2 Ninja Academy

Konoha Academy.

The Konoha Academy is quite large and is comprised of several buildings which are elected over time. The building can be identified by the tree in front of it, which has a swing on it and more so, by the giant sign with the kanji for "Fire".

Kawaki dressed in his usual attire is walking down the bustling streets of Konoha with a Dango in his hand, today is his first day of the Ninja Academy, and he is going to make an impact.

Kawaki noticed a bunch of children holding their parent's hand with smiles on their faces, but Kawaki know, they will be cannon fodder in the future.


Kawaki stops and looked South-West of the village, he saw a small child dressed in a green jumpsuit, orange striped leg warmers, he has a red scarf around his neck, he has bushy hair and bushy eyebrows.

This guy is everyone's favorite Naruto character Might Guy, Kawaki has immense respect for Might Guy, he always work extremely hard and never brings himself down with doubt.

Kawaki also saw an older version of Guy, he has in the same ridiculous green jumpsuit, with similar appearance and face, but his body is more compacted with muscles.

Kawaki knows this is his father, Might Duy from cannon, he sacrificed his life for his comrades during the 3rd Great Shinobi War, by using the 8th Gates, he successfully killed 4 out of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist.

Might Duy has a huge smile on his face, while walking with his son, he is obviously getting strange glances from the Villagers time to time, but he is already used to this.

"Guy, if I beat you in a race to the Academy, you will have to do 500 Push-ups and 1,000 Squats when you get out of the Academy!!"

Guy with determination in his eyes looked at his father and gave his father a thumbs up with a bright smile on his, showing his row of large white teeth.



The two father-son duo leaves a trail of dust behind them, as they raced towards the Ninja Academy at top speed.

Kawaki watched the interactions with an amuse smile on his face, he also wants to learn Might Duy's Taijutsu, the 8th Gates Technique is something he longed for.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ninja Academy.

Kawaki arrives at the Academy and saw a bunch of kids standing in neat rows of lines, he saw in one row, civilian kids are standing and in the other Clan Kids are standing there.

Kawaki walks towards the civilian line, he looks around for any potential candidates for his supposed-short time in the Ninja Academy.

Kawaki spots a couple, he a small kid with a blue mask covering half of his face, he has spiky, silver hair that is oriented to his left-side, and dark, grey-eyes, he has a relaxed and lazy look in his eyes.

Kawaki notices this kid to be Kakashi, Kakashi is revered for his talents and achievements during cannon, Kakashi was one of his favorite characters in Naruto, but he pity Kakashi for his tragic and dark upbringings.

Kawaki is determined to befriend Kakashi, he is already determined to stop Kakashi from going on going on that tragic and dark path.

"Don't worry, Kakashi, I will definitely keep you from going on to that dark path."

Kawaki vowed, but then he senses a monstrous Chakra followed by a group of mysterious men with white masks on their faces, they are the current Anbu of Konoha.

The kids and their parents turned their heads and saw an old man wearing a customary white and red robe, he also has on a large, white, sash holding his robe, he have on his infamous white and red hat with the kanji "Fire" transcript it on.

Kawaki obviously senses age in the old man, but that doesn't stop the old man's momentum, the 3rd Hokage of Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi.



Children and parents were clapping for their beloved Hokage, as he slowly walks upon the podium with a grandfatherly smile and a confident look on his face.


The entire Academy grounds went quiet, as the 3rd Hokage started saying his infamous, brainwashing speech for the kids of the Academy.

"When the tree leaves dance,

One shall find flames.

The Fire's Shadow will illuminate the Village,

And once again, tree leaves shall bud anew."




Thunderous applause sounded throughout the speech, but one kid directly saw through it all.

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