1 Chapter 1

Kushina's Pov

I was so happy. Why. Well, I just found out I was having Minato's kid eeeee. So pumped. Yay me. But yeah Minato's not here yet so I haven't told him about this yet.

But yeah now it was lunchtime and I started to feel sick all of a sudden because of the baby and all. I glance up and realize that he still isn't home yet. All of a sudden I feel pain then pass out.

Time skip

I was in so much pain and screaming my head off. I was very tired and weak. I got kidnapped and failed to escape this place. I was so close to having the baby but Tobi showed up. "So Kushina ready to die along with your unborn child". "Aaaah shit this hurts like fuck" and "also no I'm not ready to die and you will not kill my unborn child there, Tobi". "Too bad now di-------" gets cut off by my chakra chains piercing him in his stomach. Acck went Tobi while he was coughing up blood. I feel more pain and scream out some more. I feel the nine tails trying to escape the seal. I hear a baby cry all of a sudden. I look down and notice my newborn son with his dad's hair color but three whisker-like marks on each cheek. I pick him up and hold him in my arms while crying happy tears. I stop then groan out when I remember how the nine tails is trying to escape the seal.

Kurenai's Pov

"Huh Asuma I think I hear something". "Wait what was that Kurenai". Hears someone scream out in pain. "Oh my god did you hear that"?

Kushina's Pov

I groan out in more pain while trying to keep the nine tails at bay. But this was so hard to do because of how tired I was from giving birth to my son. Waa waa. Went the baby crying right beside me. I look over then smile at him weakly before groaning out while trying to keep the nine tails sealed away. I see the nine tails trying to break free out of the seal from within me. I groan out some before I see someone come towards me. Then I pass out.


Two hours later I wake up and notice Minato in front of me. I say weakly. "Min Minato." He looks over and notices me then smiles. Then he comes to me and hands me our son. He says. " Kushina you alright also about our son can we name him Naruto Uzumaki please." I answer back to him. "Minato I'm fine and yes let's name him Naruto Uzumaki."


Naruto's Pov

I was so excited why. Well, today was my girlfriend Hinata-Chans birthday and I was getting her some flowers. Also, I forgot to mention I was 12 years old and that I was dating Hinata Hyuga. "Naruto-Kun wanna hang out." I look over then notice Hinata-Chan. Eee she is so cute from her pretty purple eyes down to her very beautiful dark blue hair color. I go up to her kiss her and say. "Sure Hinata-Chan let's hang out today." I then notice how she starts to blush then look up at me. I notice and start to blush while staring at her radiant beauty. But before I can a move she does and starts to kiss me. I then start to kiss her back with a bit of force. She feels then starts to kiss my neck a bit. I think "Oh god oh god oh my god what is she doing oh no oh shit I hell no oh fuck. I moan out a tiny bit but only for her to hear. But then look over and notice how pissed off Neji was looking and thought. "Oh shit oh fuck Neji is fucking pissed of as fuck right now." Neji looks at us then glares at me directly. I gulp and stop kissing Hinata-Chan. Only to notice him walk off.