1 1 Transmigrating

In a small hut, a small boy is sitting down on a broken, wooden porch, his appearance consists of a green-top with a sleeveless long jacket over it, along with black pants and black half sandals.

He has a black undercut, with the shaven sides being blonde, the Roman numeral IX is under his left eye, and a pair of hopped piercings under his right eyebrow.

Right now, he is sitting on a porch reading a book about Chakra Control and Water Walking, he has been in this world for about 6 months now.

That is right, he is an Otaku from a new generation, where they watch Boruto and Jujutsu Kaisen when it's their free time, this Otaku though has watched Naruto before as well.

He knows that Naruto in his later life was considered the greatest and most powerful Shinobi ever, but now that he is here, he would naturally wouldn't let Naruto take the spotlight.

A strange black marking was on his palm, he naturally knows, this is the Karma Seal from Isshiki Otsutsuki in Boruto, Isshiki doesn't affect the Seal in any way.

The young boy was super excited that he finally got a Power-Up, that can topple Susanoo and Nine-Tails Avatar, he had a flashback of Jigen beating a full-powered Naruto and Sasuke in another dimension.

"The Karma Seal came to me when I transmigrated, I couldn't be more thankful, giving this opportunity to an Otaku like me is really special, I can surely become the most powerful person in this world."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Next Day.

Kawaki is right now walking on the Water, this is his normal Training Grounds when he practices his Shinobi Arts.

Kawaki has been reading upon some information about this world, he now knows, the 3rd Great Shinobi War is upon us.

Kawaki has been trying to find ways to activate his Karma Seal, he summoned his own Chakra to the Karma Seal, but what happened is it absorbed his Karma Seal, the benefits is though his Physical Strength and Speed improved greatly.

"The only thing, I can do now is absorb Ninjutsu-based attacks with the Karma Seal, but I know I can do better and unlock more potential with the Karma Seal."

"I have mastered Water Walking and Tree Walking exercises to perfection, my Chakra quality is coming along nicely, I can perform some simple, basic E-Rank Ninjutsu."

The Ninja Academy should start soon, that gives Kawaki enough time to develop his Karma Seal further, the only thing he can rely on now, is his basic knowledge from the Boruto Anime.

Kawaki is hurry because, he has no parents in this world, he is a normal civilian from the Konoha Orphanage, his mother died during childbirth and his father died on a mission.

All of their money are a combined estimate of two years worth of Ryo, this is something Kawaki can't help, since he is nothing but a small child.

Don't worry though, money is nothing in the future to Kawaki, what he cares about the most right now is getting stronger for the upcoming war.

In the original Cannon story Arc, the data book said that the 3rd Great Shinobi War started out by Great Villages ferociously butchering Kekkei Genkai Users.

This War was mainly started because, the Sand Village's Third Kazekage was murdered, the Sand Village was distraught, so they naturally blamed Konoha for that, but in actuality they just wanted to expand their Power and Territory.

The Akatsuki are already in the developing stage, I bet Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato are already gathering up support and influence against the Hanzo The Salamander.

Kawaki is interest about a lot of things in this War, this is really the early stages of the Plot to him, and what is more exciting than watching said events take place.

The Sun is going down, and the sky is turning dark, Kawaki saw this and walks towards his small home left by his parents, the Ninja Academy is starting tomorrow.

Kawaki wants enough sleep to for tomorrow, so he can meet some of his favorite characters like Kakashi, Itachi, Shisui, etc.

Kawaki has already Genin-Level Strength, so passing the Academy with flying colors is no-brainer to Kawaki, he will naturally graduate ahead of Kakashi, making his image as a genius more prosperous than Kakashi.

Kawaki arrives towards his old, broken-down familiar home, he went towards his bathroom took a shower and brushed his teeth, he went to sleep waiting for a new day.

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