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During this period of Konoha, the Great Villages are at each other's throats. Nations are further strengthening their own Military forces.

The Sand Village and the Earth Village has have small skirmishes for the past few months. While all this was going on, a dark, haired kid is laying on top of a tree branch.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Uchiha Clan Training Ground.

A small boy with spiky, black hair and ominous black eyes. His outfit consists of a purple high-collar neck tie and a ninja sandals.

His name is Akito Uchiha! He is an Otaku from another Planet, but he will never tell anyone this though. He came here three years ago.

He tried to gather as much information as possible, one of things, he realized is that, the Third Great Shinobi World War hasn't come yet.

That took a huge load off of Akito's chest, he hasn't gotten any stronger yet. Akito is still in the Ninja Academy. His parents died on an A-Rank Mission trying to capture a missing Nin.

One thing, he truly didn't expect is that he has a younger brother named, Shisui Uchiha. Yeah! That's right, one of the most OP Uchihas of all time.

That is his brother! Shisui is also in the Academy, he is a grade below him. He has often heard rumors about Shisui being the greatest prodigy since Kakashi.

Itachi Uchiha will go to the Ninja Academy in about three years. This gives Akito enough time to train and figure out, how to get stronger?

Strangely, when an Otaku arrives, he gets a Cheat or a Golden Finger to help him better survive in this World. He hasn't gotten one though, which makes him very mad!


"It has been a long time since I have come here! The Uchiha Clan hasn't revolt yet, but that will come soon. Shisui Uchiha hasn't committed suicide, but it will happen soon!"

"I don't respect Shisui enough to save him! I know he is my younger brother, but having a glamorous idea of telling the higher-ups, you have a Genjutsu of the highest level is really stupid."

"Don't worry little brother, I will definitely take your eyes and unlock Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Your eyes doesn't belong to you or those scoundrels."

In his previous life, he had a taste of having Power and Control. Ever since then, he has become obsessed with it. He has his reasons! People taking control of your life.

Like the Government, and working Jobs without getting paid enough. Ever since then, he realized only through Power and Control could he truly gain freedom.

Now he is in Naruto, a place where you can have Unlimited Growth for yourself. That is something he likes and wants. Having total Control and Power also fuels his reasonings to go after the Ten Tails.

"Hmm! I should go to the Ninja Academy, even though, I only send my Shadow Clones there, Exams are starting and I have to be there."


Akito disappears in a burst of speed, today at the Ninja Academy, they will have to take the Shuriken and Kunai Throwing and Taijutsu Exams.

Akito has been at the top of his class for years now. Shisui isn't the only one, who is a genius. Akito is an even bigger genius than Shisui.

Some Main Characters look me to hide their Powers, you know to stay low-profile, but Akito likes to show off and thrive off his Powers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ninja Academy.

A huge building that is located directly at the base of the Hokage Mountain, it is compromised of several buildings which were erected over time.

The front of the building has a large tree with a swing connected to the tree branch. It also has the "Kanji" for the word Fire written for everyone to see.

This is Ninja Academy, where Legendary Ninjas come to learn and grow up to become very strong Ninjas and Leaders. Akito has finally arrived.


"Finally! It took awhile, but I have finally gotten here! It seems a lot of old faces are here today!"

Akito turns SouthWest and sees Kakashi with a cold look in his eyes and Obito, who is nagging him right now. There is another girl with brown, flowing hair and long, purple stripes across her cheeks.

This will be the trio for the Yellow Flash of Konoha. Of course, Akito wouldn't allow this, Obito will have to be there to, or the Plot will change instantly.

10 minutes later, Akito arrives at his classroom, he walks in and saw a large group of Clan Kids and Civilian Kids, who have a little talent.

Akito doesn't care though, he sits down at the glass window away from prying eyes and swarming fan girls.

"All right, Guys! Today, we will be taking our Exams. As you know, we challenge you to see how much you have improved on, whether it is Taijutsu or Kunai and Shuriken Throwing!"

"I won't explain any further, since we have already done this before. Let's go to Ninja Training Grounds!"


The kids yelled and followed the teacher with happy smiles on their faces.

When Akito was about to get up!


*Welcome Host to the Legendary Devouring Copy System! I am glad to be your acquaintance!"

"Shit is about to get real!"

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