4 Chapter 4

The so-called shoulder-weight feeling is about every word that a thousand people are eagerly waiting for you to say.

At this moment, Ryu deeply feels his responsibility is heavy. He secretly vowed that he will lead Uchiha to prosperity and control Konoha.

Ryu took a deep breath, said solemnly: "All the old, weak, sick, and ordinary persons without chakra, all retreat to the Ancestral Hall in Uchiha."

"The remaining people , Half went to the main gate of Uchiha to be on guard. Once the people from Konoha attacked, immediately warned, and the other half went to mobilize the compatriots who don't know the situation and let them rush to the direction of the main gate....."

Ryu arrangements are methodical, as if they are General, which makes Itachi feel a little surprised.

A ninja with leadership skills can often play an unexpected role in battlefield. As long as such a ninja does not die, the lowest point in the future will be Jonin.


After Ryu finished the arrangement, all Uchiha clansman responded in unison, and then immediately began to act. Itachi next to him asked: "Then what do we do now? Do? Go to Third-hoKage to negotiate with Danzo?"

[7. Chapter 7 is in trouble, I first met Obito]

"Not yet When the time comes, besides, we have more important things to do." Ryu responded indifferently.

Itachi slightly startled, subconscious asked: "What else is there?"

Ryu stared in a certain direction, said solemnly: "Did you forget the foreign aid you got yourself? Already? That's a big trouble."

Itachi's pupils shrank suddenly, he thought of the mysterious masked man, and a look of jealousy appeared in his eyes.

"Don't tell me, I almost forgot about him, how should we deal with that man, if I guess right, he should be the Legendary character of Uchiha Clan..."

Itachi's voice revealed unprecedented dignity, and obviously he did not have full confidence in defeating the masked man.

"Bullshit's Legendary character." Ryu rolled one's eyes and looked Itachi and said: "He is not Uchiha Madara, just a fool with the name Madara, but he is really difficult. That's it."

"Isn't he Madara?!" Itachi's eyes widened, and the news obviously surprised him again.

However, he did not question Ryu words, because the other party can easily explain his transaction with Danzo, which shows that Ryu ability to collect information is far superior to himself.

looked Itachi with a surprised face, Ryu was not surprised, Obito, with his excellent acting skills, made almost all the ninjas of Ninja World think he is Uchiha Madara.

Except for a few people, no one knows the true identity of Obito.

"Okay, don't say anything, he should be in the police department now, come with me, our time is very tight." Ryu said lightly, and then moved towards Itachi stretched out hand.

Itachi looked Ryu hand hesitated for a moment, and then shook it up. His palm hits a lot more than Ryu . On the contrary, it looked like Ryu was caught.

The six-pointed star Mangekyo with Ryu left eye turned once again, and he started infinitely!

The two disappeared instantly, and in a shadow on the street, a middle-aged man was watching what was happening here.

"It's really didn't expect, Itachi will be persuaded by such a child, but... I really have to thank him."

There are many in the man's tone. This kind of emotion, there is happiness, joy, dignity, and a hint of relief.


On another side, Ryu , relying on infinity, soon appeared in front of the Konoha Police Department.

The Konoha Police Department is a tall, semi-elliptical building with a window in the middle. The logo on it is the family crest of Uchiha Clan-the fire fan in the center of the shuriken.

It also represents the glory of Uchiha Clan!

However, the Konoha Police Department no longer belongs to Uchiha due to Uchiha Clan's sect extinguishment. Therefore, the Fire Group fan in the Konoha Police Department logo was changed to the Hidden Leaf Village logo.

At this time, the lights in the police department have dimmed, and the entire police department is quiet.

Ryu eyes are slightly solemn, he knows that Obito should have done it.

He moved towards Itachi and made a look to signal the other person to be careful.

Itachi did not speak, but was slightly nodded, but the chakra in his body was ready to go.

"Since you are here, don't hide your head and omission. Come out quickly." Ryu yelled to the Konoha Police Department in the dark.

The voice fell to the ground, and in the shadow not far away, there was the sound of boots stepping on the ground.

da da da.

A silhouette walked slowly out of the darkness. He had a black long hair, an orange red monocular mask with black stripes on his head, and a black robe. The Ninja Tool was worn around his waist. samurai knife.

