2 Chapter 2

The most important thing now is to prevent the night of exterminating the clan and let the big pillar of Uchiha Itachi repent and be saved.

After acquiring Eternal Mangekyo, Ryu feels that the chakra in his body has been greatly improved, at least more than ten times more than before, which means that he will have more chakras to release Ninjutsu and Dojutsu.

Just simply turning on Eternal Mangekyo, Ryu feels that he has a Heaven and Earth turning upside down at this moment, and his meticulous observation ability on everything gives him a kind of control over everything. It feels like everything can be done at the moment.

"Such a powerful force, it's no wonder that you can be lost." Ryu sighed. He is also a member of Uchiha Clan, who also inherits strong love and emotion.

If Ryu is also opened the Mangekyo that was opened by witnessing the death of his relatives, because of love and hatred, and strong negative emotions.

Then he himself cannot guarantee whether he will use this powerful force to do extreme things.

Itachi will choose the method of exterminating the clan to solve the problem, and it has some relationship with witnessing the death of a close friend to open up Mangekyo.

"Itachi, I will definitely stop you, don't be impulsive!" Ryu glanced at the setting sun outside and said silently in his heart.

Next, Ryu became fully familiar with the Dojutsu and Genjutsu he currently owns. After spending a long time learning about the experiment, his mood became suddenly excited.

"With these two Dojutsu, let alone Uchiha Itachi, Shisui has to listen to me when he comes."

[3. Chapter 3 Stop the night of exterminating the clan!]

He is no longer hesitating, immediately put on his clothes, ready to stop Itachi's exterminating the clan action.

At this time, the sun outside has completely set, and the night has completely fallen on Uchiha.

Uchiha Ryu took a deep breath, the six-pointed star in the left eye slowly revolve, and Dojutsu started.

His figure flickered, and instantly disappeared in place.

The round moon hung in the night sky, emitting a bright moonlight.

But the sky is in the sky, but large black clouds appear strangely, covering the bright moonlight, revealing a gloomy solemn killing aura.

Uchiha Itachi is squatting standing on a tall telephone pole, with a samurai knife on his back, a familiar dog-head mask in his hand, with a cold expression.

A pair of red Sharingan looks very eerie and weird at night in the sky.

This scene is like watching anime, but when you experience it yourself, this sense of depression becomes more serious.

A gust of wind passed, Uchiha Itachi also disappeared in place.

At this time, on the streets of Uchiha Clan.

The Uchiha Itachi figure holding a Japanese sword appeared on the street in a flash. A man was startled first, and then when he saw that it was Itachi, suddenly he said angrily: "Big night, you fucking I want to scare people to death, give me a flash."

After speaking, he stretched out his hand to push Itachi.

Itachi's expression is extremely cold, and he waved the blade in his hand.


A cold glow flashed, a large pool of blood splashed on the wall, and at the same time it stained the land of Uchiha Clan.

The man fell softly on the earth, his body gradually becoming cold.

Before he died, there was still an incredible gaze in his eyes, and he couldn't believe that Itachi would actually kill himself because of this.

"Kill...killed!!" The people on the street immediately screamed, Itachi shook off the blood from the blade, and moved towards the crowd rushed over.

"Help, who will help me, stop Itachi quickly, he is crazy."

"Run quickly, otherwise we will all die, that guy is Anbu's Squad Leader."

"I don't want to die, don't kill me..."

The sama lose one's head out of fear, the children in the arms are crying Weeping, they ran away on the street, constantly screaming.

Despair, as if to spread from this clan again.

While running, a young girl fell to the ground. She really couldn't run anymore. Her eyes were tearful, mixed with fear and panic.

How she hopes that everything today is a nightmare, but unfortunately, reality is reality.

Itachi, who was chasing behind, ran forward quickly, and the long knife in his hand moved towards her neck without the slightest hesitation.

The girl closes the eyes in despair, but the pain and death she intended did not come.

The girl cautious and solemn opened her eyes, and what she saw again was not the blood-stained blade, but a thin back.

He was standing in front of Uchiha Itachi, grabbing Itachi's long knife with just one hand.

It's hard to believe that a child at such a young age can actually catch the sharp edge of Uchiha Clan's first genius.

"You want kill even such a small girl, Itachi, you are really cruel." Uchiha Ryu looked at a clansman corpse that died not far away, with an anger in his voice.

He is still a step late, someone has already died in Itachi's hands.

