him with an original character but if you have any better ideas, do tell me. (No Kushina)

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