10 Hint at War


A new day of Konoha has awaken. The clouds are made of various shapes. Leafs are gently floating. Small businessmen are happy with how their business is going.

Kids are playing with their friends and others are at the Ninja Academy. Sunakagure and Iwakagure are having small skirmishes with each other.

Other small Nations are building their own Military Forces like the Land of Rain and Land of Rice. Causing a few dissatisfied factions around the Ninja World.

All that is going on is nothing to what future of the Ninja World will be in the future. Sheev is walking along the streets with his shiny, red hair. He has on a luxurious, black robe on. To some people, that signifies Nobility and Power.

[Sheev's POV]

I have been spying on the 3rd Hokage and his Advisors. He thinks, he and his advisors are 100 steps ahead of me. The truth is though, their plannings are so basic. They are young, they know nothing about Politics. That is something, I will take advantage of that to the extreme.

They are currently placing Seals all around the Office. What the 3rd Hokage didn't take into account though is anybody can be manipulated. Especially, those idiots, who has just entered office.

By giving fake promises and bribes. I can easily get them on my side. My first goal is to easily get inside the Political Structure of the Shinobi World. The fastest way I can do that is through Military Achievements.

The 2nd Great Shinobi World War is about to start in a couple years. Mainly when Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru is in their early to mid 20s. I can take this time to get stronger, and build a solid reputation for myself. A spotless reputation in the public eye.

The future Sannin are immature still though. By becoming a person they can look up to, their feeble minds will instantly think of me as a Hero. I am glad, that I don't have to practice my mask. Sheev was a master at hiding his sinister intentions and always finding ways to align his goals to his enemies or partners.

I walked into hospital and see Sakumo Hatake laying on his bed. He is currently being guarded by Anbu, but that doesn't bother Sheev at all.

With a simple crush of my fist. The Anbu hiding in the dark were destroyed. But, not until, I absorbed their Chakra and Jutsu. I have been working on this new Power that can quite literally absorb people's Bloodline and Chakra.



I am quite satisfied with this new skill. I'm planning on using it to it's fullest potential. Once I start to absorb Bloodline. I can become someone Unstoppable on the Battlefield. Terrorizing my enemies into submissions. Well, they won't give into submissions, they will simply die a painful death.


I opened the door and walked in, I have been working on my skills in the Force. I am glad to tell you, that I can now control the Force perfectly. I have also been practicing Chakra. I have been practicing Chakra Control Skills like Water Walking and Tree Climbing.

I don't know, I think because of my Soul. My comprehension and talents has increased dramatically. I couldn't find any Ninjutsu are anything of the sorts. So, I had to improvise, by creating that Skill, I can now confidently say, I am on my way to Supreme Power.


[General POV]

After killing the Anbu guards, Sheev walks in. He walks slowly towards Sakumo's figure. He slowly reaches his hands out and was about to start checking his memories. He was surprised, Sakumo's Talents and Skills are far above the Sannin.

Sheev was using Memory Extraction Technique. He got that by absorbing one of the Yamanaka Clan's Shinobi. His Yin Release was definitely increased by an astronomical amount.

"Hmm! He has been working on a new Lightning Technique! Don't mind if I do! If I can get all of his Ninjutsu, and become way stronger. I can finally take another step into becoming the Supreme and achieving Ultimate Power.


[Time skip]

[Few Weeks Later]

Rumors has been circulating about monsters that is hunting civilians at night. Sheev has been adding just a slight more of Dark Side Power to the Anbu. The Hokage has been trying to control this situation, but he can't. This allowed Citizen Unrest to unfold. Dozens of Anbu have been trying to find them. Strangely though, those Anbu were also corrupted, that acted differently as well.

Sheev have been putting more and more innocent people into his control. His Power of the Dark Side of the Force has become so powerful that it even leaves some of the Jedi Council in shame.


[Sheev POV]

It has been an exquisite few weeks. The 3rd Hokage is becoming weak. That is exactly how Sheev wants him to be. I will pull him to the point that, the 3rd Hokage would have no choice but to think over my offer. His useless advisors aren't helping.

The Smaller Nations are becoming more and more intense. Some has even begun to step upon huge territories like Hidden Cloud and Hidden Leaf. The 3rd Hokage has so much going own, that he doesn't have time to see his beautiful students.

Of course I will take extreme advantage of that. I can even get some benefits like Wood Release and some more Ninjutsu. I have mastered all of my Ninjutsu to the point where I only need 1 Hand sign.

The Hokage's student has been giving a B-Rank Mission. I won't let this be an easy mission. By saving his other student, I am pretty sure, I am on the 3rd Hokage's good side, hopefully.

No time for that though, they are taking a Merchant to the Land of Rice to seal up a deal. The 3rd Hokage already has been developing his weak, peaceful persona. I won't allow it though. By sending my Zombies that have corrupted by the Dark Side. I will order them to attack them.

In that way, I can save them, and also get on the Senju Clan's good side. And those Zombies aren't useful anymore. By doing killing them, I am doing Konoha a service. I can take all the glory and definitely be further promoted into higher-echelons of Power.

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