After all, Ryu has lived here for eight years. On this street, he has been taken care of by many people. The human heart is always fleshy, so how can he not be angry.

Itachi looked Uchiha Ryu, surprised for the first time in his indifferent eyes, but he was surprised not that Uchiha Ryu could easily catch his long knife, but Uchiha Ryu's eyes.

That is a pair of Mangekyo Sharingan!

Itachi knows that Uchiha ryu is only eight years old this year!

I started Mangekyo Sharingan at the age of eight. Is this normal?

And when did Uchiha Ryu open his eyes, they can hide so deeply.

"This eye...when did you get it." Itachi's voice was still cold, and he asked when Ryu opened his eyes.

"Hehe, is this important to you? Anyway, you plan to kill the whole clan people including me, oh, I almost watched, you have reached a deal with Konoha high level, Your younger brother Sasuke can luckyly escape, right?" Ryu sneered responded.

His mood has been filled with anger now, and he just wants to give Uchiha Itachi a lesson.

Itachi didn't speak, but pupils shrank suddenly. The deal he and Danzo had reached was definitely not more than five people knowing what channel Ryu learned about it.

"Who the hell are you." Itachi asked this question in a low voice.

"I am no one, I am Uchiha Ryu of Uchiha Clan!" Uchiha ryu voice is sonorous, and he wants to seek justice for Uchiha today.

After finishing speaking, Uchiha Ryu's left eye turned, a very fast afterimage appeared in the right hand, the solid long knife was instantly pinched, and Itachi pupils shrank.

What an amazing power!

Next moment, Uchiha Ryu held half of the blade, and moved towards Itachi like lightning and waved his arm, this blade, fast terrifying.

You can even hear a strong sonic boom in the air. Itachi absolutely believes that Uchiha Ryu's this blade can easily chop off his arm.

The body that has been fighting for many years can instinctively make Itachi escape the fatal injury at the crucial moment, just scratching the skin.

Itachi kicked his legs backward and jumped into the sky.

Turning his hands, several sharp shuriken appeared between his fingers, flashing a little cold glow in the night light.

"Impatiens claws are red!" Itachi snorted softly, his mouth bulged slightly, and then spit out flames attached to the shuriken.

sou! sou! Whoosh--!

Itachi fired with both hands together, and a dozen shuriken shot at the same time, attacking Uchiha ryu from various incredible angles, sealing all ryu retreat.

I have to say that, looking at the entire naruto anime, Itachi's Shurikenjutsu is absolutely outstanding, Peak is the best.

And Itachi's speed is very fast, late stage, Dirt Itachi face Nine-Tails Chakra Mode's Naruto and Killer B's combined attack can be dealt with unscathed.

Even if I have the Uchiha inscription of Mangekyo Sharingan now, I still can't find too many weak spots from this shuriken.

"Shuriken is good, but it's a pity that you are facing me..." ryu eyes flashed with a hint of light, and the six-pointed star in his left eye slightly revolve.

ryu stood there and didn't move. Shuriken had already attacked at this time. Uchiha clansman behind him couldn't bear to look, and closed his eyes.

But soon, a surprised glance happened to everyone. When Shuriken was about to approach Uchiha ryu body, the speed suddenly slowed down strangely, and it was less than one centimeter left. It stopped completely at the distance of the distance!

They are so strangely standing in midair, even spinning, but they can't attack Uchiha ryu.

It's like an invisible wall of air between them, perfectly separating them from Uchiha ryu.

[4. Chapter 4 Argument! Itachi's shaking!]

"he is incredible, how did this child do it." Some Unknown Uchiha clansman exclaimed, with a very surprised look in his eyes.

Only Itachi and a few Uchiha clansman saw the clues.

"Is this... his Left Eye Dojutsu?" Itachi's heart sank, he has no information about ryu at all, but the other party to know him well.

Even ryu knows about his deal with Danzo, which makes Itachi feel like he is naked, and all the secrets are exposed in front of Uchiha ryu.

Clang, clang, clang.

In midair, the flying shuriken stopped and fell to the ground, leaving ryu unscathed.

He calmly looked at Itachi and said, "Is this your ability? Itachi, if that's the case, then today, you and the fool who only sealed half of the bridge are impossible to destroy Uchiha "

Itachi was stunned for a moment, and didn't realize what it meant for a while, and then realized that ryu was talking about Danzo, but Itachi had never heard of Danzo seal.

This is of course, because it will be many years from now.

