6 Chapter 6

(Okatsuki POV)

"Well here you go Okatsuki, you better take good advantage of these medical jutsu otherwise I'll be extremely annoyed."

Shikaku pats me on the head and he walks out of my apartment, leaving me with 5 sealing scrolls in my hands. I quickly open one and several books and research papers on yin release pop out with a cloud of smoke.

'Yin release, one of the strangest mysteries of the Naruto world. The ability to use and manipulate yin release will be extremely helpful in learning to use and understand medical jutsu. The sage of six paths combined yin and yang release to create new life in the form of the tailed beasts so healing wounds should be far easier than anything insane like that. My spiritual strength is far stronger than children of my age due to having died before in a previous life. I'm not sure whether my soul replaced this kids or if this body never had one to begin with but I should never say my true thoughts out loud just in case I turn out to be an enigma to this world. It would be horrible if someone was watching me.'

I open the rest of the scrolls that include many C-rank and several B-rank earth jutsu, medical jutsu and genjutsu to help with increasing my affinity to yin release as well as an extremely important jutsu, the shadow clone jutsu.

'Id be beneficial if I could study how the Nara utilizes yin release in their clans technique. Unfortunately Shikaku would never allow me to learn his clans techniques, not that he has to know to begin with.'

I spend the next few days practicing the shadow clone jutsu untill I successfully create a single solid clone. The clone looks up at me with an excited face.

"You actually did it boss!"

"No shit Sherlock Holmes, now get to work. I want you to practice these earth jutsu. I'll make you a friend to help you when I regenerate my chakra."

The clone nods his head frantically before saluting me.

"You've got it boss."

I take the first good look at myself for the first time ever since I don't have a mirror and I didn't have any way to buy any because I didn't have a way to make money. I look like a male shota version of that goddess from Kid Icarus.

The clone looks at me and he clutches his blushing cheeks with a teasing smile.

"Ah boss you shouldn't~look at me like that."

'I already hate this fucking bastard, why is he so annoying.'

"Your new name is Number 1, get to work before I decide to get rid of you."

The clone immediately goes back to work and I open one of the medical research on tenketsu in the human body.

'I remember how much it bothered me when shadow clones were introduced in the beginning of the series and Naruto learned it the second he got his hands on it before proceeding to beat up a Chunin with no difficulty whatsoever. People like to hype up the big three to a tremendous amount despite the fact that both Naruto and One Piece have plot holes in the first few episodes. The author of Naruto made the mistake of having a supposedly talentless orphan learn a forbidden technique with no knowledge of chakra, no training and no knowledge of what it even means to be a ninja. The author nerfed Naruto after that because he realized that Naruto would be unbeatable if he just spammed shadow clone, ironic that he ends up making Naruto the literal fucking ninja Jesus in Shippuden. I fucking hate Naruto.'

I start to jot down my thoughts on tenketsu and chakra pathways as well as the various ways I could change them to benefit me.

'If I remember correctly it was stated that Hyugas can release chakra from every tenketsu in their bodies. If I can modify my own body to release chakra from all 361 tenketsu then I could theoretically make a knock off version of the tailed beast cloak. Of course that would be extremely difficult and there are only a few ways I think I could accomplish that. Going the Orochimaru route by making my body more elastic and flexible, inserting some legendary figures DNA into mine to increase the width of my chakra pathways or the better option, getting life return from One Piece. If I'm correct I should get either 6 King Gun or Life Return when I master all 6 powers, with the help of the system that should only take a year or two. In the meantime I can continue to study yin release and increase my control and mastery over the six powers.'

(3 Months Later Okatsuki POV)

"Well children after 3 months of Asuma begging his father for a C-rank mission we finally got the 3rds approval. Go pack up your bags we're going on a bandit extermination mission, mentally prepare yourselves this will be the first time you take a human life."

Shikaku flares his chakra as he speaks his last sentence and both Asuma and Kurenai pale at the thought of killing someone.

'Its interesting that they both have a negative reaction to being told to kill someone despite aspiring to be ninja. Ninja kill for a living, be it innocent civilians, corrupt higher ups, or anyone really. I find it strange that Konoha manages to keep the public in the dark of the mass genocide and 'sins' that their forces commit everyday. Not that I plan to do anything about it, I have no morals that I stand by, no line I will stop at to achieve my goals. I plan to abuse the system until I reach a level of power where I'm confident in my survival. Whatever means to get it done the better, I won't let myself grow to love or care for anyone in this world.'

"Well I'll see you love birds later, better prepare yourselves. Tomorrow will be an experience we will always remember."

I say my goodbye to my teammates and I go home to prepare for my first C-rank mission.

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