5 Chapter 5

(Okatsuki POV)

I take a bite out of the pale grey gourd with swirls and feel the disgusting taste roll around in my mouth.

[Mission: Consume A Devil Fruit Has Been Completed.]

[Reward: Geppo/Moonwalk Has Been Added.]

[Mission: Consume A Devil Fruit requires the host to consume a devil fruit from the anime One Piece.]

[Geppo/Moonwalk is one of the six powers from the anime One Piece that can be used to push off the air itself with superhumanly strong kicks.]

'That's actually kind of funny that the reward for eating a devil fruit is a technique that allows me to avoid water. Not that I would need it considering I can just make some form of earth armor similar to Gaara's sand armor.'

Thin white strings grow from my finger tips and I stare at them in excitement.

'Although I could learn to use chakra strings by increasing my chakra control this is a much better alternative to that. The strings that I can create from my devil fruit are stronger than any ninja wire could ever be. When I eventually learn armament haki and combine it with chakra my strings will be able to cut through more than Doflamingo could in One Piece.'

After a few minutes of pulling and manipulating the strings in my palm I decide to try something out. The strings become a dull brown as my earth chakra flows through them.

'So I was right. Using earth release on my strings to increase their durability is possible so I should in theory be able to use both haki, my devil fruit and chakra of any nature all at the same time.'

A devilish laughter rings out from me as I enter my small apartment.

(1 Week Later)

Me, Asuma, Kurenai and Nara-san are positioned all around the forest for the purpose of completing our first C-rank mission.

"I have caught a sign of our target. Roger," Nara-san's lazy voice calls out from my walkie talkie.

"Is our first mission really to catch a stupid cat sensei? I thought we were going to be escorting princesses and saving people not doing chores. Roger," Asuma says in frustration at the fact that he's doing such a boring task.

"Unfortunately we need to do these boring missions for a while untill we get approval to take a higher ranking mission. Roger," I sigh after finishing my sentence before laying down many invisible strings all around the forest.

"Well if we look at this in a positive light then we're helping the civilians of Konohagakure by making their lives better. Roger," Kurenai speaks up trying to cheer up Asuma.

"Shut up you annoying shits the cats heading in your direction Okatsuki. Roger," Shikaku informs me of the cats whereabouts and I lay strings to hang from the trees.

"Got it sensei. Roger," The second the stupid cat comes close enough I pull back my hand and the cat is restrained by invisible strings from it's 4 legs and neck.

"Easiest shit I've done in my life." I get up from my hiding place, pick up the stupid cat and show her to my team.

"What the hell? How did you do that?"

"I used chakra strings to lay a trap for the cat so that once it stepped on a string it would be restrained from moving and I could capture it without any resistance."

"You have good control over your chakra to make strings strong enough to restrict movement, good job Okatsuki."

Just after Nara-san praises me Asuma notices and gets annoyed by the impressed look on Kurenai's face.

"Can you teach me how to make and use chakra strings sensei."

"Eh I'm not an expert in the usage of chakra strings and your chakra control isn't as good as your teammates so you should ask me to teach you something else."

Kurenai perks up at the mention of learning something, "Can you teach me genjutsu sensei?"

Shikaku pats her head and smiles, "I can but not any high level genjutsu. If you want further training in genjutsu I can get an Uchiha to teach you before the Chunin exams."

"What are the Chunin exams?"

I look at Asuma with an irritated smile, "How the fuck don't you know what the Chunin exams are? You're the Hokage's son you should at least know something about the ninja promotion system."

"Hey I'm not stupid I just prefer to spend my time training then reading you nerd," Asuma's cheeks are still red.

"Your strength doesn't show that does it?" Nara-san speaks out surprising Asuma.

"Anyways the Chunin exams are the exams that Genin must take if they want to become Chunin, there are three parts to the exam. Every year the exams are randomized so that there is a low possibility of having previous knowledge of what the exams will be. 1 month before you take the exams I will recommend you to some teachers like me in order to train you in your specialties that I myself can't efficiently help you in. Do you understand?"

The three of us nod in agreement before Shikaku continues.

"In the next 5 months I plan to increase your individual strength and teamwork so that you can all become Chunin and get out of my hair, I hope that you put in your best during training as this is your best time to progress as a ninja. If you need any jutsu, information or specific training just ask me and I will do my best to help. Is this acceptable to you?"

All three of us once again nod our heads in agreement.

'Shikaku is really willing to help us even if it annoys him. I wonder whether this is because we've shown potential to be worth spending time on or if it's out of the kindness of his heart? Either way, this is the best possible time to increase my strength so I'll make sure to take advantage of you Nara-san.'

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