2 Hot Blooded Youth - Rock Lee

Iruka looks at Naruto's weird grin and asks

"What are you doing?"

Naruto quickly counters

"I am just happy that the three minutes of the waiting time is over…."

"Itadakimasu!" (together at the same time)

A few bites later…

"Hey Sensei!"


"Can I wear that forehead protector that you have"

"This?" Iruka points towards his head band

"Only qualified ninjas can wear that…., you will get yours in 2 months once you graduate"

"Meanie!.... I want another bowl"

"Hah!" Iruka was stupefied witnessing Naruto's appetite

Naruto raises his bowl in the air "Old man can I have some Naruto fish cake In here?"

Old man Teuchi shouts from inside "Coming Right Up!"

Naruto smiles as he thinks, old man does not know how famous this place will become due to me, but I really prefer this small shop over the huge restaurant we have back in my place…..

After finishing their meal, Naruto and Iruka head out of the shop, Naruto turns towards Iruka and asks "Hey Sensei, have you ever had the chance of interacting with the 4th Hokage before?"

"The 4th Hokage? Why do you ask that?"

"Just Curious"

Iruka turns towards the mountain faces as he speaks

"Hmmm…. Well I was pretty much a nobody back then, but the Hokage was already admired as the strongest man in the village of that time, though he died young protecting the village"


"hm" Iruka looks towards Naruto

"Will you believe that I will surpass all the previous Hokages"

"Your grades do not give me the same impression, Naruto"

"hehe" (Naruto displays a poker face)

"Don't keep painting over the faces Naruto, if you really want to surpass them, you must work harder than ever before"

"I will sensei." Naruto takes off as he says this, Iruka also departs after Naruto.

While heading back Naruto walks into a park

And sits on a swing as he goes into concentration

A few minutes later he wakes up in sage mode as he scans around

("As expected, there is one man following me since today evening, he makes sure to stay with 300m probably one belonging to Danzou considering that 3rd Hokage believes in me. At this rate I will not be able to do any chakra related training until academy is over, I can defeat Sasuke right now considering my experience in real battles I can defeat him 100 times over but that would be very suspicious hence my only options are tai-jutsu and basic physical training. When considering these things in my mind I can only think of super thick brow sensei's team in mind. Neji and Tenten would find it really strange to interact with me at this point of time whereas Gai sensei would be busy training with them or be somewhere as a jonin which limits my option to Lee. Lee is simple minded and completely focused only on training, if I remember correctly he should be near the forests or in the training fields doing his training, Looks like I would have to meet him coincidentally in training to get along with him. Through this encounter I can become training buddies with him and also strengthen my body at the same time, also once Sasuke starts listening to me and get Sasuke onto my side, his training with lee would be the best before we start off with the churning exams but it is still not enough to deal with orochimaru. My only hope is the first hokage scroll that mizuki will tell me later on hopefully I can learn a lot of techniques from it this time")

Naruto stares down as he goes deep into his psyche

"Kurama!, have you been able to analyse anything so far?"

"Naruto, this is the real world, gen-jutsu can't compare to this"

"Another interesting thing is the fact that your seal is back to its sealed position, meaning you don't have access to my chakra for now. However there is one good thing about it"

"I can meet both my parents again"

"Also this time when you meet your dad, make sure to seal the other half of me back in your body, in this way my power would more than double while also increasing your body's ability significantly.

"Even though your access to me is sealed off for now, you can still use your sage of six paths ability without depending upon the cloak's power"

"Kurama, you are right, however my current form limits my battle prowess to huge extent such that you could call it a liability, hence my top priority right now is to build a strong body that can handle all the burden"

Naruto then gets up from the swing and walks to his old apartment.

Upon reaching his apartment, he reaches into his pocket to remove a frog like purse, "Ah gamma chan you are too thin, looks like I spent all my money on instant ramen"

Upon opening the door Naruto walks into his messy apartment

"I haven't cleaned up...."

He walks to the centre of the room and enters sage mode

"Looks like he went back…."







4 bunshins appear

Outside Naruto's house, strange noises were heard for the next 5 mins until they die down.

All cleaned-up! The bunshins high fives each other as they disappeared leaving the original who changed into his pyjamas and went off to bed.

The next day

After academy, Naruto goes train near the training fields and forests, 4 days later








Naruto comes across lee working on his squats near a tree log, He pretends to go into sprinting as he says another 10 rounds, another 10 rounds




As Lee finishes he summersaults into the air landing beside Naruto as he follows Naruto into a run

(Fish took the bait!) Naruto screamed in head as he continued sprinting

Lee talks to Naruto as he runs beside him, "Best time to train is in one's youth"

"Couldn't agree more" Naruto smiled back

"Then you wouldn't mind me joining you for a run?"

"Be my guest" Naruto smiled back

"How rude to not introduce myself, I am Konoha's Blue Beast, Rock Lee"

"Hehe, I am Konoha's No.1 Hokage Candidate, Uzumaki Naruto"

"Hokage Candidate I see, you want to become a Hokage?"

"Not just Hokage" Naruto faces Lee and answers in a Hot Blooded fashion, "I will surpass all kages in existence"

"What a dream, your ambition is no less than mine, I respect you as true equal, My dream is to surpass all ninjas by only using tai-jutsu"

"I see, then we must face of each other in spars using tai-jutsu"

"Naruto-kun, I am very glad to see a person who is very similar to my nature to share a passion for training as much as me, We must run towards the setting sun in company of each other, what do you say?"

"Are we talking or running?" Naruto asks as they run off till the end of training

At the bottom of the hill, Lee warms up his body starting with his squats once again, while Naruto is breathless, while still maintaining an indifferent front to Rock Lee. (This guy is a freak)

Naruto then walks up to Lee and says "Lee, I have been thinking about building up my muscles while maintaining a good amount of speed as well, do you know a good training method?"

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I have the perfect regiment for you, in-fact that is the type of training I am doing everyday"

"Just say the words, we can train everyday, my teacher gai-sensei can also whip up some supplements for you if you want to join the training at no additional cost. Training is our life here"

"You don't say"

"Gai-sensei is the best teacher there is….."

"You mean the only teacher to be able to fight Kakshi to a draw?"

Rock Lee flew to Naruto in an instant

"You know my sensei?"

"Your sensei is a famous man" I consider him as an idol.

"I knew it Gai- sensei is the best"

"Lee, I have to go catch up with some work, how about we meet up tomorrow"

"Definitely, although I am doing a D-rank mission, I should be free by afternoon"

"I have academy, so I am free in the afternoon"

"Naruto-kun, You are in academy?"


"Okay tomorrow 3pm we will go through full course training, might I suggest that training weights will be super effective, though you must start off with lesser weights before you reach my level"

"Oh, and what weight do you suggest?"

"10kg weights in each leg and 10 kg in each hand...….."

"Naruto-kun, your face just twisted now?"

"Must be your imagination" (He wants to kill me within 24 hrs of befriending him, definitely not your first choice for friendship)




Later that evening

That will be 2000 yen sir,

Please visit us once again


In a street nearby the park a boy is seen struggling to lift a bag on his back.

"I Definitely wont be able to reach home in one piece today...."

The Following day at the academy

"Naruto why are you running so slow, you haven't even completed the first round yet" Iruka shouts behind Naruto as the rest of the class is sprinting around the track.

Naruto struggles to increase his speed only to fall down at the finish line after a round

"Another 8 more rounds to go"

After the academy in a forest nearby, a heavily panting boy is seen climbing up the mountain as he meets the boy at the top of the hill


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