13 Returning to Konoha

[Hidden Heat]

It has been a few days since the Hidden Heat was attacked by those Ninjas from the Land of Earth. The Hidden Heat have also declared War on the Land of Earth.

Genno was in rage, and he personally sent a letter of War against the Land of Earth. This news hasn't spread yet, but it will drastically change the peaceful world that the citizens have come to love.

This was all Darth Sidious's plan to disrupt the peaceful notion that have befallen the Ninja World for almost 10 years. Sidious wants Power, not being controlled by the higher-forces of this World.


[Private Tent]

"Tsunade are you alright? I know this has been a drastically changed Mission from the one we signed up for. We must move on though."

Jiraiya said, he caress her back with a pity look in his eyes. He sees her eyes are nothing but terrified. This is her first time seeing death up close, powerless to do anything.


The wooden door opens with a creak sound. Genno walks in with that same enraged expression in his eyes, but he noticeably calmed down though. The three Genin looked at him.

"I am sorry for you three! I had no idea that, those idiots from the Earth would dare attack us, the Hidden Heat Village. It seems like my organization have some spies in them. I am not surprised that traitor gave them the heads up."

"The killings and fightings probably gave you some mental issues. I hope that isn't true though! You three has some serious potential, I hope Konoha breed you right. I have already sent a note to your Hokage about this, and I have already told him, that I am going to send you back."

After that statement, Genno walks out of the room, giving the three Genin some alone time. He doesn't want the Gennin to have P.T.S.D during this encounter. That would be a headache to Konoha.

"Jiraiya, thank you for trying to make me feel better. I know that I haven't been the best of watching my teammate's backs, but after this mini War made me feel something."

"I don't want anyone to ever die in War again, I am going to tell my Grandma Mito teach me Medical Ninjutsu. I can save so many lives on the battlefield. Even though, I never hope to use it!"

This small War changed the Sannin, this War made the small Genin realized that, the World isn't always filled with Sunshine and Rainbows. 85% of this World is filled with killings and War. Jiraiya also changed, his ideology is now about Peace!

"Well, We should now get out of here, we don't want to further disturb the atmosphere in the Hidden Heat. I can smell something fishy going on in the dark."

Muttered Orochimaru, he has always been the smartest of the three. He know that this is the plannings of the higher-up of the Great Villages. He doesn't want to admit it, but he thinks it was from Konoha.



The three Genin came into the Village with a different type of confidence in themselves. This wasn't known to the Civilians, but to trained Shinobi, it was interesting.

"Let's go the Hokage Tower!"

The three nodded and walked towards the Hokage Tower with their heads held high. It is not that far away from the Ninja Academy.


[Hokage Tower]

The atmosphere in the Hokage Tower is nothing it's usual tranquility. The three Elders are there with smiles on their faces. The 3rd Hokage is sitting on his throne with a smile on his face. His plans have worked out.

Using his students and attacking the Hidden Heat was a gamble, but it all worked out in the end. Konoha got what they wanted! That is to get more territory.


The three Gennin walks in and saw the Elders staring at them with a neutral look on their faces. The Hokage went back to his original facade. A grandfatherly and enlightened Ruler.

"Sensei! We have returned back from our mission, but report some hideous things to you, Lord 3rd! The Land of Earth Shinobi ransacked the Hidden Heat. Surprisingly though, it ended up in a draw!"

"Haha! I knew my students wouldn't disappoint me in the slightest. Since this was a War, I will reward you 3 Million Ryo for your troubles. You three can split the money."

"I also hope me having another student secretly, doesn't discard our relationship. I once again apologize for not telling you, but young Sakumo is talented, so! I hope you can forgive me!"

When they were about to say something…~


The door opens with a bang. A Jounin wearing a Konoha Headband with a short-cut hair barges into the Hokage's office and said out loud.

"Lord 3rd! Our Clan Leader, Elder Mito is dead!"

The process was too hard to take in. Tsunade was the first to react. She runs out of the Hokage Tower and rushes towards the Senju Compound.

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