8 Chapter 8

(Okatsuki POV)

The last shadow clone still training bursts in a cloud of smoke as days of memories enter my head causing a slight headache that I had gotten used to over the past 5 months.

'My strength has drastically changed over the past 5 months, my control over my devil fruit has drastically increased, I've been able to recreate many of Doflamingo moves as well as create my own. My chakra control has also drastically increased as I've used chakra of various affinities in conjunction with my strings, sharping them and increasing their durability. My chakra pool has also increased significantly over the time period as my body has slowly been growing through puberty.'

'With the increased chakra pool I've heavily abused the memory function of shadow clones, gaining over 7 years of training in just 5 months. It's ridiculous how low my gains are considering how much I've trained, this weak body won't cut it anymore. I must change this in the near future otherwise my gains will continue to lessen and lessen as I spend more time training. Over the 7 years of memories over 2 years of memories were only researching and experimenting on changing the genetic structure of civilians and shinobi so that I could optimize my own body and I've finally managed to make a solution. My body isn't strong enough to handle the genetic shift from civilian to shinobi clans with kekkei genkai but I have managed to change the genetics of several civilians to that of more talented and gifted humans like Kakashi and I've extensively experimented this. I'm 100% confident that this will work and all I need is to decide whether I want to do this now or later when I can integrate shinobi bloodlines. Once I create a strong jutsu that absorb bloodlines into my body none of this will matter but that could take over hundreds years of trail and error.'

I make 2 shadow clones to carry out the procedure and I close my eyes as my body goes numb.

(13 Hours Later)

I open my eyes as my vision blurs in and out of focus and I see the long green hair of my shadow clones brush pass my cheek as they smile and talk at the same time, "Looks like it worked, good luck out there boss."

The shadow clones explode into clouds of smoke and I clutch my head in annoyance before laughing extremely similarly to a certain heavenly demon as I check my body with a medical jutsu.

"Well, well, well, it looks like it worked hasn't it? Now I have the same potential to grow as Kakashi Hatake does, the same person who graduated shinobi academy at the age of 5, became a chunin at 6 and a jonin at 12. This same person's blood runs through my veins, my chakra pool has increased, my chakra has become more dense and potent, my chakra nodes have become more durable and my chakra pathways has increased in width. In over a decade I'll be one of the strongest shinobi to ever exist in the time span of the shinobi world."

'While I can't yet have a bloodline limit due to every human I've experimented on having combusted into bloody pieces of who they previously were. I can definitely exploit the talent of others that don't have any type of bloodline, once I get my hands on the shadow jutsu of the Nara clan I'll implement their genes into my own.'

[Mission: Modify Your Body Has Been Completed.]

[Achievement: Life Return Has Been Added.]

[Mission: Modify Your Body requires the host to modify their bodies though the use of medical jutsu.]

[Life Return is a variation of the six powers from One Piece that allows the user to completely control over all of their body parts and bodily functions.]

'How fucking annoying that I got this as the reward after having completed the first part of my genetic goal. No matter, life return can be used during a fight to increase my flexibility, regeneration and fighting potential once I get used to it.'

I pick up my sword from it's stand in my apartment and I walk to meet with my team to find out who's going to be our sensei for the next month.

'Ive managed to completely avoid suspicion from experimenting on live human bodies by having my shadow clones kidnap people from weak villages that pay tribute to Konoha for protection. Orochimaru may actually defect earlier than the original canon if I continue pilling more and more shit onto him. Although I doubt Hiruzen will expose his crimes before the war ends, after all he needs to make use of his favorite student before killing him off because of his increasing ambition.'

'Now that I've finally broken into jonin tier in all stats I'm confident that I won't lose in the chunin exams due to some bullshit. My chakra pool has increased to jonin level due to the abundance of memories I have, strengthening my soul considerably and slightly increasing my affinity to yin release. All that's left to do in this next month is to benefit as much as humanly possible from my new teacher. I'm certain that Nara-san won't assign me a bad teacher so I can hope to expect someone strong and reliable I can build a connection to.'

After seeing Asuma and Kurenai huddled under a tree in the training field together I create a string and slice the tree directly in half with it. Both Kurenai and Asuma are frightened as they hold each others bodies in fright.

"How are you two confident in becoming Chunin when you don't even have the courage to face your opponent. Get away from each other this instance I hate seeing public affection, especially when it's from people I know and speak to every day."

The two immediately panic as they realize what their doing and their faces burn a dark red.

A confident yet lazy voice calls out from behind me, "Nice power Okatsuki, I'd be nice if your teammates could show similar results. I can't believe that I'm stuck teaching a couple, what a drag."