I have to say that Obito at this time is indeed very similar to Madara's temperament. With the addition of Mangekyo Sharingan, it can not be blamed for Itachi's misjudgment.

When Obito came out, he didn't look at Ryu , but instead focused on Itachi next to him.

"Itachi, what? Is your business over?" Obito deliberately made a very deep and magnetic voice, which made people sound depressed.

Itachi didn't reply, but looked towards Ryu , as if looking at Ryu head.

Obito slightly frowned and turned his attention to Ryu body.

At first, Obito didn't care too much, just got a random look.

But after seeing Ryu Mangekyo, Obito's body was obviously taken aback.

Looking at Ryu figure this year, he should be only seven or eight years old, and he has already-opened Mangekyo Sharingan.

Six or seven years faster than he was back then! How this makes Obito not surprised.

At this time, Ryu also spoke. He took a step forward and interrupted Obito's thinking.

"The matter is over, but it is not Uchiha that ended, but the exterminating the clan action, so I want to ask you to leave now."

Ryu voice revealed one The unquestionable meaning of shares.

"Oh? Is that really the case? Itachi." Obito's voice was obviously heavy, and there was a killing-intent in his eyes.

Eliminating Uchiha Clan is part of his Eye of the Moon plan.

Not only to collect Sharingan, but also to prevent the extremely powerful ninja from appearing in Uchiha in the future to become your own resistance.

Itachi looked Obito very calmly, and responded: "Yes, I see a new path in this child, no matter whether it succeeds or not, I want to try it, so you and me agreed This is the end."

The agreement here, of course, refers to the agreement that After Obito helped, Itachi joined Akatsuki, and Obito is not allowed to make any hands on Konoha in the future.

"Because of this child? The reason you are looking for is really far-fetched, Itachi." Obito looked towards Ryu with a trace of disdain.

Although the opponent started Mangekyo, he was an eight-year-old child after all. He didn't think Itachi would give up the alliance with him because of this.

Itachi did not waver, but calmly told Obito, "Whether you believe it or not, at this time, I am on Uchiha's side. If you are willing to leave, then I will not stop you. "

"Hehe, Itachi, you guy, do you think of me as a come with my call doll?"

In Obito's voice, it's already Full of the killing-intent, the left hand has been placed on the ninja knife.

Itachi frowned, just about to speak.

As a result, a fierce air-splitting sound started, and Ryu turned into an afterimage, instantly appearing in front of Obito, the two sides were almost face-to-face.

Obito was shocked in a cold sweat. He has not seen the ninja have such a fast speed, even the rumored Flying Thunder God Jutsu is just this.

However, Ryu did not do anything, but stared at Obito, and said one word at a time: "You are really rude, scoundrel, didn't you see that I announced that the exterminating the clan operation is over? You have been talking to Itachi, do you look down on me?"

Next to Itachi corner of mouth twitching, it was the first time he heard an eight-year-old child, calling himself , this kind of picture is simply not too weird.

[8. Chapter 8 bet on the name of Uchiha, I will never lose!]

looked Ryu burst into an astonishing speed, Obito this moment , Began to really start to face the child in front of him.

"hmph, Uchiha is really another amazing guy, what's your name?"

Obito speaks slowly, although Ryu is right in front of him, he is not at all Panic, with his Mangekyo's abilities, can't help himself in a strong offense.

Ryumei both hands crossed near chest, jokingly said: "When asking someone's name, shouldn't you report your name first?"

Obito froze for a while, then snered After a few times, he said gloomily: "Okay, I hope you don't regret it after you know it. I am the Clan Leader of Uchiha Clan, and my name is Uchiha Madara!"

The deep voice echoes in the sky at night, Uchiha Madara, the name alone is enough to make people tremble.

Next to Itachi couldn't help but shrink the pupils, even if he heard Ryu words beforehand, but when Obito said he was Madara, his face still became heavy.

After all, this is a legendary man!

pu chi ――

Compared with Itachi's seriousness, Ryu couldn't help laughing.

Because he knows well that the masked man in front of him is just Obito who is active in Ninja World under the name of Madara.

He who has already seen through everything, looked Obito acting, it seems extraordinarily funny.

