72 Chapter 72 Small Anbu Team Captain

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Hokage Building.

The third Hokage was in a good mood, smoking a pipe, extremely comfortable, listening to Tsunade, and Hiro's report, nodding frequently.

When Hiro put a plan and killed Ebizo successfully by himself, the Third Hokage was amazed by Hiro's strength, intelligence, and courage.

"When your death news came at that time, I thought you suffered misfortune on the battlefield. I didn't think it was your strategy, even we were deceived." The third Hokage applauded and said with a smile.

When he received the information about Hiro's fraudulent death, he was shocked. Later, when he received the news that Hiro killed Ebizo, everything became clear to him.

Hiro's plan can be described as a perfect plan, deceiving everyone, which made sand to lose the war in the end, even Ebizo was killed.

"Thank you," Hiro replied calmly.

The third Hokage said with a smile "Now everyone in the village knows your deeds in you're your performance was very amazing, the whole Ninja world knows your deeds. Killing Ebizo who is at kage level, is enough to prove your ability."

The third Hokage said, "Because of your performance, you will be promoted to small Anbu team Captain, you will also be promoted to Jounin."

Small Anbu team Captain!

Hiro was promoted.

This is the benefit of killing Ebizo, he gained a lot of prestige. Hiro thought becoming a small Anbu team captain is benefits him.

Anbu's rules are very simple, Anbu is directly under Hokage, Anbu Captain is Minato. The deputy captain is Shinku Yuhi. And under Shinku Yuhi is small team captains, Hiro now has a small team captain position which is only below Shinku Yuhi and Minato.

This shows how much the Third Hokage attaches great importance to him.

"Thank you Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi nodded and said: " In the village, there is a serious shortage of fighting power now. Although the war with Sand has stopped for time being, the three Ninja villages Rock, Cloud, and Hidden Mist will make a move at any time, Hidden Mist Village has already begun to confront us at the border..."

Hiro was surprised, Konoha has already started fighting with Hidden Mist?

Thinking of Hidden Mist's Seven Ninja Swordsmen, and of course, he won't forget the beautiful little girl Mie, Hiro's heart filled with excitement. In the original work, many things happened in the third war between Konoha and Hidden Mist, one of the things that impressed Hiro was, when Might Duy opened the last gate (Gate of Death) and killed four members of Seven Ninja Swordsmen...

" The battle situation with Hidden Mist Village is complicated because Hidden Mist Village has always been closed from the rest of the world. Hidden Mist Village has sent a large number of elite ninjas, our defense line needs support." Sarutobi cut.

Hiro nodded.

Konoha is the strongest one among the five villages. It is almost a multi-line war. The battlefield is chaotic, being in war with many villages at the same time consumes a lot of money.

According to Hiro's knowledge, Shinku is leading Konoha ninjas to fight With Hidden Mist Village. And Minato is at the border between Konoha and Cloud Village.

" I was planning to send some young ninja to join the battlefield. There are not enough ninjas on the battlefield." The third Hokage said.

Hiro understood, it seems Kakashi, Guy and others will go to the battlefield soon!

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"By the way, Hiro." The third Hokage suddenly said: "Recently Danzo has been inquiring about your news. He seems to be very interested in your Mokuton..."

Hiro understood Third Hokage values him! Firstly, he made Hiro's small anbu team captain, then he remind him about Danzo.

"What happened is Hiro suddenly awakened Mokuton..." Tsunade spoke at this time, helping Hiro to explain Mokuton's matter. This was also because Tsunade had discussed with Hiro a long time ago to help Hiro explain Mokuton's awakening, otherwise, Hiro could not explain this matter.

With just Hiro's words, others would doubt it, but with Tsunade, it would be completely different. Tsunade helped Hiro to prove it, at least many people would no longer doubt it on the surface.

Tsunade took the initiative to help Hiro explain and find excuses, which moved Hiro's heart.

With Tsunade's explanation, Hiro will be able to use Mokuton openly in the future.

"En." The third Hokage nodded his head slightly: "Hiro, you still have to pay attention, Danzo is very interested in Mokuton."

"Of course I know!" Hiro nodded his head...

Mokuton has an extraordinary meaning to Konoha, because, in legend, only Mokuton can tame tail beasts, it could even tame Kubi.

Therefore, after learning that Hiro can use Mokuton, Third Hokage's attention to Hiro immediately increased by several levels!

After chatting for a while, Hiro said goodbye to the Third Hokage, he separated from Tsunade and returned home to rest.

the next day.

Hiro woke up early and went to a ramen shop on the side of the street to eat ramen. The lady owner of the ramen shop gave Hiro a large bowl, she even put all the ingredients in it. Hiro's face was filled with smiles, with his high charm everything….

"Hiro!" while thinking, he heard an excited voice.

Hiro turned his head and saw a few acquaintances.

Guy, Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. The person who called his name was Guy, Guy was very excited after seeing Hiro.

Hiro said hello to these little friends: "Hello."

However, Guy's first sentence turned Hiro's face like charcoal.

Guy grabbed Hiro's arm and said, "Great, Hiro, you are still alive, you are not dead!"

What the fuck?!

Guy said: "Previously, Konoha sent a battle report saying that you were killed in battle with Sand at the border. We were all shocked when the news came. It's really good that you are okay."

The news of Hiro's fraudulent death reached Konoha, making Guy, Kakashi, and others think that Hiro was dead.

Obito also said, " you are fine." After all, they are classmates who grew up together, of course, Obito and others don't want Hiro to die.

"Yeah, after Kurenai heard your death new... she has been crying for many days, you guys are..." Rin complained.

Hiro's expression changed slightly. He didn't expect the Third Hokage would make his death news public.

"How is she?" Hiro asked with concern.

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