7 Chapter 7

(Okatsuki POV)

"I assume you've all prepared yourselves correct?"

"I-I don't know I'm ready for this type of mission sensei."

Nara-san pats Asuma on the head with a sad smile as he speaks, "It's unfortunate that killing is necessary in certain situations Asuma, many ninjas have regret and guilt when they retire, many people in this profession commit suicide after seeing and commiting the horrors that ninjas do. There is no other option, peace does not exist in this world but striving towards it is possible. Killing these bandits will save dozens of innocent civilians lives, improve the economy, reduce death in the area and give a warning to others to not do crime. Take any of these reasons and chant them in your head, justifying your actions helps when doing this."

Asuma bows his head down sincerely as he whispers in shakey voice, "Thank you for the advice Shikaku sensei."

Shikaku pats the back of his head before signing to stop, "We're here kids, do I as I say and the process will go along smoothly. Remember that I'm always watching and I'm always on standby Incase any of you are in danger."

Our team of 4 silent signal to each other the plan and me, Asuma and Kurenai jump down from the trees, silently sneaking up on the bandits while Shikaku stays behind to watch over us.

I walk silently using my strings to soften and eliminate the noise created by my footsteps as I make a single hand seal.

[Earth Style: Rock Claw.]

My hands get covered in sharp jagged rock as I walk behind a drunk bandit raping a young teenage girl, pull him back with an invisible string before slicing his head clean off his shoulders with my rock claws.

[Mission: Kill A Human Has Been Completed.]

[Reward: Rankyaku/Storm Leg Has Been Added.]

[Mission: Kill A Human requires the host to kill a human being.]

[Rankyaku/Storm Leg is one of the six powers from the anime One Piece that allows the user to create sharp blades of wind by kicking with high speed or strength.]

I force my body to flinch when I see the bandits head fly off into the background before regaining a confident face of determination.

'That should be enough to fool Shikaku, I've been careful to never let my guard down around him while keeping a persona of a smart and kind kid who only wants luxury in life and nothing else. Shikaku has been trying to get me to connect with my teammates to tie me down to the village and I've been warming up to them with seemingly 'sincere' acts of kindness and hospitality.'

After freeing the crying girl from her restraints I pull out a blanket from my scroll, wrap it around her and I walk behind my next victims. Two middle aged men wearing civilian clothes, one wielding a dull sword and the other a broken mace.

'It seems that these two were civilians, not surprising considering most of these bandits aren't actually criminals but just starving poor people with no other choice but to steal and kill others for their own survival.'

I use earth chakra to cover my strings in sharp rock and I swing at the two miserable fuckers unlucky enough to have encountered me.


A soft squishy sounds is heard as 5 bandits come around the campfire that me and the dead bandits were around and I once again swing my hand as the five strings connected to my fingertips slice straight through their necks in a fast and clean motion.


As I continue my murder spree throughout the camp I hear the shriek of my female teammate as she takes her first life.

'I wonder why Kurenai bothered to become a ninja? She is a kind person with no intent on hurting others or any type of ambition that would make her take such a dark and drastic path. Maybe it's because of the encouragement of her Jonin father?'

I slowly walk up to the 10th person I've come upon and he starts crying when he sees the dead headless bodies all around him.

"P-plea-ase d-don't kill m-me I h-have a f-family."

I pull him up by my strings so that he can't move as I speak quietly, "I apologize but letting a possible enemy escape out of the kindness of my heart isn't possible nor acceptable for me. I wish your wife and children good luck but as a ninja I must always accomplish my mission no matter the cost. That is my nindo, my ninja way."

The man cries as he accepts his fate with blank eyes and his head flies off his shoulders in a single slice.

[Mission: Kill 10 Humans Has Been Completed.]

[Reward: Yamaoroshi/Wind Blowing Down From The Mountain.]

[Mission: Kill 10 Humans requires the host to kill 10 human beings.]

[Reward: Yamaoroshi/Wind Blowing Down From The Mountain is one of the 49 Skillful Great Sword from the anime One Piece.]

Shikaku drops down from the trees above with a heartwarming smile and a satisfied glint in his eyes as if he is content with my actions and approves of them.

"I'm proud of you Okatsuki, you did what was necessary to complete the mission. Not many can do that, I'm glad that I am your sensei. Having the will to bare the cost of what you must do for the greater good is something even the most elite of the village don't have. Even Sakumo Hatake couldn't take it and he killed himself, I know that you will be different. I truly am extremely proud of you."

'I'm sure you are Nara-san, I'm know that you're happy with my actions. Now your certain that I have a secure connection to the village that will ensure my loyalty. I was in the dark of what your intentions were Nara-san, but now I know that your previous words were fake. I know that you're 'proud' of me Shikaku Nara.'

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