81 Chapter 81 Change

Land of Waves.


Aokiji sat on his knees, panting smoke still emitting from his fists as with his current physique, it took a lot of toll on his body to perform Rokuogan.

Rokuogan is the seventh Rokushiki, only those who have high attainment in the other six can master these abilities.

He has been practicing Rokushiki since the time he had transmigrated, nearly 5 years now, so he had high attainment in them.

High enough to learn a strong ability like Rokuogan which not only causes external but internal damage as well.

"This guy…"

Aokiji who was panting suddenly looked towards the Root shinobi lying before him as an astonished expression appeared on his face.

The left arm of the shinobi was missing as he lay facing the sky, a huge sunken wound on his stomach.

But what surprised Aokiji was he could still sense some life aura from this guy proving he was still alive.

"Sure enough evil won't die easily!!"

Said Aokiji gritting his teeth as he stood up and an Ice blade condensed in his hand his face getting paler and paler from exhaustion.

"Ha…I won't go... down alone…"

Just when Aokiji was about to yank his blade down, the Root Shinobi spoke as a bad premonition rose in the heart of Aokiji.



Without wasting anytime and exhausting his full strength Aokiji yanked the blade down penetrating the heart of the Root Shinobi but the other party had also made a hand sign with his only hand at the same time.


As soon as his blade went through the heart of Root shinobi, Aokiji heard a shout as he immediately looked towards Mei and Ichiro who were fighting their own battle.

""A few moments ago""

"Stay behind me Ichiro, you can't fight any longer"

Spoke Mei as she stopped the pale Ichiro from fighting anymore as his previous injuries inflicted by Sakumo hadn't completely recovered.

Beside Mei and Ichiro lay three corpses of the Root shinobi as together they have killed three but the wounds they suffered weren't less.

Mei could still hold on but Ichiro was already injured before the fight and was at the end of his rope.

Before the two of them was the last Root Shinobi looking at them vigilantly waiting for an opportunity to kill, holding a Kunai in his hand.

"I…can… fight…cough…"

Ichiro ignored her words wanted to fight but suddenly he coughed blood his face getting even paler.

"See... just leave it to me..."

Seeing him coughing blood, Mei hurriedly reminded him of his condition and motioned him to back down while assuring him.

"I don't need your protection…go away…you lunatic!!"

But Ichiro was stubborn as the last thing he wanted was being protected by this mad girl, she'll taunt him to death for the whole life time if they survived.

"Don't worry… I won't laugh at you… just leave it to me…"

Mei didn't mind him calling her lunatic as she was a one in the past, so ignoring his words she went forward and just when Ichiro wanted to catch up, she spoke without turning back.

Hearing her words, Ichiro stopped in his place as he could sense it, she was serious on protecting him and wasn't taunting him.

"Be careful!"

Ichiro stopped and didn't go forward anymore but two words subconsciously left his mouth as hearing them Mei came to a halt before walking again, her lips curved.


Ichiro looked at the back of Mei and couldn't help but ponder why he said that, as this wasn't like him.

But Ichiro didn't feel any remorse in his heart of saying those words to Mei confusing him even more.


"Dance of the Early Brecken!!"

While Ichiro was lost in his thoughts, Mei had already started a fight with the Root shinobi.

The Root shinobi blocked the bone blade of Mei with the kunai but the force pushed him back a few steps.

But Mei didn't give him a chance to recuperate as shouting loudly she patted the ground before her as it started to shake.

"Not good!!"


Sensing the ground shaking, a bad premonition rose in the heart of Root Shinobi as he wanted to jump in the air.

But suddenly a Kunai came from behind of Mei catching him off guard as it stuck his toes, unbalancing him.


But he didn't get a chance to counter as numerous towering bones roared out from the ground under him submerging him completely.

This time Mei didn't use much chakra so the radius of her attack was far less then Chunin exam but it's lethality didn't waver as on top of the ten-meter-high bone, the root shinobi was impaled, his red blood coursing down on the white bone.


"It's done"

Mei took a deep breath and stood up, and turning around she flashed a reassuring smile to Ichiro who unknowingly smiled back at her, a strange feeling filling his heart.

He has always fought together with her, but today was different, he felt happy helping her when he attacked the shinobi with a Kunai.

"Let's see how Captain is_____"


Dealing with the Root shinobi, Mei wanted to look towards Aokiji but suddenly her words were cut in half as a familiar pain spread through her body.

Holding her stomach Mei fell down, her screams didn't stop as this time the pain was increasing, not lessening at all and her chakra was rioting.


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