Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother

Synopsis: As the eldest son of the Hatake family, Kakashi's brother, Hatake Satoru, has a more terrifying ninja talent than Kakashi. Not only that, he also has an innate golden finger, all the inheritances of Gojo Satoru in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. As a person above the ceiling in the world of Jujutsu, he is naturally above the ceiling in the world of Naruto. Although he doesn't have Kekkei Genkai like Sharingan and Byakugan, he has the most unique Six Eyes· a.k.a Rikugan. "My adorable little brother, your brother is the strongest." Satoru touched Kakashi's head and said this, the slightly raised corner of his mouth and the strong confidence in his words made Kakashi feel extremely at ease in any desperate situation. ======= You can read 30 advanced chapters at my patreon*com/YeyeQiu

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Chapter 19: Bad Temper and Shameless

Looking at the blazing flames, Masahiro and Miwa's hearts fell into extreme self-blame, and Nakajima's heart was also full of regret. However, before the three of them had time to generate negative emotions, a figure suddenly rushed out of the flames.

This person was Hatake Satoru, and everyone was staring at Hatake Satoru who rushed out of the sea of fire.

And Hatake Satoru was also staring at the three people who were staring at him.

"Hey, are you three idiots?"

Seeing that the three of them were just staring at him and not speaking, Satoru spoke first.

"Satoru, are you okay?"

Nakajima-sensei was the first to react, he came directly to Satoru's side, and carefully checked Satoru all over.

"Of course, what could happen to me?"

Satoru asked back with some confusion.

"But the flames just now, the explosion just now..."

Then, Miwa said with some choking.

"We thought you had an accident."

Miwa wiped the tears that hadn't fallen from the corner of her mouth and said.

"Oh, you mean that explosion, how could a mere explosion take my life? I am Hatake Satoru, the genius among geniuses."

Satoru gave himself a thumbs up and showed a confident and brilliant smile on his face.

Seeing Satoru like this, everyone was relieved.

"But thank you for your concern."

"Hmph, who cares about you."

Suddenly, Masahiro tilted his head, pouted, and said insincerely.

"You're really not honest."

Satoru originally wanted to clamp Masahiro's head directly, but he found that his height is a hard injury now, and he can't do what he imagined at all.

"But Satoru, how did you survive that violent explosion?"

Miwa suddenly asked a question that everyone was concerned about. Nakajima couldn't figure out what method Satoru used to survive the explosion. Could it be that unknown space Ninjutsu? But Satoru did come out of the flames, and he didn't use that space Ninjutsu to transfer to other places at all.

"Do you want to know?"

A wicked smile suddenly appeared on Satoru's face.

"Yeah, yeah."

The three of them nodded at the same time, showing a curious expression on their faces, just like in class, good students listen to the teacher's lecture obediently.

"I won't tell you, hahaha."

Seeing the great change in the expressions on the faces of the three people, Satoru laughed out loud in front of them.

"Satoru, has anyone ever told you that you actually deserve a beating?"

Nakajima gritted his teeth and said, his character and temper can be considered good among the Jonin in Konohagakure village, but now he is still being angered by others.

"Uh, my brother often tells me that, but he can't beat me."

Satoru really thought about it a little bit.

"Other people have also told me, but they can't beat me either."

"Then now I will clean you up for them."

Nakajima smiled and directly punched Satoru's head, and a big bag immediately bulged on Satoru's head. He didn't expect Nakajima-sensei to suddenly make a move, so he didn't make any defense at all.

He didn't even open the Limitless technique, and even if Satoru knew it, he wouldn't do it, because he knew that the other party had no malice towards him.

But this should be the first time Satoru has been hit since he came to this world.

"Everyone has their own secrets, so we won't ask about this matter."

Then, Nakajima spoke up. Since Satoru didn't want to say, he naturally couldn't force him.

"Yeah yeah"

Satoru nodded in agreement.

"And you don't have to worry about my safety in the future, because I won't die."

Although other people don't believe this sentence, it is obvious that what Satoru said is true. As long as he is given a few more years, once he masters the Reverse Cursed Technique, even if he is not invincible in this world, he will definitely not be killed by others.

"Hmph, bragging without blushing, and don't know to draft."

Masahiro still looked very disdainful of Satoru.

"Okay, let's clean up the battlefield, see what useful things are there, and some fish that slipped through the net."

They all know the truth that wild grass cannot be burned out, and spring breeze blows and lives again. If there are fish that have not been eliminated, then it will not take long for a new group of bandits to appear here.

As for useful things, to put it simply, it's money. All the money seized during the mission belongs to the ninja himself, after all, ninjas also need money to live, and bandit dens usually have a lot of valuable places.

After about half an hour of sweeping, all the fish that slipped through the net were cleared, and all the money was confiscated by them, with Satoru taking the most.

Although Satoru was the last to appear, he was the one who killed the most enemies.

Satoru also needs this money to buy more sweets to eat.

As for those bandits who fled to a house full of explosives, they actually dug a tunnel under the house. They planned to use the tunnel to escape, and even if there were pursuers, they could be blocked by the explosives plastered all over the house.

But they didn't expect Satoru to catch up so quickly, and because there was not a single ninja among these bandits, they couldn't recognize how terrifying the power of the explosives plastered all over the house was.

At the moment of the explosion of the explosives, the tunnel they dug collapsed instantly, and all the people fleeing in the tunnel were already crushed underneath, either killed by the aftermath of the explosives or crushed by the collapsed tunnel.

"This mission is successfully completed, congratulations, Satoru, you have beautifully completed the first mission in your life, you are the most outstanding and talented ninja I have ever seen."

Nakajima directly praised Satoru generously, he couldn't find any flaws in Satoru's actions in this operation, except for his bad character.

The room was full of explosives, which was unexpected for everyone. Fortunately, Satoru was the one who went in. If it were other people, they probably wouldn't be able to survive such an explosion.

"I know I'm excellent, Nakajima-sensei, don't praise me anymore, if you keep praising me, I'll be shy."

Satoru showed a coy expression, and his cheeks quickly turned red, but looking at Satoru's expression, it seemed that he liked Nakajima's praise very much, as if he was saying don't stop, keep praising.

Nakajima, who wanted to open his mouth, gaped a few times, didn't make any sound, and closed his mouth.

"Being a ninja is a complete waste of your talent, it's a pity you don't learn to perform."

"Right? I also think I have a lot of talent in performing, sigh, I can clearly life with my face alone, but I have to life with my strength."

Everyone really couldn't bear to look directly at Satoru's exaggerated performance.

Miwa even covered her mouth and laughed.

"Satoru, you're really funny."

(End of this chapter)

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