2 2 Learning about the System

Ninja Academy.

*Welcome Host to the Legendary Copy Devouring System! How May I be of acquaintance?*

Akito was surprised! He finally got his long awaited System, he just had to wait longer than anybody else to get it. Akito looked at the intimidating interface.

"System! I thought, I didn't have a Golden Finger, but it looks like God didn't ignore my wish."

Akito has a genuine, happy smile on his face, for a long time, he thought of, how to survive long enough in this World? He won't wait until Naruto and Sasuke have grown up and fully matured.

*The System was in a hibernation state! It had to take a lot of time, before it upload, now he has!*

Listening to the System's excuse, Akito shakes his head, he already has knowledge about the System in his head, since it has been awoken.

Akito regains clarity back and looks around the room. He sees no one in the classroom! He then hurriedly walks out of the Training Ground 3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Academy Training Ground 3.

Training Ground 3 is a portion of land located inside of Konoha. There is a view of mountains in the landscape and a large and deep river with forests in both of its sides.

There is a glade and in it's centre, there are three stumps lined side by side. There is a memorial statue and a Kunai-shaped structure.

Akito arrives, and he saw his teacher talking to his students and being surrounded by a large group of Academy Students.

Akito sneaks in, when no one was paying attention! He doesn't care what the Chunin says. He can beat all of the Academy Students here, including the Chunin.

"Alright guys! It is time to start the Exam!"

(Time Skip)

A lot of people have already been, Clan Kids and also Civilian Kids were fighting each other. These matches were boring, that is why I skipped.

"Next Up! Akito Uchiha and Māori Hyuga!"

Māori Hyuga is from the Main Branch from the Hyuga Clan. He is a prodigy also, and second only to Akito. Like every prideful person, Māori Hyuga is jealous that he is inferior to Akito.

The two boys walked inside the circle. The Academy Students are watching with excitement and anticipation. The Chunin teacher is standing calmly between them.

"Do the Seal of Confrontation?"

The two boys did the Seal of Confrontation! After that, they flashed back to their original spots and awaits their teacher's orders.

The Chunin gently raises his hand and slices down. Signaling the two kids to fight.

Getting the signal, the two flashes forward!



They started getting in a Taijutsu Battle. Akito were deflecting hits from Māori. Māori has his Byakugan activated. Akito has the advantage though, Maori's Byakugan can't be activated for long periods of time, because it is too Chakra taxing.

"Give up! Our Hyuga's Clan Byakugan is invincible, no one can beat us!"

Hearing Maori's arrogant statement, Akito looks at Māori's Gentle Fist Skills and says.


A small, mysterious force enveloped Maori's figure, making him uncomfortable and shocked. He realizes that, he can't use his Gentle Fist anymore.

Instantly, all Akito has mastered the Gentle Fist Style. That is the System's ability to permanently devour a person of their Powers. Their abilities will exert far more Power with Akito than with them.

"What?! I can't use Gentle Fist anymore! What happened?"

Māori yelled hysterically with fear in his eyes. He doesn't know what is going on. One moment, he is boastfully looking down on Akito. The next, he has lost all of his ManPower.

"Gentle Fist Art: 128 Palms!"~




Māori Hyuga screamed, as he spits out blood and flies out of the circle. The Academy Students looked on with shocked. Their teacher was the same, his mouth could fit an egg in it.

*Cough…* *Pfft…*

"Akito Uchiha!! Winner!!"

The entire Training Ground were quiet, the little students looked at Akito with awe. They never would have expect Akito to know Gentle Fist Style.

*Clap…* *Clap…*

All of the students applauded with worshipping smiles on their faces, and the fan girls with hearts in their eyes.

"Wow! Akito is so cool!! I wish, I was his girlfriend!"

Whispers gradually increased, but Akito didn't care at all, he leaves the circle, while a battered and bruised Māori was on the ground seeping into unconsciousness.

The Exams gradually passed by, no other match was great like Akito's. Some Civilians tried to act cool and replicate Akito's match, but they all failed miserably at the end.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen! It is time to go back to class!"

The Ninja Academy ends with Akito's name spread around the Academy and even outside of Konoha. A small boy, who is 1 grade below Akito is in his classroom.

"So! Brother has finally started to get serious."

Said, the small boy! He gets up from his chair and heads out to meet little Itachi Uchiha.