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Chapter 150

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The formation of Raiton Chakra Crystals had been a mystery until now, but the truth had come to light.

Few knew of these crystals, but many were familiar with the Thunder God's Sword of Senju Tobirama, whose core was made from these crystals.

Although the Thunder Blade Gorge contained many Raiton Chakra Crystals of varying quality, the lingering thunder around them served as a natural protective barrier.

Even Tsunade couldn't enter, let alone anyone else. However, Kyomu wasn't restricted. Despite the indiscriminate attacks of the gorge's thunder, with Yoei in hand, Kyomu could move freely.

Dragging along Kakashi and others, Kyomu was distributing the highest quality Raiton Chakra Crystals found within the gorge. As for the rest, those were Yoei's sustenance, which Kyomu had no plans to share with others.

"Do you want one, sister?" he asked Tsunade.

"I don't use Raiton jutsu," Tsunade responded, shaking her fist. "I prefer using my fists."

Kyomu nodded and handed the largest piece to Kakashi and another to Obito. Although Obito didn't need it, upgrading Yukihime required cooperation with the Uchiha clan, and Kyomu wanted to ensure Obito wasn't caught uncomfortably in the middle.

The lesser quality crystals Kyomu kept for future needs. With a swift motion, he had Yoei consume the remaining crystals, potentially enhancing its abilities even if it wasn't enough to strengthen it outright.

After settling everything, Tsunade pulled Kyomu aside for a private word. "Little brother, I drank too much last night," she confessed awkwardly. "Did you...?"

"No, just heard more about your past adventures," Kyomu reassured her.

Tsunade, reassured by his gaze, believed him. However, Kyomu inwardly groaned, remembering being used as a pillow by Tsunade the previous night, which was a true 'torment.'

He decided to place the blame squarely on Ichikishimahime. "Once I gets more powerful, I'll make sure she properly serves as a mount without any nonsense, or I'll have to set her straight," he thought vengefully.

Then Kyomu and Tsunade reviewed the spoils of defeating the Sand Ninja. "The Sand Ninja are truly crippled now," Tsunade smirked. "It will take them at least three years to recover from the loss of so many resources, given their barren lands."

"Who told them to overestimate themselves?" Kyomu had no sympathy for the Sand Ninja. "If I had more troops, not one would have escaped."

"Now the Sand Ninja are nearly obliterated," Tsunade chuckled lightly. "In the future, just one of you will be enough to keep them in line."

This was no exaggeration; after Kyomu's decisive blow, the Sand Ninja practically revered him as a paternal figure. Why call many when a father disciplines his son?

"By the way, sister, have the Sand Ninja not surrendered yet?"

"They wouldn't surrender to us but to..."

Before Tsunade could finish, Leaf Ninja guarding the camp brought in three Sand Ninja. They were young and not particularly strong, likely the best the Sand could offer now.

"These are envoys from the Sand Ninja," announced a Leaf Ninja.

"Only three?" Kyomu raised an eyebrow mockingly. "Is this their lack of respect for themselves or for us?"

The taunt wasn't without cause; Kyomu had suffered at the hands of the Sand Ninja before, and some Leaf Ninja had died because of them. Even as the victor, there were scores to settle.

"Lord Kyomu, it's not that we lack sincerity, but... there's no one left!" one of the Sand Ninja envoys pleaded, "You know the situation, it wasn't our intention to slight you."

"Where is Rasa? Why hasn't he come?" Tsunade asked sternly. "He's not dead, is he?"

"The Fourth Kazekage is unwell and couldn't come himself."

Seeing the Sand Ninja so humble, Kyomu's anger subsided slightly, not pressing them further.

"State your terms of surrender," Kyomu said bluntly, but Tsunade subtly tugged at his sleeve. Clearly, the Sand Ninja's approach was incorrect, and Kyomu, in his current position, couldn't accept their surrender unilaterally.

This matter was for the Daimyo of Fire Country and the Hokage; the frontline troops were only to escort the Sand's envoys back to Konoha. Kyomu knew better, but couldn't help wanting to act.

Wasn't he the one who led the troops to victory? Couldn't he at least ask?

The Sand envoys, however, would prefer that, having lost but still hoping to exploit known tensions between Kyomu and Konoha's leadership for their benefit.

High achievers rarely end well, and the Sand Ninja were thinking of giving Konoha's leadership a 'wake-up call' at the last moment.

"We surrender unconditionally," they stated. "Whatever the conditions, as long as we can fulfill them, Lord Kyomu, just name them."

