3 Making New Friends


After the Ninja Academy, Kawaki is walking on the streets of Konoha with two Dango in each hand, he is eating them happily with a small smile on his face.

It has been 2 hours since, the 3rd Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi made his infamous "Will of Fire Speech" at the Ninja Academy, the first day of the Ninja Academy starts tomorrow.

Kawaki has been trying to find some friends from cannon, but so far he is unsuccessful.

"I should go back to training at home, the 3rd Great Shinobi War is around the corner, and I am not planning on being a weak, cowardly Shinobi."

Kawaki was walking home, until he saw a duo at the corner of his eye, it is two kids walking beside each other with smiles on their faces.

Kawaki saw a small girl of average height, she has straight, brown hair, which is cut in a chin-length bob that framed her face, and brown eyes.

Kawaki saw another child, this one is a boy, he has black, short, spiky hair and black eyes, he is wearing a long-sleeved blue uniform and a blue jacket with an orange collar and trimmings, the jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar and has the Uchiha Clan crest at the back.

These two are naturally Obito Uchiha and Rin Nahara, Kawaki saw they are talking and laughing, Obito is trying to flirt with Rin, but she is becoming uncomfortable.

"This my chance at becoming friends with some of main cast of the cannon, if my befriend some of them, I maybe can have a better Jonin-Sensei when I graduate."

"Hi, my name is Kawaki, and what is your name?"

Lied Kawaki, he appeared in front of the surprised duo with a happy light in his eyes, he points his hand out in the form of a handshake.


"Haha, Sorry, my name is Obito Uchiha and this Rin Nahara, nice to meet you, Kawaki! We are going to the recently-famous new place, Ichiraku Ramen, do you want to come with us?"

"Sure, I haven't tried that place yet, it would nice and special to try it with new friends."

Muttered Kawaki, he and the duo walked North of the Village towards the Ichiraku Ramen Shop.

"Since, we have just met, we should tell us some stuff about ourselves."

Kawaki is walking ahead of the group, he looked back and said to Rin and Obito.

"Well, I want to be the Greatest Hokage in Konoha, and marry the girl of my dreams!!"

Obito rubs the back of his head with a sheepish expression on his face, his eyes shifted towards Rin's figure for a quick second.

Kawaki obviously notices this with a small smile crept across his lips, but he doesn't say anything to Rin, as he obviously doesn't want to steal Rin from Obito.

"My dream is become the greatest Medical Ninja ever, and also surpass Tsunade Senju, she is one of the Sannin."

Rin said with a smile on her face, she covers her face face with her hands, Kawaki and Obito were amused by her antics and they both continued walking.

10 minutes later, the group arrived at the infamous Ichiraku Ramen Shop, it is a large-sized hut with the iconic "Ichiraku Ramen" sign on the top for everyone to see.

"We made it! let's go in, the people and even Shinobi of Konoha said, their Ramen has almost an artistic taste, that even the Hokage himself ate here."

The group with hungry looks in their eyes, hurriedly walked into the Ramen Shop with expectations in their eyes, they drooled, when they saw the Heavenly-Flavored Ramen being passed on to the customers.

The group sat down on tall stools, a young women, that looks like she is in her 20s, walked towards them with a large smile on her face.

"Hello, you three, welcome to Ichiraku Ramen, what will your orders be?"

"I want 1 bowl of Miso Ramen with Seaweed and Spring Onions."

"I want a large bowl of Ramen with Pork, Garlic, Ginger, and Green Onions."

"I just want a small bowl of Ramen with Carrots, Teriyaki Sauce, and Red Onions."

After the group placed in their orders, the waitress walks away with their orders on a notepad.

"Hey Kawaki, are you going to the Ninja Academy tomorrow?"

Kawaki looks at Obito and nods his head.

"Yes, I am going to the Ninja Academy tomorrow, my goal is to be at the top of my class and graduate early, so I can have a lot more time training."

"Wow!" "You sure do have ambitions, Kawaki, I sure hope you reach your goals."

The group continued talking, until the familiar waitress walks in with their Ramen in her hands, they immediately stopped their conversation and looked at the Ramen with drool leaking from the corner of their mouth.

"Here is your Ramen, guys!!"


The group screamed, they hungrily digs into their Ramen with relish.

10 minutes later, after finishing their Ramen, Obito looks at Kawaki.

"Kawaki, we should spar, since we are both going to the Ninja Academy tomorrow, we should at least get some combat experience, right?"


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