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What is Naruto: Clan of Shinobi

Read ‘Naruto: Clan of Shinobi’ Online for Free, written by the author Passerby_Venne, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, COMEDY Fan Fiction, HAREM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: My name is Oden Zaraki, of the mighty Zaraki clan!You have probably never seen someone as genius as me before, nor have ...


My name is Oden Zaraki, of the mighty Zaraki clan! You have probably never seen someone as genius as me before, nor have you seen someone as handsome, nor as mighty as me. So open your eyes and take a look at me! Now close your eyes so you don't get blinded. When people see me they shake in fear, when women see me they fall down in love. When men see me they cry in jealousy! You might think that I'm bragging, but wait until you hear my story, then you'll understand that I'm being humble! Yes I'm the most humble person ever, that's how great I am! here's the Chinese vibe synopsis: "You want to take my clan members into your Root? Fine, but pay with your life first!" You want to Order me around just because you're Hokage? Fine, but pay with your life first!" You want to marry me just because you're pretty? Fine, but first pay with your life... no wait, I'll give a cheaper price, pay with your body! This sale is a one time offer, get it before it's too late!" One of the three founding Clans of Konoha, the Zaraki-Clan has a new, young, genius clan head that won't bend to anyone. How will the events of Naruto World span out when there's a new boss in town? AU -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- No System! No Lemons! No Low-key Hiding! This is an AU/Reincarnation, and there won't be any sexual content on here but it might have matured content because this is a ninja world. -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Oh People of Webnovel! Have you not yet, read my fanfic? Why is it that you're procrastinating with what you know is inevitable? Is it that you're afraid? Afraid of becoming addicted to my fanfic? Well, do not fear anymore, because I'm here to confirm that you will. So it's pointless to fight it! (False advertisement warning) NIKE Just officially came out with a statement for my fanfic, they said "Just read it!" True story bro (But don't be afraid, my fanfic is way better than my synopsis)

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The story got potential, And the side characters I love them, I can't wait to read the new chapters. In the end, the writing quality is excellent, the interaction between the characters is great, and I hope the AUTHOR keeps improving beyond his limits. PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!


I love the pace of the story so far, not too slow and not too fast, the interaction of the characters feels very fluid and not at all forced (the characters feel alive) especially the grandfather. ha ha ha follow the author. 10/10


really liked this book a great read. mc is likeable and op but not crazy op. I like how he likes his clan and how it has romance but not over the top. I think you have made a really great story.


This is one of the most boring stories I've ever read....


one of those stories where there is an mc that does nothing. no changing plot, only the existance of the zakari clan would have changed the entire history of the elemental nationes. everything is the same and it doesent make sense. just some sugestions dont write if you are incapable of doing so. if you write a story at least bring change.


I don't know who this author is, but sometimes when you read someone's work you just get a feel for the author's personality you know? I have to say, I feel like the author is smart, sharp, sensational, sexy, strong, sophisticated splendid and stunning all at the same time. A real Super dude. As for his work, even though there probably are many flaws, the brilliance of the author outshines those flaws leaving you wanting to read more. I think even Steven Hawking would have said "There's no one as smart in this century as this author." had he met this author. Even Einstein would have bit his lips in frustration whenever he met the author of this book. this is probably true Read this at your own risk, risk of getting addicted.


Till Chapter 28 First are good points The writing quality is excellent Update stability is also good The Mc is not bad either Now for bad points Up till recent chapter its nothing but the same old naruto with addition of mc and his clan...which didn't really change anything of significance till now...the chunin exam has and everything was same as original aside from Giants being Mc fiance and 3rd surviving which doesn't really matter over all


You want me to read this story? Fine, but pay with your life!


Hello everyone, as the author I just want to say, I hope you read with an open heart and have patience since I'm not the best writer, but I will do my best. I already have an idea how I want to end this and there's one thing I'm really good at, endings! Everyone loved the ending of my last fanfic so make sure you read that one as well. Review this after rereading for a bit to help me out 😊


I mean honestly the writing isn't bad plus I somewhat like the characters themselves. But honestly I'm at chapter 15 and I'm disappointed with the wish like most people but most importantly not abusing his "infinite Chakra" by just making a shadow clone with near infinite Chakra then making him clone himself to train instead of doing it as one person which is insanely stupid.


It's been a long time, since I saw a good story in webnovel, I took my power stones. (tanslator),.............................................................................................




Great story, nice character, really liked how mc helped side characters actually grow rather than just give them info and encourage them to work harder but actually give legit directions. Only thing I don’t like is how mc doesn’t use his cheats to their full potential.


it's good.................................


great story please continue writing ................


This naruto fan fic is really good and it has nice tinge of cool and humorous male lead and its literally best till now and can expect a good story if author wrote it as same as his other Supes fanfic


Its a pretty cool story with me wondering how it is actually going to go.


Didn't expect much so I wasn't really disappointed. This story is above average from the standard in this platfrom but it's still lacking to be called a good story.I haven't really made it that far, the stiff interactions really made me lose interest. The characters just don't feel alive nor interesting. The story just reads like a chinese novel, even the synopsis is like one.To be fair, there were thoughts that was put into making this story but the writing is just lacking.


it's great .... & a different type from Naruto and sasuke .... .recommend :§😂


Do not know what to write beside that i really enjoy story,characters (even if mc ic very op, i like his character which is a bit arrogant, but with his power i can believe it) etc. Author doesn't dissapoint with updates. Gramma is good and again i do not know what else to write without spoiling. My only little,little,little dissapointment is the fact that author made a whole new clan and didn't name it's first creator with an easter egg name (you will know what i mean if you read it).


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