Naruto: Iwagakure's Plasma-Natured Talent Book

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Naruto: Iwagakure's Plasma-Natured Talent


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{Plot} Fumio Kase, a naruto-fan, dies and uses the wish, he was given by a special book, to get reincarnated into his favorite anime, Naruto. {*Extra*} MC will have a book-system that helps him master techniques, jutsus, etc. faster. I won't completely stick to canon and I might stray completely from it, but I'll try to be as accurate as I can with pre-made characters & events. The story's pace will be a little slow at the start but will pick up later on. {*Warning*} There will be gore, violence but nothing else you should worry about. The story won't end in a tragedy/be angsty, but not too light-hearted either. No BL and Harem is undecided, convince me not to add it and I'll hear you out, but we have time because of the tag, "Late Romance." {*Also Warning*} Don't read if you can't handle some gore, like decapitation or body explosions lol.


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