Kyomu looked at the lead Sand envoy and kicked him. "You think I don't know what you're thinking?" he said sharply. "Terms will be set by the village and the Daimyo. What do you mean by asking me?"

Then, softening slightly, "I only accept the Sand's surrender. The terms will be discussed with the Hokage and the Fire Daimyo. However, Rasa must come personally, or else...

Tomorrow, I will lead an attack to destroy your Hidden Sand Village and capture your Daimyo of Wind!"

Without giving the Sand envoys a chance to respond, Kyomu waved for the Leaf Ninja to take them away.

Tsunade was relieved, seeing Kyomu still had his limits. But this wasn't just about limits; Kyomu was seizing the opportunity to bolster his reputation even further.


Rasa spat blood, enraged and in pain from his injuries.

"Kyomu you're asking to much!"

Even as the defeated Fourth Kazekage, he expected only to sign the surrender documents, not be humiliated by personally surrendering and being paraded through Konoha.

But could Rasa resist? He dared not.

"Fine, fine, fine!" Rasa clenched his fists. "To the victor go the spoils. I lost miserably, but Kyomu, since you crave fame, I'll give you so much fame it becomes your downfall, so much even Hiruzen will no longer tolerate you!"

Rasa was desperate, but this played right into Kyomu's hands.

He always thought he needed more recognition and never shied away from it. If offending others was inevitable, he'd offend to the fullest, as the result would be the same.

Outside Konoha's camp.

Rasa, in his Kazekage regalia and flanked by his guards, looked submissive before Kyomu, his expression woefully resigned.

Kyomu led the way, Tsunade slightly behind him, followed by Kakashi, Obito, and others, with a disciplined squad of Leaf Ninja at the rear.

"I, the Fourth Kazekage Rasa, on behalf of the Hidden Sand, unconditionally surrender to you, Aragami Kyomu."

"Not to me." Kyomu stepped aside, pointing back. "To them!"

Humiliated, Rasa bowed deeply, even removing his Kazekage hat and presenting it to Kyomu.

The Leaf Ninja couldn't contain their elation, their cheers booming as Kyomu accepted the hat and held it high.

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

The chants echoed, Kyomu not stopping them as he stood with the Kazekage hat aloft, a symbol of his conquest.

After a while, he lowered his hand, and the cheers stopped.

"Follow me."

Kyomu led Rasa and the others into Konoha's camp, the Leaf Ninja parting to form a wide path.

"Kyomu, you cannot humiliate the shadow of a village like this!" Rasa protested, looking ahead at the large statues and memorial scrolls for fallen Leaf Ninja.

"Victors write the history," Kyomu stated coldly. "Kneel or see your village and country obliterated. Choose."

"Kneel or perish!"

"Kneel or perish!"

"Kneel or perish!"

The Leaf Ninja were vindicated; this was their moment of glory, unprecedented in previous wars.

Shaking, Rasa eventually knelt...

"I swear allegiance to Lord Kyomu!"

"I swear allegiance to Lord Kyomu!"

"I swear allegiance to Lord Kyomu!"

With these cries, Kyomu cemented his place as the soul of this army.

"Break camp, return to the village!"

Kyomu led the way, his loyal followers behind him without exception.

"Is Kyomu aiming to be Hokage?"

In his office, Hiruzen Sarutobi finally exploded. Homura and Koharu remained silent.

"Accepting surrender without orders, returning without command, does he even acknowledge me as Hokage at all?"


Sarutobi slammed his desk, calming down after a moment.

"Let it be..." he lit his pipe, "Publish Kyomu's achievements and let the village share in the joy."

"But Hiruzen, if we do that..."

"What else can I do?" Sarutobi glanced at Homura. "We are at war, and we're at a disadvantage on all fronts!"

Taking a puff, Sarutobi continued, "We need Kyomu and his troops at the front. Everything else can wait until the war's over."

"Hiruzen, don't you still have..." Koharu began, but Sarutobi cut her off.

"Those three thousand are the village's last reserve, not to be used unless absolutely necessary," he insisted. "Let's wait and see. I'll speak to Tsunade personally about Kyomu."

Homura and Koharu knew Sarutobi was planning to use emotional appeals, but perhaps it was too late. Kyomu might not accept such tactics.

As Kyomu approached the gates of Konoha, his spirits high, he looked back at his followers and felt secure.

Returning this time was his choice alone, not because of orders. This was my new era, old Hokage!

(End of Chapter)