1 Enter: Fumio Kase

Fumio was an average 18-year-old, with no family, who recently discovered Naruto on Netflix, before watching a few of the later seasons on another site.

In high school, his performance was very poor. This wasn't caused by his interest in Naruto, but rather, his disinterest in everything about his world.

He found the world in the anime, Naruto, to be much more interesting, so he chose not to go to college, not that he had much of a choice.

One day, when he was walking home from his part-time job, Fumio spotted a little boy who was trying to Naruto-run across the street faster than the approaching truck.

Despite his terrible physique, Fumio was somehow able to elegantly sacrifice himself for his fellow, youthful naruto weeb.

As he bled on the floor, Fumio wanted to ask the weeping kid for spoilers, since now he couldn't finish the anime, but shortly died from losing too much blood.


{A Minute Later; Somewhere in a dark Void}

'I wonder if I'll get reincarnated as Naruto's twin brother. Hah... I've read too many fan-fictions.'

The cold scene of the pitch-black void magically shifted into a much warmer one, where a healthy-looking old man was sitting on a wooden chair, that was beside a cozy a fireplace with blue-colored flames.

"Hello, Uh... Fumio Kase? I hope I pronounced that right," The old man, with surprisingly healthy skin, opened his mouth and spoke.

Fumio nodded at his question before he looked around the spacious room, and his curious gaze landed on the massive library, that was hiding behind him.

"We'll get to that later," The old man said as he heartily laughed at Fumio's interest in his little home, before continuing, "This is my first time letting anyone in here, but one of my many friends really wanted you to visit."

"Hm... Are you THE God, by any chance?" Fumio asked since the old man awfully resembled what most people, specifically reincarnation novel writers, imagined god to look like.

"Nah, I'm just an old geezer, I can't handle all that responsibility," The old man replied as he waved his hand, "It's enough toil taking care of this place."

The expression on Fumio's face slowly changed from showing astonishment to enjoyment as he continued conversing with the outgoing old man.

The old man laughed from their small-talk before his joyful face turned more serious as he asked, "Well, do you want to meet my friend? He's awfully intrigued by listening to our little talk."

"Uhmm... Sure, I'd like to thank him for asking you to bring me here," Fumio answered as he felt a little nervous as to who his friend was.

The old man left his seat and walked towards a ladder, before lifting it up, all while having a perfect posture.

Fumio patiently observed the old man using the ladder to help him reach a book, that was many stories high.

He could only see the old man's blurry figure, truly showing how far up he was, before looking away to prevent further strain on his eyes.

When he looked back, his eyes widened in response to seeing the old man lose balance and fall.

The old man landed gracefully and without injury, before placing his hand on the frozen in shock, Fumio, while not forgetting to laugh.

Once he had recovered, Fumio wryly smiled, before his attention was grabbed by the violet book the old man was holding.

"Here he is," The old man said as he gently handed the book to Fumio.

Fumio was afraid of damaging the book, that looked to be in pristine condition, as he carefully held it before asking, "Where's the friend that you were talking about?"

"You're holding him right now," The old man chuckled before his eyes shone as he made a surprised expression.

Fumio noticed this and looked down to see the book in his hand glowing before it chaotically opened itself.

On the first page, there were runes glowing in purple, which made up the background of a hand imprint that was clear of runes.

Fumio hesitated a bit before placing his hand on it, feeling a strange connection to the book. It reminded him of the anime, Black Clover, and he wondered if this book would make him a wizard.

The book stopped vibrating and the glowing runes, on the page, that surrounded his hands, stopped glowing, to reveal their original black ink-like color.

"Hmmm... Interesting," The old man said as he felt even content that he'd listened to the book's request, which he was initially very hesitant to accept.

The book shook once more before flipping to another page, this time, Fumio was somehow able to predict it.

On the page, modern Japanese letters started appearing, written with the same black ink, saying...

[You are granted a binding-gift in the form of a wish.]

Only the word 'wish' was glowing in purple, which added to Fumio's overwhelming excitement as he read it.

"I want to reincarnate into the Naruto world!" Fumio's inner-weeb shouted without thinking. Fumio quickly changed the way he was holding the book right before it abruptly closed and started glowing even brighter than before.

Fumio looked back up at the old man, who held an expression that conveyed a mix of astonishment and happiness for his new friend's fortune.

"Farewell, my two friends. I'll make sure to break the rules and bring you here again when it's time," The old man said, before enthusiastically waving goodbye at Fumio's slowly-fading figure.

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