But for saying that Uchiha cannot be destroyed, Itachi shook the shaking ones head, lightly saying: "Uchiha is destroyed and cannot be changed. If I don't do it, then Konoha will come. The army is here. Although you have opened Mangekyo, you will die when they come."

"Uchiha Clan is impossible to resist Konoha. The other clans teamed up with forces, only in a big battle. After the war, Konoha's power will be weakened, and the countries will take this opportunity to start a war."

"The entire Ninja World will fall into the flames of war again, and Konoha may also die because of this. ."

"ninja, is an unknown person who guards peace in the dark, my forbearance is to guard the peace of Konoha; ryu, I can not kill you, but from now on, don't stop me ."

Although Itachi and Uchiha Ryu only played briefly, but they can also have a general assessment of Uchiha ryu strength. Ordinary Jonin is probably not ryu opponent.

Left Eye Dojutsu should be able to control speed, and the right eye is temporarily unknown.

Although it is extremely difficult, it is not impossible to defeat it.

But that would be too time-consuming, and Itachi was not sure of winning, so he had the idea of ​​persuading Uchiha Ryu .

After Uchiha Ryu listened to snort disdainfully, he looked Itachi and said word by word: "Then the battle is over, there is no Konoha where Uchiha exists, and there is no need for it!"

Itachi was immediately frowned and his expression turned cold. He said in a low voice, "You are still young, and simply don't understand the cruelty of war. You know how many innocent people will die in that way, and how many ordinary persons yearning for peace. Displaced?"

"The demise of Uchiha will prevent all these tragedies from happening. Now that you know the deal between me and..., you should know that I also left for Uchiha Clan. Back road."

"you damn it." Uchiha Ryu listened to Itachi's set of theories and couldn't help it anymore, so he cursed directly.

He wants to wake up Uchiha Itachi, and wake up this man from the fantasy dreams Third-hoKage and Danzo weave for him.

Ryu looked Itachi and yelled angrily: "So we are damned? Are there no ordinary villagers in Uchiha Clan who yearn for peace?"

"I didn't want to protect like you Is your younger brother's child? What qualifications do you have to force the life and death of others to practice your own forbearance!"

Itachi's eyes seemed to fluctuate a little, but he still retorted: "With the war Compared with the number of deaths, the sacrifice now is just insignificant."

"Do you think I want to use this method? The contradiction between Konoha and Uchiha is irreconcilable. For the sake of the overall situation, I can only choose to do this. "

"bullshit!" Uchiha Ryu spit directly to Itachi's feet, and said: "Don't use this dignified reason to justify yourself. You are not called for the overall situation, you are called right and wrong. No distinction!"

"Uchiha is the ancestor clan of dignified. We co-created Konoha with Senju Clan, but now we are mounted on the head by those scoundrels of Sarutobi and Shimura clan, and are accused of unwarranted charges. "

"Being squeezed out, suppressed, and even now to be wiped out, you turned a blind eye to the village and those high level misconducts, but you wielded a butcher knife to your clansman of clan. This is how you guard the village and defend Uchiha. Name? Answer me, Itachi!" Uchiha ryu voice kept echoing in the sky at night.

"You..." After hearing it, Itachi only felt that his chest was stuffy. He pointed to ryu but was speechless, and the firm belief in his heart was shaken for the first time.

Could it be... Am I really wrong?

Uchiha Ryu did not speak, he was waiting for Itachi to think, just as Itachi wanted to convince him, he also wanted to convince Itachi.

After all, in Hokage, Itachi is one of the few high-end battle strengths. It is a pity that it was seriously brain-washed by Third-hoKage and Konoha high-level brain-wash in the early stage. All decisions of the village are considered correct.

The executor of the exterminating the clan is in Itachi, but the root cause is the Konoha high level, which is obviously responsible for the destruction of Uchiha.

After Uchiha Ryu transmigrated came, the first idea was to revitalize Uchiha Clan, and the revitalization of Uchiha requires confrontation with the Konoha high level.

Now there are few experts in Uchiha Clan. As the first genius of within clan that opened Mangekyo, Itachi is an extremely scarce fighting strength. It is also a rare IQ person in the entire Hokage.

As time passed, Itachi fell into a fierce self-conflict.

He kept persuading himself that the killing of Uchiha Clan was correct, for the sake of righteousness, love, and the overall situation.

But Uchiha Ryu words always echo in his mind, denying his behavior.

Uchiha is wrong? Or Konoha?

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