"hahaha, I said big brother, your acting is too bad, and the lines are still so second, do you think Old Man Madara would introduce himself like this? hahaha..."

Ryu smiled in front of Obito's eyes and rolled backwards, the dull atmosphere just now suddenly disappeared.

Obito's forehead kept popping up with black lines. He didn't know much about lines, secondary 2 and the like.

But one thing he can still see is that Ryu is laughing at himself....

Looking at the words, it seems that he does not believe that he is Uchiha Madara, Obito coldly- snorted.

Then he forcibly lowered his voice and said, "You can understand if you don't believe me. After all, I have lived for nearly a hundred years. I already existed when Konoha was just established. You need to know. ..."

Obito hadn't finished speaking, but Ryu laughed louder and interrupted Obito's words directly.

"haha haha...you have lived...nearly a hundred years...hahaha...I am embarrassed for you...your age...not as big as my shoes ...."

Ryu was already smiling and squatting on the ground, covering his stomach with a cramp in laughter.

He, who should have performed with Obito, continued to choose turn a blind eye.

The Obito complexion ashen under the mask was ridiculed by a child who was only eight years old. As long as he was a person, he couldn't bear it. Even more how Ryu laughed so loudly.

"You are courting death! Little bastard, today I will show you what is true fear!"

Obito's eyes burst into endless cold killing-intent , His right hand turns, a black chain of course burst out from the cuff.

The chain is like a spiritual snake, quickly enveloping the Ryu group in front of you. As long as you pull back, Ryu will be immediately ti3d.

looked Ryu , who is squatting on the ground, hasn't moved yet, Obito has a contemptuous expression on his face, and his heart is even more sneered.

"Although you have Mangekyo Sharingan, but don't you have the slightest battle experience? I can't even avoid it. I won."

Obito's arm suddenly pulled, and the chain suddenly Tighten it, and I want to tie Ryu firmly.

At the same time, his right hand also moved towards Ryu body and grabbed it. As long as he touches Ryu , he can suck it into the Kamui space and let him slaughter it. The heart of Itachi next to him is tight, subconscious. To be shot.

But next moment, unlimited launch!

Itachi keenly noticed that Obito's chain did not completely bind Ryu , but was infinitely close to Ryu body, so he could only touch it a little bit.

Obito's palm is the same. After grabbing Ryu he stopped when only a little distance was left.

No matter how hard you force or rush, you can't touch Ryu .

"It's the same as it was back then. It seems that I am too worried." Itachi's heart sighed in relief, and his actions to rescue him stopped.

"What's going on here!" Obito looked rushing in front of him and looked at everything that happened before his eyes. The expression in his eyes changed from disdain to horror. At the same time, he realized that this is Ryu Mangekyo's ability.

Is the space frozen? !

Still speaking, the attack has become slower! ?

Obito heart sank, thinking quickly in his mind, he has never seen such a weird Dojutsu before, and it feels like his hand is empty.

Ryu laughed enough at this time. He climbed up from the ground with neither fast nor slow, jokingly looking at Obito, who was only a little away from him, and said: "What's the matter, don't you want to let me know What is fear?"

Obito's veins burst on his forehead. He wanted to tear the sharp-tongued boy in front of him to pieces. If his eyes could kill, then Ryu should have been damned dozens of times.

Ryu curl one's lip, lightly said with a smile: "I think you can't do it like this, let me educate you."

Obito seems to listen At the funniest joke in the world, he snered a few times and looked Ryu mockingly.

"Then give it a try, stupid boy, in this world, there is only one person who can hurt me, and you, absolutely not!"

Ryu was silent , It's undeniable that Obito's double Kamui is definitely one of the most powerful Mangekyo Sharingan in naruto .

The right eye ability can incarnate itself, and at the moment of being attacked, the attacked part will be transferred to a different space in time, which is the Kamui space.

Used to dodge attacks and pass through barriers, and at the same time drop people who touch them into the Kamui space.

And the left eye ability can transmit the enemy's attack or the enemy itself (or part of the body) from a long distance.

If Obito has both eyes, it can attack, retreat and defend, the whole Ninja It is rare that World can hurt him, even Ryu now has a strategic withdrawal

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